Chapter 2.......Approach number 2

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so many choices...So, to make it easier on me let us look in to the mind of our favorite taijiya(sp?) after approach number 1........

Sango was fuming . She had once again had to regain her dignity by pain .Well, Miroku's pain

at least . I think he has a fetish for pain , along with, butt.

She blushed at the thought. If only he paid attention to her instead of just touching her

derierre . She sighed and concentrated on the task at hand ; mending a crack in her hiraikotsu.

If only they could see that they were perfect couple , and , well for Sango to a little less violent.

Miroku was musing , somewhere near the pond , thinking of who else, Sango.

If only she saw that the groping meant he liked her a lot..... okay, he was obsessesed . With

both her and her deliciously round butt . Now, i'll give you a mental piccy of Miroku he had

started drooling and couldn't stop, along with a bloody nose. Just then, Sango happened to pass

by the monk to hear him moan, "s-Sango." She lowered her head and blushed crimson.

By now, she had realized what he was moaning about she whacked him upside the head

with the fixed hiraikotsu. "Owww...that must of hurt." said Inuyasha, who was watching from

a nearby tree. He looked back only to see nothing, since the exterminator had long since left ,

dragging Miroku along with her.

Miroku managed to utter a silent, "Gomen nasai, Sango ."

"It's fine, but why were you dreaming of me like THAT ?" she questioned.

Miroku was hesitant,but replied , " I can't help but dream about a beautiful companion every

once in a while."

Sango turned her head to hide her blush.

"And because I think I-" his words were cut off by the shouts and yells outside.

"Gomen ne, houshi-sama , but I think we have to go calm Kagome-chan and Inuyasha now."

she said quietly.

She left and he ducked his head and spoke silently,"....I-I think I'm in love with you Sango..."

Outside the back of the hut Kirara meweled in reluctance and Shippo cursed,"They were getting

along just fine! Sometimes I just hate it when Kagome and Inuyasha fight!"

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