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Through the Dark.

Chapter 1

I stumbled through the dark, feeling the pain of betrayal, of remorse, of hate, and of destiny….

Wounds covered my body from head to toe. Bleeding crimson liquid. Bleeding my life away. I was tired, but I kept fighting. I didn't want to fight, but I felt I had to.

All this pain had started with the strange marble I held in my hand. This accursed marble that brought only misery, but was capable of bringing justice. I wasn't sure that it could ever bring good. I doubted this orb of destiny. I hated the symbol of Will inside of its center, the symbol of the Heart. The strangest kanji sign I'd ever seen.

Opening my hand, I stopped in my slow trek to gaze at the wine colored jewel. My honey colored eyes narrowed at the round object. "Why did you come to me?" I whispered bitterly.

The jewel merely glimmered, the light shining out to the left. I frowned, looking up to where it was pointing to see rectangular lights twinkling in the distance. A house. Out here?

I looked back down to the orb and shook my head before limping my way toward the supposed house. Watch this jewel lead me to some gangster's hideout and I get my ass blown to pieces, I thought with an ironic smirk.

As I gradually made my way to the house, thoughts raced through my head. My whole family had died tonight. My brother. My sister. My mother. And my father. I had been out walking in the woods beside our house when I stumbled. It had been getting dark and I had lost my way for the first time.

When I fell, I got back up to see a strange glow ahead of me. A wine colored glow and before I knew it, I was holding this marble. It was then a sudden sense of direction stilled in me and I found my way home.

When I got home, everything was fine. My parents had been worried since I'd been gone so long and in the dark no less. I told them I got a little too far out and they told me to be more careful. After that, we had dinner and we went to bed.

Everything wasn't perfect, though. That night, loud bangs sounded outside my little brother's window. Scared, he ran into my room and my parents got up to investigate. There were screams the next second followed by the horrible slicing of flesh and the squish of oozing blood.

My sister ran from her room, she died next with only a piercing scream.

Then the attackers came to my room and my brother, in a sweet moment of bravery rushed from my arms, trying to tackle the large and armored man before us. Another was behind him. My little brother had no chance.

That orb that I had found came to me from my dresser top and I found myself dressed in some kind of deep purplish red armor. I was stunned but my armor seemed to talk to me, it alerted me to attack. And I did. But it was too late, my brother's neck had already been snapped.

My family was gone. Anger consumed me and I faintly remember tears. I beat those bastards raw and they ran with their tail between their legs. I would never forget their faces, let alone their strangeness. One had a patch over his eye and wore a strange mask. The other had a outlandish deep green hair, his skin deathly pale against the moonlight that came in from my window.

I would always remember them and once I was healed, I would hunt them down. And I would kill them. They would scream for mercy for what they had done.

I glared down at my jewel as I felt a disapproving jolt from it. "You're not the boss of me, I'll say what I want. Stop being a goody-goody." I scolded, feeling stupid. I was talking to a damn jewel….it spoke well enough on its own anyways.

I'm still not sure why this all happened to me. And I still wasn't entirely aware of my surroundings, just vaguely. I wasn't sure how I got here.

The house loomed closer and closer as I made my way onto a dirt road, using that for an easier ascent to the glowing shelter.

Why did my family have to die? How were they taken from me so fast? Why hadn't I gone mad yet? Why wasn't I dead?...The jewel. It was all the jewel's fault.

Once those men had left, that strange armor had disappeared. Everything was so black. Everything. I found myself hating night when I used to love it. I didn't fear night…I only hated it. Hated it for what it had become. A hider of fiends. A shelter for killers. A safety for evil.

I found myself on the doorstep of the home, my fingers aching as they were slammed against the door.

I swayed, staring at the still closed door until light fell across my face and a figure stood there. Blue eyes, brilliant blue eyes gazing at me in shock.

"What happened to you?" He asked. "Miss?"

I stared at him. I lifted my hand with the jewel in it and I opened it.

