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Sakura carefully got off Honey, holding the sleeping Shirahime. Gimli took her free hand. Sierra hopped off Hasufel and Legolas passed her Celeblas. The brisk sea wind blew their cloaks. The smell of salt was evident in the air. Lord Celeborn led his wife over to stand next to the boat, docked in the harbor. They bowed politely to Lord Elrond as he came towards them.

"Our time has come to leave Middle Earth to its own fate," Lady Galadriel greeted. "It is time for the dominion of Men."

"The hobbits and Mithrandir shall be arriving soon. Welcome Legolas, Sierra, Sakura, and Gimli."

"Welcome Lord Elrond," they said.

He walked over and kissed each of the twin's cheeks. Then he kissed Shirahime's and Celeblas's foreheads. Legolas and Gimli nod politely to him. Elrond walked over to stand next to the boat. Now all they had to do was to wait for Gandalf and the hobbits to arrive.

They made small talk for a few minutes but soon the carriage came with the members of the Fellowship riding next to it. Frodo helped his cousin/uncle out of the carriage.

They heard hoof beats in the distance and all turned to look to see who was coming.

"Aragorn!" the hobbits rejoiced spotting him and Arwen coming towards them.

"Do you really think we would miss the final breaking of the Fellowship?" Aragorn asked.

"The Fellowship is together again at last. Now all we need to do is wait for Boromir to come back from the dead," Gimli joked.

"Gimli!" Sakura accused.


"It's not very nice to make fun of the dead."

"I know. I'm sorry Sakura."

Lord Elrond motioned for Bilbo and he helped the old hobbit into the boat. Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn said good-bye to their children, sons-in- law, and grandchildren. Gandalf walked over to the hobbits and said his good-byes. Legolas, Gimli, Sierra, and Sakura knew what was coming next. Frodo was going to go with them to the Undying lands.

"Come Frodo," Gandalf said.

"What is he talking about?" Merry asked.

"We set out to save the Shire, and it has been, but not for me."

The three hobbits looked at him with tears in their eyes.

"I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are evil," Gandalf consoled.

With that they let the tears fall. Frodo hugged each of them in turn, ending with Sam.

"Good-bye everyone," he told them. "It has been wonderful knowing you. I am leaving now, good-bye."

Frodo and Mithrandir boarded the boat. They watched as the boat left the harbor and sailed away across the sea.

"Come, we should be leaving," Legolas whispered once the boat was out of sight.

The eleven people turned slowly and rode back to their homes, weeping as they went.

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