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Title: Black Wolf Pack

Summary: Sakura is normal, average. Until that unfortunate day she stumbled upon Li Xiao Lang and his deadly gang called 'Black Wolf Pack'. Now, there's no way out. Will Sakura join? Die? Or…fall in love?

And now, to truly begin…

------Chapter 16: A Cool Summers Breeze

"Ashiteru my Wolf."

Syaoran smiled as he kissed her forehead.

"Wo Ai Ni." He whispered as they both fell asleep.

Weeks passed since Sakura and Syaoran made love, and well, I guess you can say they continued to make love at any chance.

Syaoran did eventually call up his family in London and they're going to fly down in 2 weeks.

Xi Chen is happy with his parents and can't wait till the wedding…

I mean who can???

And thus, life was perfect….

All we have to do now is wait for their wedding.

---1 month later---

Megumi had another Son; she was in mid 9-month pregnancy when she fell into labour. They had come to Hong Kong for Sakura's wedding and a week before the wedding Megumi fell into labour.

At the labour ward, everybody was tense. Syaoran managed to forget the little grudge he had for Sam for that day and was worried, along with the rest of the Wolf Pack for Megumi.

Finally, after forever, they declared she had a son.

Sakura rushed in and hugged her cousin.

And finally, after much debating on his name, they rested on Mike; he would be named after his older brother. And NOW…

It's wedding time!!

Kinomoto Sakura and Li Syaoran, about to be wed. They had already legally changed Xi Chen's last name to Li and Sakura would obviously come after the wedding.

The ceremony would start in 30 minutes. Sakura was in the back room getting ready. They were getting married in a Church and Sakura was fixing her veil.

Takashi had offered to take Sakura down the aisle, since she had no family and Eriol was best man. Tomoyo was carrying Tokoh. She couldn't become Maid of Honour because Tokoh was either with Tomoyo or Eriol.

Tomoyo obviously took care of Tokoh as Eriol would be too excited.

Chiharu was Maid of Honour, Rika and Naoko were brides' maid.

Eriol was best man and carried the rings. They had some next girl be the flower girl.

The brides' music started playing. Sakura hugged Tomoyo as Tomoyo left to her seat.

Chiharu squealed as Sakura started to go.

She stepped out as she felt a million eyes bore into her.

She didn't bother to look up, in case she forgets to do something or what not.

She finally reached the alter, when the Priest started talking.

"We are gathered here today to witness the joining of this Man and Woman in Holy Matrimony. If anyone should have any reason why these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Not even a cricket was heard.

So the ceremony continued. The vows were presented and the Priests blessings were said.

"Do you, Li Xiao Lang, take Kinomoto Sakura to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

He smiled. "I Do."

The priest turned to Sakura.

"Do you, Kinomoto Sakura, take Li Syaoran to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Sakura smiled in return. "I Do."

"The rings."

Eriol took out the rings and they both slipped it onto each other.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride."

Syaoran leaned down and lifted her veil. Sakura looked so beautiful, vulnerable.

He cupped her chin and pulled her into a short, delightful kiss.

Syaoran and Sakura both walked together outside of the church where people applauded and threw rice shells at them.

Sakura grinned, turned around and threw her bouquet in the air. Chiharu Miharu had caught the Bouquet.

"CHIHARU LI!!!" All the girls shrieked as Chiharu blushed. Sakura and Syaoran laughed as they got into the limo. Xi Chen would be spending the next two weeks at Tomoyo's place while Sakura and Syaoran were honeymooning.

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Sakura and Syaoran had gone to Paris for their honeymoon. They were staying at a Hotel that the Black Wolves have booked.

The Hotel room was HUGE. It had a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a living room that was twice the size of the bedroom.

And since Sakura had bought Syaoran and the rest of the wolves Daggers and Swords, (refer to earlier in the story) they sword trained in their sometimes.

It had been a day since they arrived at the Hotel and right now Syaoran was out. He had a friend in Paris and Sakura allowed him to go meet him as she cooked dinner. They have been eating take out for the last day now and both of them wanted a good Home-cooked meal.

Sakura made Noodles, Fried Rice, Fried Shrimp, and a few Sushi pieces. She set it up on the table and waited for her husband to return. They had both agreed on doing a little training session before eating.

Sakura was staring out the Balcony and had failed to hear the door open. She was just staring out into the open sky when a pair of warm arms wrapped around her waist.

"Syaoran…" She murmured as he started trailing kisses down her neck.

"Hey Sexy…" He greeted as his left hand cupped Sakura's left breast.