His eyes drifted down to the orb and they widened further. "Where'd you get that?" I heard him ask.

"Ronin..Warrior.." I whispered and I felt the jewel speaking for me. It made me mad and I fought against its words, my vision consumed by blackness as I fell forward. I heard his voice, but it was only a congested droning. Nothing more.

"I think she's waking up, dude!" Came a muffled cry.

"Really? I didn't know." Another voice replied sarcastically, kind of a British accent to it.

I groaned, bringing a hand up to rub my eyes as I opened them slowly.

"How do you feel?" A familiar voice asked.

Images came flashing into my mind. All painful, all miserable. All the things I didn't want to remember. "I feel…fine." I spoke softly.

"That's good, we had Sage here heal you." The voice said, which I now recognized as the boy from last night. The one I saw at the door.

I finally took my eyes off the ceiling and looked at him. The same blue eyes and unruly black hair.

He smiled at me. He looked concerned and confused. Turning his head, he looked to a boy with bluish black hair. "Kento. Go get Rowen."

"You got it." The boy named Kento said, saluting to the command and leaving out the room's door.

The boy shook his head and looked back to me. "Who are you?"

I ran a hand through my hair. "Ame. Ame Naruki." I managed, looking to the other two boys still in the room. One had blonde hair and violet eyes, the other auburn hair, like mine, only my hair was a deeper auburn. His eyes were a blue similar to the boy with black hair.

"Who are you?" I asked, slowly sitting up. He seemed a bit apprehensive at my movement but did nothing to stop it.

"I'm..Ryo Sanada." He said pointing to himself, then the blonde. "That's Sage Date. And the last one is Cye Mouri." He finished, pointing to the auburn haired boy who smiled kindly at me and sent me a friendly wave.

I looked around at them before leaning forward and rubbing my temples.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Ryo asked.

I nodded slowly, letting out a deep breath. I wanted to panic, but something kept me from doing just that and upon opening my hand to rub my forehead I felt the warm surface of that dreaded orb.

I blinked, holding it out in front of me. The three boys all stared at it with strange looks in their eyes. Ryo was about to speak but the door opened and a boy with blue hair entered followed by Kento.

"Good, you're here, Rowen."

Rowen, as he was called, walked over to stand next to Ryo, looking at me and then the jewel. "My name is Rowen Hashiba." He looked down to Ryo who nodded. "Where'd you get that jewel…?" He paused.

"Ame." Ryo said.

Rowen nodded. "Ame?"

I looked up at Rowen. My head hurt. "I don't know…I was just walking through some woods by my house and it was suddenly with me…and then they killed them! Oh..god.." I whispered, shaking my head and clutching the bed sheets.

I felt hands on my shoulders. "Please, tell me who they killed….who are they?"

I shook my head some more. "It was after I got this jewel. They came that night. They killed my family. Two men in strange armors. One with a weird mask and eye patch. The other green hair and pale skin."

"Sekhmet." Sage said.

"Dais." Kento growled.

My eyes widened. "You know them?" I got a little suspicious suddenly, but that feeling floated away when I remembered the irritation in Sage's voice and the disgust in Kento's.

"Yeah." Kento said darkly. "They're servants of Talpa."

"Talpa?" I asked, blinking in puzzlement.

Kento looked around to the others, then at Ryo.

Ryo nodded and looked back to me. "We're the Ronin Warriors. Defenders of the Mortal Realm and all that is good."

I frowned a bit. Ronin Warriors? Defenders of the Mortal Realm? Was I having some crazy dream? I used to think that these kind of things only happened in made up books. Fairytales. I looked down to the jewel. I could tell my dreams apart from my reality…and this was no dream…

"When you fainted…at the door, you called me by that very name. A Ronin Warrior. How do you know about us?" Ryo asked, brows furrowed.

"I…this orb….it spoke for me." I whispered, still gazing at the wine colored sphere. The kanji symbol shone inside it.

