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Chapter Thirty-Six

We will all meet in the laundry room between 7.30pm and 8.15pm.

That had been the agreement the previous day when they had begun finalising plans. Of course, there was no way that they could all go there together at once. It would look highly suspicious, which was why Kai had brought up the forty-five minute time slot. In that time, it would give them reason to get to the room individually and therefore avoid drawing attention to themselves.

Ian. You are to remain at the corner that connects the corridor to the dorms. When the diversion begins, join us.

Ian had complained about this naturally. After all, he was wide open for interrogation, not that he minded it. It often gave him chance to play mind games with the officers, when in actual fact it was supposed to be the other way around. Bryan had intervened of course, which caused Ian to oblige without any further discord. So as instructed, the shortest of the four Russians was at his post, leant casually up against the wall, peering onto the wing. The location was so common to him, especially when exchanging messages or going to meet Kevin for jobs, that he didn't appear the slightest bit out of place. He still locked eyes with passing officers as usual. None could really work him out, for to figure out Ian, one had to be like Ian. He grinned maliciously as they narrowed their eyes at him. Then he briefly glanced at the clock.


It was show time.

The inmates seemed as normal as ever, talking amongst themselves or making rather rude jokes about each other. A couple were flirting hopelessly in the doorway of their cell and a passing officer screwed up her face in distaste. Changing his position, he stretched his neck, as far at it would go in order to peer around the corner in the direction of the games room. That had been the last place that day that Ian had seen their "distraction" head towards and he hoped for his sake that he wasn't late.

Fortunately, the familiar red, white and blue baseball cap suddenly came into view alongside two or three other individuals. Tyson looked thoroughly pissed off, though Ian put it down to acting. In a way, he was almost surprised. He had doubted the former superstar but then perhaps, he shouldn't have. The guy had been a celebrity and they always "acted up" whenever they got the chance to perform in front of an audience. Behind him, was an officer, who ran ahead and then stopped right in front of Tyson and the small group that didn't seem so small anymore.

"Don't be difficult, Kinomiya!" The officer ordered. "No one's saying that you…

"Well you might as well have been!" Tyson snapped, cutting him off. "You officers are all the same. If a guy's locked back here, he couldn't possibly be innocent."

The crowd behind him yelled a few boorish "yeah"s in agreement.

"What's the meaning of this?" Another officer came into view.

"Kinomiya's just being a Drama Queen again," Came the response. He rolled his eyebrows in conformation.

"I don't like you," Tyson added. One of his hands twitched where it was fisted.

The two officers exchanged looks. One nearly laughed. "I think you're forgetting who's in control, mate," The other said. He unhooked a pair of handcuffs from his belt and circled them continuously on a single finger.

"We'll let you go this time, Kinomiya,"

"If you comply that is,"

"You're no longer a celebrity here,"

The first officer took a bold step forward, meeting Tyson eye for eye. There, like a fool, he stepped right into the trap. "Remember that," Was the final remark and within moments a receding fist connected with his jaw and sent him flying backwards and onto the floor in a daze.

As if by some sort of silent gesture, the inmates that had stood by Tyson began flying forwards lunging for the second officer and any officer that stood upon the wing. Like the fight that had occurred some time back and the beat down that Johnny had received from Kai, déjà vu seemed to be happening all over again. This time, however, it was a free-for-all and everyone was so engrossed in their roles that no one really noticed that an old face had been let back onto the wing. As short and as shifty looking as ever, Kevin had expected a greeting after being away for long, but this was even better. It was a pity he couldn't join in. They had placed him on probation. Currently, he was scouting around for his partner. He hoped that the business was still going on, but unfortunately for him, Ian was nowhere within eye-range, but had he known about the plan, then he too may have smirked the way Ian was.

Phase One, was complete.