"Aww, you're wearing a bra." He pouted.

Sakura giggled. "Train first, eat then, fun later."

Syaoran pouted again as he kept on kissing Sakura's neck. "Fair enough."

Sakura pulled out of his grasp and started to get their weapons. But Syaoran caught her wrist and pulled her into him. He placed a light kiss on her lips and then left.

"Humph!!" Sakura pouted. "You pull me in only for a little peck?!?"

Syaoran smirked. "You get the full blast after eating."

Sakura blushed at his little comment but got her sword.

"Why do we train? We haven't been missioning for a year now."

"Doesn't mean we will. Turn on your music Sakura."

(I DO NOT own the song. It's called 'Eye Of The Tiger' by 'Survivor'. I thought it suited the whole gang world aspect I'm going for…)

And she did.

Risin' up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive

Sakura jumped back as Syaoran charged up to her, he sliced the air and cut a few strands of Sakura's hair.

Sakura glared at him. "EXCUSE ME?!?!?" She screamed.


Syaoran chuckled. "You've been shot, beaten, taken hostage two times, gunned at the heart and got surgery and you cry about your hair."

That pissed Sakura off so she went on a rampage.

So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

Sakura whirled her Sword around as she cut an inch or two off of Syaoran's shirt.


"You've been shot, beaten, taken hostage, gunned at and got surgery and you cry about your shirt?" Sakura mimicked Syaoran.

He pouted. "Fine…"

"Alright, no fun for you tonight." Sakura said manically.

"HEYY!!!!" Syaoran roared as he continued the fight.

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all with the eye of the tiger

"Eye of the Tiger?" Syaoran asked as he dodged an attack. "What type of music do you listen to??"

"Pssht, better music than you do!!"


"I resent your very being."

"That's not nice."

"Life ain't nice Syaoran, deal with it."


"I don't see you getting raped."

"Hey, we completely forgot about that!!"

"Are you saying we forgot about our Son Syaoran?" Sakura asked.

"Well… no…" Syaoran wasn't paying attention as Sakura jammed her fist into his stomach.


Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
They stack the odds, till we take to the street
For the kill with the skill to survive

Sakura was panting as she jumped over the sofa. They were lucky they had a huge room, well the Black Wolf did order such a room because they knew the newly weds would erm… 'fight' more than natural.

Syaoran raced after her, his sword in the air.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!?" Sakura shrieked.

Syaoran plainly laughed.

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all with the eye of the tiger

Risin' up, straight to the top
Had the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all with the eye of the tiger

"This song reminds me of the battle with Sam." Sakura said as she dropped her Sword and jumped for the daggers. Syaoran caught her by the waist and pulled her down onto the sofa.

"I guess it does." He husked as he kissed her.

The eye of the tiger

His hand traveled under her shirt as it cupped her breast, under her bra.

The eye of the tiger

He fiercely started kissing her as his hand massaged her breast, rubbing his finger over her erect nipple.

The eye of the tiger

Sakura felt him being aroused as she pushed him off.

The eye of the tiger

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!" Syaoran roared as he regained composure.

"Eat first." She said.

"Aww, why?" he asked.

"Because you sure give a hella fight. I dunno how Sam stood up to you."

"He's a man."

Sakura glared at him. "Are you implying you'd rather marry a man just because he's strong?"

"Ew!! Fucking nasty!!" Syaoran said as he sat down and ate some rice.

Sakura gobbled down her noodles, had seconds, and had half a bowl of rice and a piece of sushi.

Syaoran stared at her. "How are we supposed to have fun if you're stuffed."

Sakura winked at him flirty. "It'll be a work out."

Ohh how that got Syaoran. He couldn't stand it any more. He jumped off his seat and dived for Sakura. She giggled as he bridal carried her to their 'hotel' bedroom.

Lemon Alert

Syaoran dropped Sakura and pushed her up against the closed bedroom door. He started kissing her neck, nuzzling her, licking her, tickling her. He lightly kissed her neck and then went to nibble at her ear, all while undoing her button up shirt. Sakura moved her head to the side allowing more access. Her hands undid his button up shirt as she removed it. Her fingers traced his 6-pack as she started kissing his shoulder.

Syaoran took of her shirt and slammed her up against the door. He then started ferociously kissing her; his tongue searched her mouth as she moaned. This was just too unbearable. Her arms snaked around his torso as she rested it there. His hands worked on her pants, unbuttoning it and unzipping it, allowing it to slide to the floor.

"Are we gonna stand and do it?" Sakura said in between kisses.