"The symbol of Will…of the Heart." Sage muttered, looking at me. "I don't know how she got a hold of an armor orb or how she can even possibly have one in the first place…but she has one."

"We have to try contacting the Ancient One." Rowen said.

"What if this is just some Dynasty trick?" Kento asked suspiciously.

I looked back and forth from all of them. They thought I was some kind of trap? "I don't know what's going on." I whimpered.

Ryo glanced back to me, giving me a very intent and calculating look before his eyes softened and he sighed. "I don't think she's part of the Dynasty, you guys. Just look at her. This has to be something the Ancient One has arranged…I don't think Talpa can create armor orbs."

"What about Dais' ability to cast illusions?" Kento argued.

"We would sense the magic at work." Ryo countered. "It can't be an illusion and I doubt Dais is strong enough to effect all of us. We've been through his illusions before anyway, and we've stood the test."

All eyes turned to me. "Tell us exactly what you remember about getting the orb." Ryo spoke, softly.

I was scared. They were talking about so many different things. I didn't understand. "I..I went out walking…in the woods by my home, like I usually do. It..was getting dark and I tripped. When I got back up, I saw this colored light…it came closer and closer until I was just holding this orb in my hands. That's all I remember, everything is such…a blur." I stuttered out, feeling on the verge of tears.

Ryo reached a hand out and gently rubbed my back. "It's ok. We'll keep you safe. No one's going to hurt you."

"Say." Rowen said. "I did hear about a family on the news…they were killed. Police said they couldn't find the last child. It was a girl."

"I don't want to see the police." I murmured. "Don't make me go." I said with a shaky voice, tears welling up in my eyes before they spilled out onto my cheeks. "I don't know what's happening! Why me?! I don't understand! I didn't deserve this! I didn't!" I cried, taking the orb and throwing it across the room where it hit the wall and fell down to roll on the floor. I sobbed hysterically. "All I ever did was try to help everybody! I was a good person! I took care of my brother and sister and I made good grades in school!" I babbled.

I was hushed when the one named Cye hurried over and sat down on the bed beside me, taking me into his arms. "Shh, it'll be alright, Ame."

"No..no." I whimpered. "It'll never be alright."

"You're family will always be in your heart, Ame. They'll always be here with you." Cye whispered, rocking me gently.

I took fistfuls of his shirt in my hands, tears still flowing down my cheeks. I felt so lost. What was I going to do? I didn't want to see the police…I..I wanted to be dead with my family.

"If Dais and Sekhmet killed her family...and she saw them, how is she alive?" Kento asked quietly.

Sage spoke for me. "She must of used the armor orb."

I shuddered against Cye, taking a deep breath. "I did. I don't know how though. One moment I was scared and the next…angry. So angry. I wanted to rip them apart for what they did…and…I would've..but they ran. And I don't remember much after that."

"Dais and Sekhmet got their butts kicked by a girl." Kento snickered. "OW!" He yelped as Rowen brought a hand across the back of his head.

"Quit being an idiot." The blue haired Ronin grumbled, glaring at him. This really wasn't the time to be laughing at anything, no matter how funny it was.

The rest of that day was a strange blur of voices and conversation. Of planning and deciding.

I knew I'd have to go to the police. Cye said he'd go with me. I didn't want to. But I had no choice. My mother's parents were still alive. The only related family I had left. They lived on the far east side of Sendai. I would be living there most likely.

With all the talking, it got dark and I had to go to sleep. I would have to go to the police tomorrow. Rowen would try to contact the Ancient One that night and the real questions would be asked.

How did I get this so called armor orb? Why was it formed? And this Talpa, that I only knew as a great enemy so far, was he alive again?


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Some stuff to add in: I think Dais went on the Ronins' side at one point, but I'm going to have him be bad and alive for that matter. If he ever did die. This all takes place a few months or so after the Inferno armor was used to defeat Talpa. (It's been a while since I've seen the show, so bare with me.)

-Aryll 3

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