Chapter 10: A Truce for Now

As Chad and Crea were preparing to leave the moon base, Number 86 stopped to congratulate them for helping defeating Slade along with Number 1, 2, 3 and 5.

"We would like to thank you for all your help" said Number 86, "we couldn't have done it without you two."

"I should have listen to you sister that Slade was up to no good" said Crea.

"It's not your fault" said Number 5.

"Thanks guys" said Chad as he was leaving, "until we meet again on the battlefield."

As Chad and Crea got onto their transport and headed toward the mansion of the Delightful Children, Number 1 got a call from Number 4 on the communicator on the moon base.

"I'm heading back to where the tree house once stood with the Titans" said Number 4 on the communicator.

"Good work Number 4" said Number 1, "the Titans can help us build our tree house again. Come on, let's head back home."

Number 1, 2, 3 and 5 got onto the transport and headed back to where the tree house once stood. When they landed, the Titans and Number 4 were waiting for them as they got out of their transport.

"We're glad that you helped us" said Number 1 as he was shaking Robin's hand.

"The pleasure was all mine" replied Robin, "now Titans, I am going to instruct you to get some resources to help the Kids Next Door rebuild their tree house. Terra and Raven, we're going to need you to lift the tree that the Hive knocked down when their tree house was attack and put it back in its place. Beast Boy, you will collect wood to help build the tree house again, while Cyborg and I will help Number 1 and 2 design the interior of the tree house. Titans, let's get to work!"

The Titans got to work and started helping the Kids Next Door rebuild their tree house. When night fell, the tree house was about finished. Number 1 and the rest of his team stood back as they were amazed as how the tree house was rebuilt so fast with the help of the Titans.

"Wow, the tree house looks better than it was before" said Number 2.

"Yea" said Number 4 walking inside the tree house, "the inside looks a whole lot better."

"I'll have to admit that" said Number 5 as she was also walking in.

"Come on Number 3" said Starfire, "let's put your Rainbow Monkey dolls back in your room."

"Yea!" replied Number 3 with such excitement.

"Well Robin" said Number 1 as he turned to him, "perhaps growing up into teenagers won't be so bad."

"Just because I am a teenager to you" said Robin, "doesn't mean I want to boss you around."

"I understand now" said Number 1 as he was heading into the tree house, "well I'll be seeing you."

"Come on Cyborg, let's get the rest of the Titans, we're leaving for home" said Robin to Cyborg.

"Got it" replied Cyborg as he went to get the other Titans.

As Cyborg went to get the other Titans to head back to the ship, Number 4 walked outside to see if Raven was nearby.

"Robin" said Number 4, "I was wondering, have you seen Raven anywhere?"

"I think she is heading back home with us" replied Robin.

"Well, I want to apologize to you and your team for calling you a bunch of 'cruddy teenagers'" said Number 4.

"Apology accepted" said Robin, "I'll tell the rest of the Titans that you said that."

As the rest of the Titans got onto their ship, Number 1 came out of the tree house and saw the Titans' ship leaving.

"Is everything okay?" asked Number 1 to Number 4.

"Yea, I guess" replied Number 4, "do you think we'll see them again?"

"We will see, we will see" replied Number 1.

As Number 1 and 4 went back into the tree house, meanwhile, Father and his henchmen were busy cleaning up the mess left by Slade's robots. But Father stopped some of his henchmen from cleaning up.

"Wait" said Father, "this technology may be useful to us after all. Come children; let's devise up some plans for the technology our so-called friend Slade left behind."

"Yes Father" said the Delightful Children, "we would be most impressed if we could use this technology against the Kids Next Door when the truce expires."

"Come my children this is the exact time period we need where we should put this technology to good use" said Father as he picked up a piece of a destroyed robot.

The scene then ends with Father and the Delightful Children making an evil laugh throughout the mansion.