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Miroku eyed his burning cheek in the pond. All he could say was it hurt like hell.

Sango hit me harder than usual..........hmm,time to try a different approach.


"Sango?" he'd found her near the pond minutes ago, so he decided to check on her.

"Yes , Houshi-sama?"

What was she doing? He mused silently.

"Eh? What did you say?" she questioned. Oh hell no, she heard me?

"Nothing Sango ." and he turned and started to walk back to the campsite.

"Wait! Houshi-sama! I-! and she fell into his back tripping on a rock .

"Yes, my fair maiden?" he quiried . She blushed profusely.

"What did you say back there?" she said.

"I was wondering what you were doing ." he replied.

As she was blushing , our favorite pervy priest decided to get friendly with a certain round

object. Sango was knocked out of her stupor and slapped him . Way harder than needed .

"Hentai ." she muttered.

End Flashback

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