Mokuba and Noah Kaiba looked up from their game of chess, to see Seto walk in. He was in his usual foul mood, rosy lips set in a thin line.

"Afternoon nii-san" Mokuba muttered watching the move Noah made and frowned.

"Checkmate!" he squealed

Noah sighed, "That's the third game you won already."

"Please I have a headache" Kaiba snapped, rubbing his temple. Mokuba flushed and mumbled something to Noah.

Kaiba opened the newspaper and then with a growl threw it across the room. Mokuba and Noah exchanged glances, as one of them lithely got up and picked up the newspaper. Noah burst into insane laughter the moment he read the offending article.

"Oh get over her Seto! It's been three months already! She's going to marry your second arch rival and bear his children!"

Kaiba cast an icy glare at Noah who kept on giggling. Mokuba looked white, even though Seto had returned to being... normal. Everything had, there was something different about his brother now. So different it was disturbing.

"Nii-san, I received the phone-call today about filling the position for the photographer for the family portraits... You may find her to be adequate enough." Mokuba voice went low...

Please don't ask me who she is

Eyes shut tightly, and when no voice came except for a 'hm' as Kaiba's mind became absorbed in his work. Mokuba relaxed, noticing the familiar glint of the rod close to Seto's hand. The Rod lay on the desk and till this day Mokuba wondered how Pegasus had gotten that from Malik...

What had happened between Suu and Pegasus? Was she really that special?

"Tomorrow morning early we are all going to sit for them, okay? I left the address in your laptop."

Kaiba nodded softly and then that was it, Noah forced Mokuba into another game. And that's how it continued until Kaiba left the office... Bound for somewhere, far from Kaiba Corp...

Seto Kaiba stood in the middle of the largest park in Domino City, standing beneath the Sakura trees. He had no idea why the hell he had come here... But his feet had taken him here, there had always been something about Nature that comforted him... Knowing it still existed.

But he hated the sea, and his brothers loved it. After portraits they were going to the beach. One of his own private ones littered with shells and white sand. He owed it to those two, to give them a vacation.

They suffered greatly because of him and he knew that... Sighing ever so softly, and inhaling the last scent of the Sakura trees. He walked out of the park, and bound for home...

Mokuba and Noah were enjoying themselves insanely in front of the camera, this studio was bustling with people. Running here and there, talking, shouting gesturing wildly. He liked it, it reminded him of the office.

It was his turn, he then stood there with Mokuba, looking dourly into the lenses. Noah poked him in the side and the shutter flashed. Kaiba picked up his little brother and laughed. Ruffling his pale hair, the shutter clicked again catching a smiling face. Mokuba was laughing at the look on Noah's face. And the ice broke, everyone loosened up and everything became natural and fun.

The face behind that camera though, knew that someone wouldn't be happy if she knew that these three were here....

"SUSAN!" the photographer called, Seto looked up away from the small set to see from the other side of the loft a tall form approach. Dressed in one of those dresses that had gone out of style a hundred years ago.

The tall woman paused a few feet away; her hand came to her mouth.

"Seto Kaiba?" she whispered, three months had changed her greatly. She looked like someone else, her hair had grown longer. Now pulled back into a small bun, she wore a light bit of makeup and lost even more weight.

"Suu Kushimara?" Seto's eyes were wide. She curtseyed lightly and Kaiba was stunned. As she walked over to him, her black dress, and the ring...

A ten carat yellow diamond set around a ring of white diamonds...

"You're engaged?!" Suu smiled a little

"Yes, I shall be Susan Crawford very soon." She replied easily monotone. Mokuba looked at her as if he were afraid of her.

Tipping her head to one side she looked at the other two Kaiba's and smiled. The smile seemed to be a little strained though.

"You were wrong," he whispered

"I was, yes"

"So what you said is happening right?"

"Yes, I am turning into another person. The person that I should have been."

"Should have?" Mokuba's voice cried

She walked up to Seto, very close to him. There was a pain in her eyes as she played with the tip of his collar. Seto was stunned; no words could form in his mind. None could leave his mouth.

"Susan is your name now..." he reached up and touched her cheek, ever so lightly. She was still cool as always. The lingering smell of the same perfume around her,


"Because this is Destiny"

"Why don't you fight it?!" he muttered softly

"Because that is what I have done for so many years. I cannot continue to do it, I no longer have the strength."

Seto's fist clenched as he opened his mouth about dueling that idiot when a finger came to his lips.

"Don't Duel him again, he has his Item. And even with Seth taking over your body, there is no way to stop the invading process of the Eye."

"W-who are you?!" Seto whispered knowing now that she had /really/ read his mind.

"There is one thing that you can do for me. One thing that I ask of you... You do not have to do it, but... That Item has one property that no other has other then the Puzzle. Bring back Cecilia Pegasus's both body and soul. And then everyone will be happy."

Seto's took a gasp of air "W-what?"

"I know that there is no way to make everyone happy, but if you did..." she trailed off and looked to his collar once again. Fingering the expensive fabric between her fingers.

"Seto, there is another path that you can take. One that might have happened if I had not come."

Seto's lips moved soundlessly, as his fingertips tipped up her chin "You would have fallen in love with Tea Gardener, instead of me. You would have been happy, but then in the far future Destiny would deal you a cruel hand, and..." again her voice faltered.

"Tell me!" he cried

"You would have lost the person that had always been dear to you before your heart became warm again."

Kaiba's grip on her flesh tightened momentarily as images of Mokuba flitted through his mind.

"He would have died?!" Kaiba's voice was hoarse, his cheeks a little white. Suu nodded,

"You can ask Seth if you want, he knows the path of Destiny. All the spirits within the Items know the fate of their hosts. I must go..."

As if on queue a tall form was suddenly beside them, it was Kimo breaking them apart. She waved softly before Kimo led her away from the set, Kaiba stood there still and barely breathing.

He shut his eyes tightly and whispered "But she does know that I still love her? Please Ra let she know so..."