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"When you wish upon a shooting star…"

"…All your wishes may come true…"

…A continuation of Cyborg 009

Chapter One: Lost faith hidden in the ocean's floor.


"Look! A shooting star, what did you wish for?"

"A laser gun! How 'bout you?"

"Oh! Typical you… I wished for what most people wish for... Peace…"

There was silence. The only sound that could be heard was the quiet whisper of the wind passing by. That, and the gentle sobs of 003 that were slowly fading…

004 had her in his arms. She seemed so fragile in that moment, desperately crying for hope, for a second chance. It's what all of them would've wanted. A second chance where things did not have to end like this. A chance for all of them to be happy.

The rest of the group stayed quiet, just staring at the endless sky. It seemed like time had stopped, and they felt all the things that had happened just a few moments like it were ages ago. It was too much. The world was getting to an end... They were starting to lose faith.

"I think I sense them…" 001 quietly broke the silence with his telepathic message. Everybody turned to him, with a look of surprise in their eyes. 003 pushed away from 004's grip and focused on the little baby.

"You mean… they're still alive…?"

"I can't be sure, but I feel their presences. Maybe we could get to them in time…"

"Can you teleport us 001?" 005 asked his comrade.

"I'm sorry, but I have overused my powers for a day…" Ivan couldn't help the dismay tone in his voice. He felt as if it were his fault… But it was too much for a baby to handle…

"It's ok, 001. You did what you could, and we're all here because of you" 003 gently reached up to the infant and held him close to her chest.

"Then what can we do? We can't stay here and wait!!! It could be too late!!!!" 008 fiercely burst out, out of racing fury inside him.

"You spent to much time with 002, dear friend" 004 finally spoke. His voice was partly broken, and his eyes were still focused on the sky.

"Maybe..." Dr Gilmore thought for a second, and then continued "There has to be some equipment or transport nearby… We should look and use whatever we can!"

Right on cue, 008 submerged into the vast ocean, to search for some left or unused vehicle that could help them. 003 tried to focus and find something, but her mind was too blurred... C'mon Francoise, you've got to pull yourself together… for Joe

The group divided in different ways, 005 stayed with 001 and the professor, and 003 as well. 004 and 006 looked somewhere in the surface, 007 transformed and looked all over from the air, and 008 looked undersea. They all put their hearts in their job, now it wasn't just another mission, it was their friend's life that depended on them.

Minutes could've passed as hours in that search in the ocean, anxiety and distress fulfilling their bodies, until..

"I think I found something…!" 008 quickly said as he emerged…

"Where?!" Came the sudden question of the rest of the team.

"Underneath the ocean, about 2kms from here. They left something that looks like a sub, maybe it could be of use, but I can't pull it out myself…"

"I'll go" 005 placed 001 in 003's arm, approaching their aquatic friend.

"Wait!" 007 landed from the sky "I'll go too, maybe I can help you in something" And he transformed into a sea creature.

"Ok, then. 006 and I will be waiting for as soon as you approach the surface. You won't be able to hold it yourself many time"

008 just nodded at 004 and signaled his partners to follow him. They really didn't have much time. Even with their cyborgs aditaments, 005 and 007 weren't able to hold their breaths much longer. They had to hurry.

003 rocked baby Ivan back and forth. He seemed sleepy, yet he couldn't sleep at all.

"Shh... try to relax little Ivan... you deserve a rest…"

001 just mumbled something and closed his eyes. It seemed that he had fallen asleep…

Not too far away from there, the guys had emerged to recover air, and then they submerged again quickly.

"We are getting closer, hang on a little more"

005 and 007 nodded and kept following 008 to the sunken sub.

"Where are they?" Impatience run all over 004, as he tried to walk back and forth in the ocean's water.

"Calm down 004, I'm sure they are just getting there by now"

"Yes, but every passing second is a matter of life or death. Each passing second could be too late to rescue 009 and 002!"

"There's nothing else we can do..." 006 sadly added. It was true. There was nothing else they cold do right now.

"There it is!!" 008 guided his partners towards what seemed like some kind of Black Ghost artillery. Giving everything they got, 005 and 007 swam as fast as they could so air wouldn't run out.

005 got behind the sub to push it. It was stuck. Some kind of sea weed was tying it… 007 quickly got rid of those, but his lungs were inevitably calling for air.

005 tried again. It worked. 008 and 005 swam pushing it to the surface, and 007 had transformed into an octopus to pull it with his tentacles.

Air, air… We are getting… cl..o..s.. 007 started drowning. Swimming had never been his specialty. He detransformed and just floated besides the vessel. 008 got scared. He didn't want to lose yet another comrade!!! He kept pushing the sub, trying to reach 007 as well, but then the transport seemed to get heavier… He looked besides him and 005 had fainted as well... No God, no!!!

With no other choice than to leave the ship, he released it and grabbed his two friends. C'mon guys!! Don't leave me!!! He swam with all his might as the lost sub returned to the deepness that had guarded it before.

"Hmm?" 003 felt something "Oh no!!" 004 and 006 looked at her

"What is it 003?"

"005 and 007… they couldn't resist... 008 is bringing them right now..."

"And the vessel?" 004 hopefully asked, though he already knew the answer.

"It's sinking again…"

004 and 006 just sighed… Yet another lost hope… What could they do now??

"What's wrong Ivan?" 001 kept moving in 003's arms "Having some nightmares?"

She gently asked the sleeping child.

And 001 opened his eyes…

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