There are thirteen officers and one senior governor that work this shift…

The officers would be extremely busy now, which was what they were counting on and no one seemed to notice Ian disappear from his post. He slid along the corridor as fast as he could. Someone will have probably alerted someone on their radio by now, so he hoped to meet no one along that corridor. Lucky for him, it remained silent save for the noise that was behind him. All the same, he was able to slink along until he came to the familiar little green door that he had come to know so well. Turning on the knob, he forced the door open and stepped into the cool green room, where his comrades were awaiting him. He closed the door without a second thought.

"How many are there?" Came a voice as if from without thin air itself. Seconds later, Tala immerged from behind one of the many washing machines with Bryan at his side.

"Five so far," Ian responded. His ear then twitched upon the faint jingling sound that seemed to be approaching them from outside. The sound was somewhat syncopated and out of rhythm and a patter of footsteps rushed passed the doorway and disappeared into the noise of the wing. "Make that seven."

A pair of garnet eyes opened from where he was leant casually up against the wall as usual. His attire seemed to blend in well with the darkened room as if he were some sort of chameleon.

All we need is one.

The battle on the wing was horrendous. Inmates had started grabbing tables and chairs and other objects that couldn't and yet were being turned into weapons. Officers were being called left right and centre off their breaks, much to their dissatisfaction, to try and calm down the fray. They hadn't seen such an outburst in years and yet they should have been expecting it. After all, G Wing had been the worst wing going for several years. Deaths, drugs, public displays of sodomy and other sexual encounters; G Wing had seen it all. Now all thirteen officers were being called into play and the senior governess was nowhere to be found. The last of the officers was to be the most unfortunate however for he was a young man who had just come out of the toilets. A trail of tissue had wedged itself to the back of his shoe. He wasn't the clumsy sort normally, but neither was he used to such riots. He had only been with the team for a few months so it was all new to him. So when he came running along that winding corridor towards the dorms, he hadn't expected the door to the laundry room to swing open.

He recognised the being that stepped out of the room almost instantly. After all, the Russian had a reputation, but there seemed something different about him this time. The officer tried to appear superficial. "All inmates should return to their dorms straight away,"

"But you gotta help my friend," The Russian pleaded. "He's been stabbed."

Any other officer would have perhaps reviewed the situation a little more carefully, due to the fact that the inmate standing before him was Ian. The boy was a pack of lies, but this had been the Russians' lucky day, for this officer didn't know the extent for which an inmate could be so cruel. Also, he wasn't entirely stupid. There was a riot occurring. Anything such as this was possible. He would have called for back up too, but seeing as everyone was tied up at the moment and the officer was a compassionate man, he did the first thing that came naturally and stepped passed the short Russian and into the room.

Unfortunately for him, the scene he had expected to see did not occur. Instead, he was met with a rather nasty blow from the back. It must have hit a nerve because straight away, his vision blurred and he wasn't able to detect the oncoming foot that swung for his stomach. With the wind knocked out of him, he slumped to the floor unable to even call for help. He didn't even need an extra blow to make sure for when his head hit the floor, he seemed to knock himself unconscious.

Bryan exchanged looks with both Tala and then Ian. Finally Kai pushed himself up from where he stood, the work done. He bent down before the fallen officer and retrieved what they had been waiting for. His keys.

"…Rigby…are you there…we need everyone on the wing…now…" A muffled voice spoke into the radio and Kai merely dislodged it from the belt of the officer and switched it off. He then removed the batteries and tossed the radio onto the floor, stuffing the batteries into his pocket. There was no use allowing the officer to alert the authorities if he suddenly woke up.

Kenny will have had the cameras disable themselves for 8.25pm…

"What time is it?" Kai asked no one in particular.

Ian bent down and retrieved a watch that had been wrapped around the wrist of the officer.

"Coming up to 8.30," He responded and then stared at the watch as if analysing its value. Deciding that it looked expensive, he wrapped it around his own wrist and fastened it in place. Then he set to work on what was really important. Money, Credits Cards or even a mobile phone.

"There's no time for that now," Tala snapped at Ian. "We have to go."