Syaoran chuckled. "It was a thought, but I don't think you'd like it too much." He then bridal carried her to the bed.

At the short walking distance Sakura placed soft, feather like kisses on his torso. Syaoran shuddered at his wife's touches.

After laying her on the bed, he unclasped her bra and threw it, it landing on the table lamp. Syaoran straddled her hips as he started nipping at her collarbone. Sakura moaned as he worked his magic. He then released her from the hips and laid up on her, making sure not to put his full weight on her.

He moved lower as his eyes came level with her breast. Sakura wrapped her legs around his hips, pushing her womanhood against him. She felt a bump and knew she aroused him even more. Syaoran smirked and decided to tease her. He rubbed his finger over her left nipple, causing it to become erect and rock hard. His tongue rolled over her left nipple, but even then he didn't take it into his mouth. There was a glass of water on their night stand from noon when they had lunch in their bedroom. He grabbed the glass of water and splashed some onto her bear breasts. He then licked off the droplets of water causing Sakura to moan.

He finally decided to take her breast. His teeth slightly nipped at her nipple. Sakura continuously rubbed her panties against his hardened manhood. He then finally took her entire breast into his mouth. His tongue teased the nipple as it slid over it. He started sucking it, slightly kissing it with every pull. Sakura suddenly felt a release on her left breast and a wash of cool air. She propped her head up to see Syaoran moving towards her right breast. He started kissing the soft skin around her nipple, whilst his left hand fondled with the left, now neglected, breast. He then started licking her right nipple, kissing it slightly.

Finally, deciding to take it in, he sucked it, his movements identical to when he did this to the left breast. Sakura couldn't take it any longer. Syaoran started kissing down her body as he reached her lower body. He, on first call, took of her panties and rubbed his fingers over her folds. Sakura shuddered. She then felt something enter her. She peeked to see what was happening and she saw Syaoran enter a finger into her, and now two… He started thrusting his fingers in and out a few inches. Sakura moaned as her hips buckled, raising a few inches into the air. Syaoran chuckled as he released his fingers, licking them clean. He then started kissing down her inner things, caressing her nub. He tickled it causing Sakura to moan and groan and well kinda get twinkles in her eyes. He then went back up to her sacred spot and kissed it. Sakura shuddered as her hips again went a bit into the air.

Syaoran now decided to lick it. He every so softly started licking her folds, caressing her sacred spot with his tongue… oh his urge blasted as he wanted to taste her. Sakura felt something warm enter her. She knew Syaoran didn't take her yet so what was it? She kinda lifted her upper body and she saw Syaoran entering his tongue into her. She groaned as she felt his tongue probe her innards. After a few seconds he exited and started kissing her back to her lips.

Sakura decided it was her turn to take control. She somehow shifted positions and now she was on top of Syaoran. Her naked hips were straddling him as she started kissing him. She kissed his lips insanely as she started trailing her kisses down his body. She then took his nipple into her teeth and lightly teased him. She nipped at his left nipple before working down. She unbuckled his pants and took off both his pants and boxers before seeing him nude before her. Her finger rubbed the tip of his manhood and then she started trailing her fingers up and down his manhood, tickling him with sensations beyond comparison. Now, Sakura got an urge to taste him. Before Syaoran knew it, Sakura's mouth and encased his manhood, licking it, teasing it, pleasuring it. Sakura slightly sucked on it before releasing, and before Syaoran injected his fluids into her.

Sakura then positioned her womanhood over his manhood and started rubbing it against him, giving him intense pleasure. She was burning to have him as he was her but the insane teasing was oh so pleasurable. Only a few times was Syaoran able to actually get into her but she moved out of the way causing Syaoran to pout.

Sakura kissed back up to his lips as they shared a sweet, hard, intense kiss. Syaoran now flipped the positions so Sakura was on the bottom and he was on top.

He kissed her breasts again, teasing them, sucking them, pleasuring them. Finally, the part both of them have been dying for. Syaoran positioned him self at her entrance. She smiled as she felt him starting to go into her. Quick, easy and fast. Finally he felt her muscles tighten around him. Things were perfect, set…

He started thrusting, moving his hips up and down. Sakura wrapped her legs around his waist as she too started on her part. They both started thrusting; calling each other's names, sweat trickling down their bodies. But that didn't matter. They went faster, and faster, harder and harder until it was too unbearable. They both climaxed as Syaoran gave a final thrust and exited her. He then started trailing kisses up her body, between the valley between her breasts and lip-locked with her. Finally, he collapsed beside her, wrapping an arm around her small, bare waist.

