Chap 1

Matt just came out of his house when his annoying screaming fans came running after him. He ran for his life. While he was running he saw a girl with beautiful red hair and sparkling red eyes. She looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. Then the screaming of the girls came. He started to run when the girl took his hand and pulled him to her home. She pushed him in. "You ok?" "Yeah, thanks." 'Who is she?' he thought.

She looked outside, it seemed like the there was no more girls around. She looked back at him. "It's ok now."

"Ok. Thanks."

She ushered him out. "See you soon." She gave him one last smile then closed her door. "Um..." But Matt could not continue because the girl already shut her door. He walked slowly to school, his thoughts on that mysterious girl.

School, during lunch

Tai waved his hand in front of his best friend's face. "Matt? Earth to Matt???"

"Huh??" Matt snapped out of it. "What is it Tai?"

"You've been out of this world since you came to school."

"Oh..." He had been thinking about the girl he saw this morning.

"Yeah... so what's going on?"


"You're thinking about something, I know it!"

"How do you know?'

"I had known you forever!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Matt rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, so what's up?"

"Fine, I saw..."

"Let me guess," Tai cut in. "A girl?"

"Uh, yeah." Matt looked down on the floor because he was blushing so bad.

Someone, a girl, cut in. "OOH, who??" she said loudly.

"Shut up Mimi!!" Tai shouted at her.

"Why should I?"

Izzy answered for Tai. "Because I said so."

"Ok, then." Izzy can make Mimi do anything, probably because they are together for about three months. Izzy gave Mimi a quick kiss on her cheek. He would have made it longer but he knows that Tai doesn't like it.

Tai sighed. "Let's go back to the subject."

Matt groaned. 'Man, he still wants to know'

Tai smiled at Matt. "So tell us."