"We at least deserve something for all the trouble we're going through," snickered Ian.

Kai didn't wait for them to finish their bickering however. Within moments, he'd made his way for the door and opened it, peeking out onto the corridor. This seemed to halt the arguing Russians in their pursuit as they soon came to join him. A scream travelled along it from the actual wing itself, but otherwise, it was quiet. One by one they then slinked out of the room, Kai remained however and shuffled around with the keys, until he found the one he was looking for and locked the laundry room door in place. They then began their trek back along the corridor, passing the bathrooms until they came to the gate at the end of it. The first door that barred their way to freedom was no longer a bona fide restriction.

…And hopefully things will get out of hand. However, they'll probably summon the SWAT team.

The gate clanged behind them as they wondered into unknown territory. They hadn't a map of the entire prison facility, not that they needed one. All they needed to do was head for the fire escape, which resided along the side of most buildings in the area. The entire wing was on alert so it was liable that no one would be about. All the same, they would need to be quiet.

They passed the staff room where the door was wide open and the room empty as predicted. A kettle was boiling in the corner and several cups of coffee were left lying around on tables. The sink was piled up high. They passed the men's toilets and then the woman's and finally the passed by a rather large room where the lights had been left on the blinds had been pulled up. Sitting at a desk by herself was a young blond woman who appeared to be engulfed in work. However, she instantly sighted the four Russian's slink by and called out to them.

"Hey! Where do you're going? You're not supposed to be up here?"

"You're right!" said Ian. "We're not."

When she looked over their clothing and realised they possessed no badges, she came to an obvious conclusion.

"You're prisoners, aren't you?" She picked up a nearby phone, just as a sharp object filed a course towards her and landed on the desk next to her freehand. She recoiled instantly and Ian stepped into the room.

"And there's more where that came from so I wouldn't try anything stupid," He looked about the room. Not only was her desk messy, but the entire room was ransacked full of paperwork, coffee mugs and other items. "Nice place you have here."

"Ian! We can't afford to waste time," Tala once again called.

"I'll catch up to you later," He grinned at the woman who seemed unsure of what to do.

Tala grimaced at the blunette. Ian had gotten sidetracked the last time, which was partially why they had been captured and relocated. "Don't screw this up, Ian," He stated as his final warning and pulled away from the entrance to catch up with the others.

Ian waved him off with the back of his hand. He then approached the desk and placed a pair of chubby hands on the surface that wasn't covered in paper. The blond woman trembled and looked about the room for a source of reassurance.

"There are cameras in here. If you try anything funny…

"Already taken care of," Ian stared at her smugly, looking over her in such a way that it made her feel somewhat uncomfortable. "Now do me a favour and hand over your goods."

"I beg your pardon,"

"You heard me,"

In fact, the youngest Russian was enjoying himself so much – having not had anyone to torment for a while – that he failed to even hear the sounds of oncoming footsteps. An embodiment of men clothed in dark blue with large glass shields seemed to appear before the entrance, blocking off any exit that Ian may have had. It seemed he had gotten too comfortable.

"Is this man disturbing you ma'am?" One of them said.

Ian turned his head around instantly, an expression creeping across his face that hardly ever manifested itself in place. Fear.


That was when the alarm began to ring.

Then they'll sound the alarm in order to get the entire prison on alert…

"Where's Ian now?"

They had finally made it to the fire escape and were descending down the steps as quickly as possible, the alarm belting in the background. Bryan, being the last through the exit was able to see the back of the SWAT team rushing along the corridor in the opposite direction.

"They've got him," He confirmed

Tala's lips tightened as he clenched his teeth. He was always having to watch out for that one, but what did it matter. Perhaps being behind bars was good for him anyway. Not to mention, they wouldn't have to continually look out for him while they were out on the road.

The view was impressive, but they didn't have time to admire it. If the alarm was going haywire, it would be the perfect opportunity for officers from all walks of life to scout for any unsuspecting escapees.

