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Chapter Four: The Battle

The huge Mirkwood spiders dropped down from the treetops, reaching for us with their pincers. Slashing at the elves with their sharp legs. I guess Shirahime didn't make it to Celeblas in time. They had the element of surprise but luckily most of the elves were experienced warriors. Many, though they were relaxing, had kept a hand on their weapons. At the first sign of trouble they drew their daggers or swords and pushed to the outside of the company. Surrounding those unable to fight. Those in the middle grabbed anything that they could use to defend themselves, butcher knives, sticks or even, those taking after Samwise Gamgee, pots and pans.

Pure chaos ensued and I found myself pushed to the center of the group. I had my knives in hand and had been battling with the best of them, having been trained by my father, aunt, and uncle. I tried my best to push my way back to the outer ring but was unable to.

A sharp pain in my left shoulder caused my to drop the blade I held in that hand. I glanced behind me and finding that nothing was there, I slowly looked up. Above me was one of the ugliest spiders I have ever seen. It seemed to smirk as it raised its leg showing me my own blood, dripping from the tip. I slowly became aware of the warm trickle down my back. Coming to my senses I gripped my remaining knife and jabbed upward as hard as I could. The dead spider served as a grim warning to the others, dripping blood and still dangling from its web.

Amidst the noise of the battle I heard the familiar voice of my friend, Analise, screaming for help. I quickly surveyed the chaos and found her battling a spider, her only defense a short butcher knife. I fought my way toward her, battling the mass of spider bodies separating us. I watched as the spider dodged Analise's wild swing ducked in and caught her in the arm with a deadly sharp leg. Analise dropped her knife with a shout of pain. Time seemed to stand still, as much as I fought I couldn't seem to get any closer to Analise. As I gaped in horror, the spider went for the fatal blow, it's leg piercing my friend's heart and appearing, blood-stained, through her back.

Time returned to its original state as I ran frantically to my fallen friend. I saw the spider dragging her body away. Angrily I sprinted after it and reached it at the tree line. I buried my knife deep in its body, only pulling it out when I saw its body go limp.

I collapsed and wiped the blood off of my sword and onto the grass, then I returned it wearily to its sheath. I promised myself that I would search for the one I dropped later, but at the moment I was exhausted. The battle slowly died down as I became aware that my shoulder was still bleeding. I took one of the knives that I had stashed with my throwing axes and cut a strip of cloth from the bottom of my tunic. I tried my best to ignore the pain as I wound the bandage around my wounded shoulder. I looked on as Aradol fought his way toward Celeblas, his right leg trailing blood as he limped. He held one hand to the side of his neck and I thought that I could glimpse blood between his fingers.

Celeblas finished he battle as he delivered the final blow to the only remaining spider, cutting it nearly in half.

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