End of Lemon

Sakura smiled as Syaoran dug his face into the crook of her neck.

"Had fun?" She murmured as she moved in closer towards his body.

"Any doubts?" and they both fell into a tender sleep.

---Two weeks later, Honeymoon over, back in Hong Kong---

Sakura was sitting with Xi Chen in her bedroom, reading him a story. It was 12:30 pm, four-year-old Xi Chen had a cold.

(Remember, basically a year passed so Xi Chen would be 4 now.)

"Sweetheart, you okay?" She whispered as she stroked her son's hair. Tomoyo, Eriol and Tokoh were over.

Chiharu, Takashi, Mika, Naoko, Rika, Ryan, Mei Lin and Ryu were all out shopping.

Syaoran was in the shower and walked out to find his wife and his son sitting on their bed.

He sat down beside them and kissed Sakura on the temple. He then took Xi Chen into his arms and started boasting.

"Son, you are a Li Man, Li Men don't get common colds!! Hah!! You are a Wolf now!!"

Xi Chen glared at his father. "Papa dumb." He stuck his tongue out.

Syaoran frowned. "He SOO got that from you." He accused Sakura. They both ended up laughing at the end.

Sakura finally put Xi Chen to bed and walked downstairs to find the entire gang there.

"What's up?" Syaoran asked as he wrapped an arm around Sakura's waist. Sakura was 21 now, and Syaoran was 26, since a year basically did pass.

Mei Lin frowned. "A stupid new gang has formed and is threatening the Black Wolf."

Sakura sighed. "Mother fucker not this again!!!"

"I know, and they call them selves 'The Silver Knights'." Takashi said.

"Can't their name get ANY cornier??" Syaoran asked.

"I don't think so…" Chiharu murmured as they all started laughed.

"They sound like amateurs." Eriol said as Tomoyo was rocking Tokoh back and forth.

"Probably are, fuck, Silver Knights, what are they, tryna out gang us??" Syaoran mumbled.

"Oh shut up Syaoran, they're probably a bunch of teens thinking its funny pulling war against you." Sakura soothed.

"Bunch of teens? Hell, I'm the leader of the Black Wolf, Leader of the Li Clan, a husband, a father, a warrior, a brother and hell I can even be seductive, now that is a dangerous combination."

Sakura glared at him. "All was okay until you said seductive."

Everybody burst out laughing. Suddenly the doorbell rung. It was Megumi, Sam and Mike.

"How's my nephew??" Sakura asked. Mike was only 4 months old but boy was he kawaii!!

Megumi laughed. "Tired, he's been up all night yesterday with a cold."

Sakura frowned. "Is it going around? Xi Chen has a cold and we think Tokoh is going to have a cold."

Megumi shrugged. "It is September, who knows."

Sakura laughed. "Oh, did I tell you that there's this new gang who threatened us…"

Sam chuckled. "Yea, they're called the Silver Knights right?"

Sakura nodded.

"Yea, they're pussies, I bet they're teens trying to threaten. The Cats also got a threat from them." Sam said.

Sakura laughed. "That's what I said. Syaoran's taking it seriously."

"Who could blame him. His brother-in-law kidnapped his son and lover last year." Megumi laughed.

They all walked in to the great hall before the doorbell rung again. "Mother fucker." Sakura groaned as she re-opened it.

There stood a beautiful woman, who looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She had flowing red hair and beautiful silver eyes. She was a tad bit taller than Sakura.

"Sakura Li?" She said.

"Hai…" Sakura said confused.

The girl smiled smoothly. "Hanna Cheung King, Mistress of the Silver Knights."

Sakura's eyes widened as the girls started laughing. "HANNA?!?!? WAII!!! HANNA CHEUNG FROM HIGH-SCHOOL?!?!"

The girl nodded as Sakura tackled her.


Hanna laughed as she hugged Sakura. "No girl, we were tight!! And yes, after I married Yuji, I found out that he was the leader of the Silver Knights."

Sakura let go and glared at her. "What's this? Threatening both the Black Wolves and Wild Cats."

Hanna giggled. "It wasn't until after I figured out that you and Tomo were in the Wolves and Meg was with the Cats."

Sakura laughed as she showed Hanna in.

"Guys, this is Hanna King, Hanna this is my gang… well… kinda… I married into the gang."

Everybody greeted her. Tomoyo lost her cool when she saw an old friend.

"HANNA!!" She squealed as she handed Tokoh to Eriol and rushed to hug her friend.