Kai doubled his pace and the others followed until they reached the very bottom and again, he began shuffling with the keys until he found the one that opened the lock; the second door to their freedom.

We're to head around the back. Oliver and Enrique have a truck waiting for us.

It had been amazing how easily the two had complied and contributed to the escape without hesitation. After the history they shared with the Russians minus Kai, Tala had half expected them to deviate. Bryan simply put it down to fear however. After all, Enrique had near enough lost his life in that bathroom the other day. So if they tried anything stupid and it landed them back inside, Bryan reckoned he'd most definitely pay a visit to them. It seemed highly unlikely however because they had seemed thoroughly keen help - perhaps to get rid of them.

Regardless of their doubts, Kai led to pair around the back and instructed them to move aside a nearby rubbish bin. Once thoroughly out of the way, there appeared to be some sort of small gap in the wall, only the other side appeared to be boarded up. Had Ian been there, he might had made a rather mocking remark about Kai's competence, but instead, the stoic character sent his foot through the gap at such a speed that the texture, made in actual fact, out of wood, crumbled under the pressure and granted them access to the other side. Kicking away the excess debris, Kai slinked through the new opening, checking either side carefully before coming through. Tala and Bryan exchanged looked again. It seemed Ian's "flamboyant duo" had come through.

Once they too had passed through, there it was. The big white truck. Only it looked particularly filthy and it possessed the logo of an unknown company on the side. Kai wondered up to the front doors and signalled to the driver. He then ran back and gestured to Bryan and Tala to follow him to the back, where he pulled open the doors and they each climbed in, pulling the doors shut behind them.

The interior was bare and rather cold save for a few boxes that contained unknown items, a ladder here and there and as much filth and grime that was sitting on the skin of the truck itself. Needless to say, this was to be their sanctuary for the next few hours.

Phase Two was complete.

By then they'll realise we're missing…


The sirens came like a fleet of atomic bombs coursing through the air and filing towards them. They hadn't been half and hour into their journey and already they were looking at trouble. There was a chance that they were not after them, but there was also, a chance that Kenny hadn't disabled all of the cameras or they had been fixed just in time to catch the Russian's leaving. There was also, the third possibility that Ian could have squealed on them.

Kai drew back the small window that connected them to the drivers box. He stated two clear simple words. "Loose them," And took his seat atop one of the boxes.

"My pleasure," The driver said. The reflection in his review mirror showed him grinning as he shifted a few gears and began picking up the pace.

Tala watched Kai intently. He appeared as he had normally when they had been working for Voltaire and had been carrying out missions; calm and collected, as if he were watching any old movie or having a meal. Back then, Tala had also, been rather and perhaps a little cocky as well. But this was bigger than all that. If they got caught, it could mean a life sentence for them. But then Kai already had a life sentence, so perhaps he had nothing to loose unlike them. In a way, it was selfish, but this was merely a business relationship. He'd laid all his cards on the table already. There was no turning back.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Hiwatari," Bryan voiced Tala's opinion. It seemed he too had been scrutinizing the other.

Kai folded his arms and grinned, lifting his gaze to the arctic adolescent. "If you can't take the heat, then why did you come? You knew as well I did that things weren't going to be that easy,"

"Well, if anything goes wrong you're taking full responsibility," He stared boldly at his former friend who locked eyes with him in a silent stalemate. It was not to last long however, for their driver made a rather swift left turning, which caused a few of the apparatus in the back with them to turn over and forcing the three Russians themselves to grab onto something to stabilise themselves. Another swift turning, this time at the right caused things topple in the other direction. Kai narrowly missed grazing his hand on a nearby ladder. The sirens showed no signs of diverting from their mission.

Heading to the airport will be too risky and too obvious. So we'll head to the quiet side of the docks…

"Almost lost 'em," Called the driver to the back, but the sirens were still as blatant as ever.

"It doesn't matter. Head towards the garage!" Kai instructed.

"Garage?" Tala questioned; a thin red eyebrow rose.

