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I awoke to the sounds of mom yelling. Again. "Mia! You're going to be late for school if you don't get up now!" I glanced at the clock on her bedside table. "Okay, okay, I'm up! Is it really a quarter to eight? Did Lilly leave already?"

"Lilly came by, with Michael, but you were sleeping like a rock. How late were you up last night on the computer?" "Not late at all, Mom. Seriously," I replied. Wait, Michael came with Lilly? "Come on Mia, get dressed quickly!"

I hopped downstairs, trying to put on my other shoe, while also trying not to fall down. "Alright, I'm ready. Well, on the outside anyway. It's not like I'm ever ready for school in a mental sense." "Mia, you're smart, you just have to work harder on your Algebra than you do for other things. And work harder on getting up at the right time." I made a face, then exited the loft. "See you later!" Oh, boy. Lilly was not going to be happy.


Lilly: But we were supposed to meet up before school and go over our essays for World Civilizations today Mia! Hello, does that crown weigh your head down so much that it makes your brain shrink?

Me: I'm sorry, okay Lilly? I'm sorry I'm human, and that I overslept today.

Lilly: Oh, but wait. While we were going to go over our essays, Michael was going to go over your algebra homework! He got up earlier than he usually does, to come all the way over here to meet up with you, and look at the problems you had to do, and see if you got them all right! And now look what you're doing! Just because you overslept, I'm actually siding with Michael!

Me: Well, you know what Lilly, while that's really nice of your brother and all, to offer to help with my homework, maybe he should remember one little thing: my algebra teacher lives with me! So he doesn't need to help me with my homework any more than you need me to go over your stupid essay with you.

Lilly: Fine, Mia. Fine. If you want to act like the superior one around here, go right ahead. Be my guest. But you should know, Mia, that acting superior can lead to dire consequences. Consequences that can only be fixed if you step down once in a while, do you know what I mean?

I just ignored her. She figured that this was Lilly talking from experience. The acting superior part, anyway.


Later, in G&T, I wasn't talking to Lilly, Lilly wasn't talking to me, and to top it all off, Michael was trying to avoid me when I needed help factoring polynomials. While Lilly was talking to Boris about Mahler, Michael was working on his laptop.

Me: Hey Michael! Mr. G. just gave us a lesson on factoring polynomials, plus fifteen questions for homework, so I was hoping you could help me out a little here. It looks so confusing.

I was expecting Michael to look up, get up, and start tutoring me. I hoped that while I would learn about factoring, his knee would brush against mine, or that I could breathe in that clean, Ivory soap smell that was part of him everyday.

Except Michael didn't look up. He just stared determinedly at the screen, typing away.

Michael: I thought you said you didn't need any help anymore.

Me: What?

Michael: Lilly told me that you said you didn't need help anymore, now that Mr. G. is living with you and all. That's why you didn't come with us this morning, right?

Me: No, Michael, that's-

Michael: Really, Mia, it's okay. I realize that Mr. G. is, you know, a much better algebra tutor than I am. He's the algebra teacher, I'm just the student.

Me: Who got accepted into Columbia, early decision! Come on, Mr. G. is going to be busy with the baby and all!

Michael just shook his head.

Michael: I'll help you when the baby actually comes, okay? For now I have some things to do. I'm going to try to redo the layout for Crackhead.

And that was the end of that conversation. I really could not believe this. Did I just make Michael mad at me? Was he hurt? Or was he angry? Either way, I had no one really to talk to now in G&T, since Lilly wasn't speaking to me (and I wasn't speaking to Lilly), and Michael was busy with those "things to do", and I was not going to try and strike up a conversation with Boris Pelkowski.

So, I took out my math textbook, and proceeded to make sense of the convoluted language of Algebra I.


At lunch, Tina showed me the new romance novel that she was reading. It was all about a girl who left her past life behind, along with her one true love, and started a new life. Only the girl realizes that her past is the life that she actually loves and tries to go back, and try to get the guy to forgive her for leaving him. Tina read the end already, so she already knows that that they do get together.

Except I was feeling a little queasy. Maybe it was the lunch I was eating (vegetarian lasagna), or maybe it was the fact that Michael was avoiding me. I really felt like I was going to hurl, so I told Tina how sorry I was, that I needed to go to the nurse. She looked a little crestfallen, but then brightened right back up and said, "I hope you feel better then, Mia!"

Lars and I visited the nurse, and sure enough she let me go home.


Once home, mom wanted to know if I needed anything, besides rest. She kept on coming in my room and asking me if I wanted a magazine, a movie, hot chocolate, anything! Finally, I snapped, and decided to yell at her for nagging me about all of this when I was sick. She looked pretty miffed about being yelled at, muttered something about just wanting to help, and left me alone. The phone rang, mom went to get it, and came back saying it was for me.

I was hoping for it to be Tina, calling to ask how I was feeling. I was hoping it would be Lilly, calling to apologize. But most of all, I was hoping it would be Michael, calling to say that he couldn't bear the onus of keeping his secret love for me a secret much longer.

I never, ever, hoped it would be Grandmére, calling to tell me that I had to come to the Plaza today for (can you believe it?) another princess lesson. I told her I was sick, and she actually chided me for being sick and also for saying I couldn't come to princess lessons because I was sick. Sickness was obviously no excuse. After that wonderful conversation, I totally hit the wall with my hand.

"WHY ME?" I cried. "Why do I have to be the one with all the problems?"

All of a sudden, I got this mental image of Michael. "What problems could you have, Thermopolis?"

I screamed out of frustration, grabbed a hoodie, and told my mom I was going out. I ran for I don't know how long. I finally ended up in Central Park, next to the polar bears. I cried and cried and cried for a while. I thought about Lilly, Michael, Mom, Grandmére, being a princess, failing Algebra, Mr. G., and found it unfair that it was people like Lana who never had to experience. I really could not take the pressure anymore.

"I wish I was never born! Do you hear me? Anyone? I wish I was never born!"

"Okay," said a voice that I recognized vaguely, "You've never been born. Welcome to a world without Mia Thermopolis."

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