"I thought… me and Sakura thought… is Yuji a good husband??"

Everybody laughed as Hanna nodded. "Yea, Yuji can't be better."

Sakura grinned. "Did I forget to mention that Yuji and Hanna are the leaders of the Knights?"

Everybody stopped laughing instantly.

"What…" Syaoran hissed.

Hanna stepped behind Sakura. "Hey, no worries, I'll tell Yuji to call off the attack when he finds out Saku and Tomo are with the Wolves and Meg is with the Cats. He'll call it off, us 5 were tight."

Syaoran cooled down and sat down beside Eriol.

"Hanna, where's Yuji?" Sakura asked as she sat beside Hanna.

"Weapons upgrade."

Tomoyo frowned. "How come we didn't hear of you guys until today? Cats and Wolves are the top two gangs."

Hanna laughed. "We were terrorizing Russia…"

Sakura and the rest laughed.

Yea life was perfect I guess you can say.

---2 years later---

The ENTIRE crew was at a Wolves Beach.

Chiharu and Takashi Li –yes, they had gotten married a year back-

Rika and Ryan were still heavily dating and had gotten engaged.

Naoko and Mika Li –gotten married a few months back-

Mei Lin and Ryu Li –gotten married with Naoko and Mika-

Jen, Mina, Rei, went with Genki, Houshi and Jimmy to their nations and kept in contact.

Eriol and Tomoyo and Tokoh were cool. They were all enjoying life, and now that Tokoh was 2, they had more opportunities.

Sakura, Syaoran and Xi Chen were proud of the baby girl into their family. Sakura had found out a few weeks after their honeymoon that she was pregnant. She now had a one-year-old baby girl named Kahuna.

Yes so as I was saying, they were all at the beach enjoying their day. They had been on, around 3 missions in the past two years but they weren't major missions. Just getting back stolen items, killing people who got into low secrets of the wolves and threatening some neighbourhood goons after they stole into a Wolf Party.

All the girls were in either swimsuits or bikinis.

Sakura, Tomoyo and Chiharu were wearing identical bikinis. Sakura was wearing a light pink bikini that had the top; it had strings that tie behind her back and strings that tie behind her neck. It had small diamonds decorating it. The bottom was light pink and had a few diamonds near the top elastic band.

Tomoyo was purple and Chiharu was yellow.

Rika, Naoko and Mei Lin were identical bathing suits.

Mei Lin was wearing a black bathing suit that had red fire patterns all over.

Rika had orange with yellow patterns.

And Naoko had light blue with silver patterns.

Megumi was in a sports bra kinda thing with short shorts. Her set was a pale yellow.

Syaoran had green swim trunks.

Eriol navy blue, Takashi silver, Ryu black, Ryan sky blue, and Mika a dark brown. Sam was wearing a pale purple one.

The babies were all in extra change of cloths too.

Xi Chen, being six had swim trunks too. His was a dark green.

The actual babies had normal cloths on.

So, they were enjoying their time. I mean, they were in gangs so god knows when one of them will be gone on a mission that'll take like, forever.

Sam and Syaoran got into war over ice cream.


"YEA AND I GET IT!!!" Sam screamed back.



"YO MAMA!!!"



Sakura shook her head. "From Ice-cream to Sam's mom."

The group burst out laughing.

In the end Syaoran got the cone because Xi Chen wanted chocolate. Sam got a Popsicle.

They were all sitting on the beach watching the sunset. Xi Chen was making a sandcastle as Kahuna was sleeping in her mommy's arms.

They were all watching the colours of the sky. Tomoyo, resting her head on Eriol's shoulder.

Rika, laying on Ryan's lap.

Naoko and Mika hugging each other.

Ryu and Mei Lin helping Xi Chen with his sand castle.

Sam and Megumi, resting against each other's backs.

Syaoran wrapped his arms around Sakura shoulder and pulled her in, making sure not to wake up Kahuna.

A soft, cool, summers breeze splashed everybody's face. It was mid-August and everybody was enjoying.

Syaoran placed a soft kiss on Sakura's temple as she leaned in on his shoulder.

"I love you Sakura…" he whispered.

"And I love you too Syaoran, for eternity…" Sakura whispered back as they watched the Sun fall behind the water's horizon…

And this is the last, of Black Wolf Pack

In Life there is only two paths, Easy and Hard. Take the easy way, and regret it. Take the hard way, you'll find it impossible, but after the first few steps, the paths grows steadier and you'll walk through life, never regretting, like how a cool summers breeze blows in the wind… never faltering…
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