"I figured this might happen. After all, every police station will be on alert and they'll probably want to check every van, truck and long vehicle in a fifty-mile radius. So I had Oliver and Enrique make some other arrangements. We're going to split up. A couple of friends owed them some favours, so they hired out three extra cars, one to hide each of us until the storm blows over."

"Who's to say they still won't find us. Last time I heard, the cops weren't that gullible,"

"When we're dropped off, this truck will carry on as a decoy. We stand more of a chance this way,"

This was all news to Tala and Bryan, but they supposed that Hiwatari had a legitimate reason and all plans often needed to carry a Plan B if things got out of hand. The sirens seemed to be diminishing into the background, but they would not disappear entirely and they felt the truck slow to a halt.

Almost instantly, Bryan pulled on the nodule and released the back doors hopping out into a darkened street where only one streetlight was half lit, clinging desperately to stay alight. All residents along this road had their lights out and a local shop had both its windows blown out, cobwebs climbing over the sill and into the street, making them feel that the area had been abandoned some time ago. They had been parked directly outside what resembled a garage that had graffiti sprayed across the doorway and its walls. Once Kai stepped out lastly and closed the doors, the truck immediately took off along the streets. The sirens, though still faint were approaching them, but they wouldn't be there at least for another five minutes and their former ride was taking its time along the dark and dingy road.

Kai banged on the door next to the garage twice and within moments the door opened from the inside.

The garage was also dark, save for the shallow light that stood in the corner where a desk was sat. It seemed that they were either still in business or the place had been converted just for that night. All the same, it possessed a few mechanical objects, probably stolen, and stunk heavily of oil.

"There's only two," Tala said as he passed through the door and a rather weasel-looking man with a very thin moustache closed the door behind him. He looked to Kai in particular and then spoke in a rather high-pitched Southern-English accent.

"The other's in the back,"

"Otherwise, we're ready to go," Yet another man seemed to step out of the darkness accompanied by a third. It seemed that these men would be their drivers.

Kai turned to the other two Russians.

"If this works out, we'll be out of here by morning…"

Of course, there's only one rule…

While Bryan decided upon crawling into the boot of the car allocated to him, Tala took the back seat of his and slipped as far down as possible into the seat. He spent most of his journey trying to ignore the hopeless conversation that his driver, the weasel, was trying to make with him. He was starting to wonder whether he should have followed Bryan's notion and slipped into the boot instead. Then he might have been able to drown out the man's constant babbling.

They had been the first ones out of the garage. Bryan had gone first in order to make it appear less conspicuous and then Tala had been shipped out ten minutes later. He had managed to see Kai slink into the back, but hadn't seen his ride. It did not matter however. Once they arrived the docks Bryan and Tala had secretly decided amongst themselves that they were to dispose of any evidence to their journey, even if they happened to be living and breathing.

"Right, we're headed through dangerous territory, kid," stated the weasel. "So you might wanna keep your head down until it blows over. See that sheet next to you? You may wanna cover yourself with it."

Tala glared at the rear-view mirror where his eyes met those of his driver.

"I'm being serious," The man said defensively. "Do you wanna get caught?"

So Tala obliged. The sheet was black and made of some sort of plastic. Whatever it was used for, Tala hadn't a clue, but he wasn't about to blow it for himself now. Not when he was this close. As of now, each and every one of them was on their own until they reached the docks.

For the first ten minutes all seemed rather calm. The weasel had stopped talking, perhaps realising the seriousness of the situation and Tala had remained with his head as close to the seat as possible, listening out for anything or anyone. He felt almost stupid to be relying on someone else, but there was no way they could have driven without being caught. Not to mention, it was usually Ian who was the best at driving the getaway car, even with his vertical deficiency. Then he felt the car make a sharp left and one of the seat-belt buckles dug into his side.

"Watch it!" Tala snapped, but he received no response from the driver. In fact, the car had halted to a stop and the engine at been switched off.

"What's going on? Why have we stopped?"

