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Scars of Yesterday

16 year old Sam Dullard walked through the door of his empty suburban home. It was

after ten o' clock and his mother had not yet returned from her date with her boyfriend of six months. Sam sighed and walked through the dark house to his messy room.

During his teen years, Sam's beach blonde hair had darkened to a more sandy color, (or was now "dirty blonde" if you want to call it that) it was no longer short and neat but a bit longer and shaggy on the days he didn't use gel to spike it. His figure had changed as well, he stood at 5'8" and was no longer portly but slim and lean from his time on the school's cross country team. His choice of wardrobe were a mix of goth/punk/skater clothes that weren't too outrageous but different from his childhood clothes non the less. Spiked bracelets and wristbands were worn on his arms. His glasses were pretty much the same, but when combined with his new clothes they looked rather cool. But the biggest change in his appearence would be the silver ring that pierced through the center of his bottom lip.

Of course he was still the smart kid that he always was; he took several advanced classes in school that even Reggie could not get into. His grades were perfect and if he kept them up he would be able to graduate early. And he was still friends with Reggie,Twister, and Otto... he just didn't see them as much as he used to.

Sam walked down the stairs to his basement room where the walls were littered with band posters and dirty clothes and magazines were scattered everywhere. His mother had let him move his room into the basement so she could use his old room as an office since she was given a job promotion. Okay so she forced him into the basement but Sam wasn't complaining-the walls were soundproofed and it was much bigger than his old room.

Sam kicked off his dirty running shoes and took off his grey hoodie that read-"Ocean Shores Cross Country", and stepped out of his black track pants. Underneath he wore a green silk-like tank top and green shorts of the same material that were rather short-his running uniform. Both garments as well as his legs were splattered in dry mud after cold and rainy cross country meet that took place an hour away from Ocean Shores. After a quick shower in which he didn't even wait for the water to warm up, Sam collapsed on his bed in a pair of black boxers and hastily finished his physics homework so he could get to sleep.

To anybody who wathced him, Sam seemed fine despite his changed look he was not a delinquent or suffered from any problems. To anybody watched him closely, they could see his rollercoaster of emotions that he displayed- somedays he would be happy and spontaneous, some days he was a bit secluded and did not say much. Other days he was completely anti-social and became pissed off easily, these days did not come around often but today had been one of those days.

He was late for most of his classes,got into a fight with a preppy boy who made fun of his clothes and was nearly given a detention if his coach had not talked the principal out of it. After that he got into an argument with Reggie after she told him he should have just ignored the boy in the first place (as far as he knew they were still not speaking). The only good part of his day was when he ran a personal best in his cross country meet.

Sam threw his textbook on the floor and reflected back on the day's events. He reached under his bead and pulled out a pocket knife. He dragged it's dull blade across the skin of his writst a couple of times, soaked up the crismson liquid with a tissue and fell asleep.

It was quite obvious that Sam was suffering from depression, but this did not start as soon as he hit puberty, not at all. To find the root of this problem we must take a flashback, back to a young boy living in Kansas with his parents, who's marriage was coming apart and Sam was part of the cause for it.

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