To Love an Enemy


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The weather on the day of the wedding was the best that anybody could every have asked for. It almost seemed that weather reflected the happiness of the kingdom, now that peace had been achieved and their wayward prince was finally settling down with the love of his life. Glancing over her shoulder to look in the mirror Sango smiled. She had to admit Kagome sure knew how to pick the perfect wedding dress. It was absolutely beautiful, made out of white silk that had a neckline that wasn't too low nor to high but perfectly in the middle, yet it also had a high back so that her scars would not distract from her special day. The dress clung tightly to her upper body showing off her curves which with a grin Sango thought – no knew – that Miroku would love. It would keep his eyes on her, not that she needed any help Miroku had hardly even looked at anyone other than Sango for the past two months. Brushing her hand along the skirt that flared out at her waist Sango sighed, her dreams were coming true before her eyes.

"Sango!" Kagome said knocking on her friend's door. "Can I come in, I have the flowers sorry about forgetting them in my room."

"Come in Kagome," Sango said turning away from the mirror.

Kagome came in with her hands behind her back and said, "okay sit down and close your eyes while I do your hair." Obliging her friend, Sango sat down and closed her eyes. Kagome and Inuyasha had been married the previous month because their wedding had been simpler; only Miroku and herself had been invited. Sango and Miroku's wedding on the other hand was one of the largest celebrations Miroku's kingdom had experienced since his parents wedding forty years prior. Sango wasn't sure what she would have done without Kagome, her friend had taken care of everything from the wedding decorations to the invitations and had been a source of strength.

Upon hearing that her father refused to attend the wedding Sango had been devastated. He had agreed to the peace treaty only because Kohaku threatened to leave if he didn't. Miroku had almost called the wedding off when he heard the news and that had been even harder to deal with. She never thought it would be so hard to make him understand just how much her father hated her. She had been forced to regurgitate almost every injustice since she was little and even thinking back to that conversation left a sour taste in her mouth.

She would just have to deal with this after the wedding, no use ruining what should be the happiest day of her life over someone who didn't really matter.

"Okay you can look now Sango," Kagome said joyously clapping her hands together.

Opening her eyes Sango gasped, she looked so beautiful! Kagome had let her hair down and had placed a chain of white lilies on top of her head. "Oh Kagome!" Sango exclaimed.

"Now don't you look beautiful," Kagome said putting her hands on her friend's shoulders and looking at her in the mirror. "Now you just remember what I said about how it's impossible to feel nervous if you look good. Well now you have no reason to be nervous, because let me tell you when Miroku sees you his eyes are going to fall out of his head. I thought lilies were the best flowers because roses just looked to plain. The lilies suit you don't you think."

"Oh Kagome," Sango said standing up and hugging her friend. "They're perfect, thank you."

"Oh it's nothing," her friend said hugging her back. "Sango I was going to wait until after the wedding to tell you this but I don't think I can keep it a secret from you any longer. Guess what?"

"What?" Sango asked already suspecting what Kagome was going to say.

"I'm pregnant!" Kagome said her eyes alight with happiness.

"Oh Kagome!" Sango exclaimed. "I'm so happy for you. I've been wondering about that? I been suspecting ever since I caught Inuyasha singing while he practiced with his sword down in the courtyard."

Kagome giggled, and said, "well I was going to wait until after the wedding because I didn't want to take any of the attention away from your day but-"

"OH no," Sango said interrupting her friend and hugging her again. "I'm so happy that you told me, it makes this day all the more special for me."

There was suddenly a knock form the door and the voice of a young boy saying, "umm your highness? Lady Kagome? It's time."

Kagome gave Sango a quick brief hug and then let go grinning. "Here's your bouquet," she said handing the bride to be a bouquet of white lilies.

Sango smiled and nodded. She could hardly breathe; this was it she was getting married!

"Sango! Sango! Sango!" a small voice cried and ran up to hug her. Looking down Sango smiled at Rin who was absolutely adorable dressed in a pink and carrying a basket of flower petals.

"Hello Rin," Sango said. "Don't you look pretty!" It had come as a shock to everyone when Sesshomaru had adopted Rin and brought her back to the castle two weeks earlier. Inuyasha had almost gone insane thinking that some creature had seized control of his brother's body, but he was slowly coming to accept the fact that the cold and impassive Sesshomaru had a soft side. Sango and Kagome however had taken great delight in spoiling the adorable little girl.

"Sango prettier than Rin," the little girl said gazing up in awe at Sango. Kagome took Rin's hand and Sango took the other and they all walked down the stairs to the gardens where everyone was waiting for them. When they reached the arch Kagome shooed Rin out, reminding her that it was her job to be flower girl. Sango heard the crowd awe at how cute Rin looked and smiled. She looked nervously over at Kagome, and whispered "I'm so nervous."

"You shouldn't be, you look drop dead gorgeous," Kagome said reassuringly. Once Kagome passed through the archway as the maid of honor Sango began to have second thoughts. Did she really want to get married? Was she ready for the responsibility? After all she was going to be queen! Would Miroku remain faithful to her? Could she trust the lecher not to go off once they were married? Just then the music started and she stepped through the archway out of instinct from the many wedding rehearsals she had undergone.

Shyly and uncertainly Sango raised her eyes from her bouquet of lilies, and was just wondering which way was the best way to escape when her eyes met Miroku's. Seeing how his eyes filled with love when he saw her reassured her more than any words. What had she been thinking! She loved Miroku and he loved her that was all that was important. Smiling as love filled her, Sango knew that everything was going to be alright. And she was right because they lived happily ever after for the rest of their days.


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