Again, there was no response from the driver and Tala had about had it with the man anyway. He pulled the plastic sheet from over his head and had been about to lay into him, when the flicker of red and blue lights caught his attention. Then the door, which was nearest to his head, was pulled open and he was met with the barrel of a gun in his face.

"Out!" Ordered the individual. The man was clothed in a familiar blue and black uniform, the crest of the authorities plastered on the left-hand side of his shirt.

He had no choice but to oblige.

The area was secure, filled with seven or eight vehicles and a dozen officers. Bryan's car was also visible in the mass. The boot of the car had been opened but Bryan was no longer inside. He had been apprehended already and with his hands already cuffed behind his back, he was being hauled towards a nearby police car. As the officer removed a pair of handcuffs and began cuffing the redhead and reading his rites, Tala scouted the area for a third car, but none could be found. He then glanced towards Bryan who was being manhandled into the car. They exchanged looks; Bryan's was nothing short of cold and bitter. But it was obvious what had occurred here and Kai's final words danced ever so satirically through his mind like a lamb to the slaughter.

Don't. Get. Caught.


The air was fresh as a solitary motorcycle pulled up to the docks. The passenger upon it slowed it to a halt at the edge of bank and turned the key in the opposite direction, turning the engine off. There, the individual climbed off of the bike and removed his helmet revealing the somewhat tousled silver and blue locks that came as part of his package. Then he tossed the helmet into the watery depths below and watched it disappear into the abyss, before he grabbed the handles of the bike and forced it forwards, into it too joined the helmet. For there was no use leaving any evidence hanging around.

Kai glanced at the watch that had been given to him; he saw the time was drawing closely to 10pm. The entire plan had taken him and estimated two and half hours and then of course, there had been his little add on at the end. He could imagine both Tala and Bryan's facial expressions. Nothing short of defeated, praying for a chance to get revenge. But they would not have that chance. Not this time. Because Kai didn't plan on going back for them. In fact, he hadn't planned on escaping with them from the start. He had merely used what useful tactics that his former friends had to offer. Then he had dropped then in it and while the drivers, who had in actual fact been hired by Kai himself, had their destinations filed straight to the authorities, Kai had slinked round the back and instead of climbing into a third car, he had offered himself a motorcycle and driven himself to the docks.

Even if Tala and Bryan decided to squeal as to his whereabouts, Kai would be long gone. It wasn't as if he was taking a cruise or boarding a ship from the actual docks themselves. He had hired out a small boat, where he would stay on water for a few days and file a course along the Mediterranean until he made up his mind as to where he wanted to go. He smiled. After all, he had had the last laugh.

It was short-lived however, for the sound of what appeared to be a rather weak engine suddenly caught the Russian off guard. He had not been expecting company and he was certain that he had tracked everything accordingly. So carefully, he turned his head somewhat to the side as the vehicle drew up towards the dock and stopped a few metres from his position. The lights were not on however, which led Kai to even more confusion.

He heard the door open and then slam behind him followed by calm and controlled footsteps that began to stroll towards him. It was a little too dark to make out facial features at first, but the crest of Stanheld Prison was strapped to the chest of character and for a moment, Kai thought he was done for, that was until he caught the sway of what appeared to be a long thin sash that protruded from the back of the individuals head. Not only that, but the car began to reverse. Kai turned his head back to the front and exhaled.

"What are you doing here?"

"I said I wouldn't give up on you, Kai," Rei responded as he stepped in line with the Russian.

"You shouldn't be here,"

"And neither should you and yet here we are,"

A smooth silence followed as Kai side-glanced the new attire of his accomplice. "How did you get out?" He could probably figure out how, for he had escaped not once, but twice now.

"I had some inside help," Rei produced a set of keys from a pocket and waved them at him.

He remembered too well that day when he had blackmailed Salima into helping him and it had hurt him to do so, but it was the only way he felt he'd be able to prove to Kai just how much he cared about him; just how far he was prepared to go for him. He had done some snoop work of his own and found out the actual plans of the escape from Tyson. All he'd have to do was get to the docks.

Of course, it hadn't been easy slinking out with the diversion occurring, so he had slipped along the corridor that led to Salima's office and borrowed a spare uniform and hat in order to blend in for a while. There he had had Salima meet him outside and followed the safest route possible. Bypassing security had seem much easier due to the fact that they were busy with enabling their cameras as all of them had mysteriously crashed. Then the nervy senior governess had met him in the car park and gotten him through the gates, driving him halfway to docks, where she had given him some extra cash and he had made the rest of his way there via cab. Throughout the entire journey, she hadn't stopped shaking.

"You're taking a big risk, you know?"

Rei nodded. "I know,"

A small blinking light seemed to be signalling at them on the horizon and Kai adjusted his position as the boat drew towards them. The sounds of the sirens were long behind them now, disappearing completely now. The moon was visible amongst a thousand stars and the wind whistled through the atmosphere, tugging at their clothes and pointing them into the direction of their destiny.

- - - - -

Her footsteps made a renowned clicking noise on the floor as she walked through the hospital corridors towards the ward to which she had been allocated. She had to be the only one who had made an effort to visit the man in question as nobody she knew really cared for him. She couldn't say she did herself, but even she could sympathise sometimes. Clung in one hand was a card stuck upon of box of chocolates. A smile decorated her face and a familiar skip was in her step because in truth, she wasn't simply stopping for a friendly visit. There was a deeper motive behind it; one that she had been waiting for a very long time.

It was not long before she approached the ward in question. She pushed through the doors and came upon a room full of male patients and their family members huddled together next to their beds. A young boy clung to his mother; his face tear-stained, as his father tried to reassure him. Against the wall in the centre, a woman embraced her husband and a cluster of relatives circled another. It was at the far end of the room where her target lay with his back upright against a couple of pillows, his face partially obscured by the days broadsheet newspaper. The woman shook her head and then approached him.

"Hi Robert. How are you keeping?"

The Wing Governor looked up from his newspaper and seemed thoroughly surprised to see who had addressed him.

"Hilary?" He closed the newspaper and folded it in half. "What are you doing here?"

"I came on behalf of the Wing," The brunette lied. "Just to see how you're doing."

"I'm doing fine, thank you. Just a case of mild food poisoning is all. I do not understand why they are keeping me here, though the sooner they allow me to leave the better"

Hilary shook her head. It was just like Robert. Even in a state of vacation, he was still worried about work.

"These are for you," She held out the box of chocolates and the card. She had had to do some major persuading to get at least a few people other than herself to sign it, but whether he appreciated it or not was not her concern.

"Just place them on the side," Robert indicated the small cupboard by his bedside. "They're not permitting me to eat sweets, but thank you, I suppose." He paused, as she placed the chocolates upon the sideboard and drew up a chair. "I know why you're here however. I've seen the news. Hiwatari and his friends have escaped."

"We attempted to keep it quiet,"

"I'm sure you did," It was almost difficult to detect the hint of sarcasm in his tone. "And now they're dying to have me return. That, or they're firing me."

"Er…maybe, but that's not why I'm here," Hilary began. She cleared her throat. "I was tempted to go to the Prison Governors, but I thought I should tell you first. You see, I believe they had help from the inside."

Robert attention peaked. "I beg your pardon?"

"I'm sorry to report this," She lied again. "But it appears that our present Senior Governor already knew of their escape plans before the actual escape"

"Salima!" Jurgen looked positively astounded.

Hilary's nod was slow, but the expression behind her gaze was far from compassionate.


Final Note: Wow. I can finally say that I've finished Lockdown; the first long-term fic that I've ever written and stuck by. I'd like to thank all you readers for taking an interest and sticking by me even though I had a tendency to disappear. As of now I think I'm going to take a well deserved break from fanfiction, but don't count me out entirely. I will come back some day.