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Chapter 1: It's all her fault

Venus, 2072

"You seem to be in trouble, Spiegel" Spike looked at the man who stood opposite him straight in the eyes, Martin Keegan, a dangerous killer who had been part of the Venusian Mafia and now worked alone as a hired assassin.

The man had a 30 millions bounty on his head and of course the Bebop's crew was after him. But Spike had underestimated his capacities and now he stood in the middle of a large room while his precious Jericho 941 was on the floor next to the bounty and far away from his hand.

Where the hell is that woman?' Spike thought referring to Faye who had to be by his side, but actually was nowhere near him she always chooses the wrong time to be late!'

"What happen? Are you too scared to talk?" Keegan's voice cut off Spike's thoughts and the bounty hunter couldn't keep himself from answering him back

"Don't worry Keegan, it's just that I don't want to waste my precious breath talking to a shithead like yours" Spike said with his typical smirk sending a challenging glance toward the bounty

"You know, it's not healthy talking to me like that you'll be sorry for it" the man said seriously

"Oh really?!" Spike responded sarcastically

"Really" Keegan confirmed in a low whisper, his gray eyes darkened and his thin lips curled up in a devilish grin just before aiming his gun at Spike's head.

How ironic, I manage to come back alive from the showdown with Vicious and now I'm gonna die for a stupid bountyall thanks to my rotten luck' Spike thought looking into the black barrel of Keegan's gun.

He didn't know what to do, even if he had already been in situations like this before; at least the other times he had another gun or a pocket-knife hide somewhere in his usual suit. But that day he had had to wear a black shirt and jeans because in the morning Faye had spattered him with her coffee: in his opinion on purpose, in hers accidentally.

It's all her fault, that damn shrew. If today I don't die I'll kill her, strangle her with my own hands; I'm gonna shut that noisy mouth of hers with one of my dirtiest socks so she can't scream when I lock her in the closet with the rats that live in there. I'm gonna-' Spike's how-to-kill-Faye-making-her-suffer thoughts were cut off when a gunshot rang out in the large room.

Spike's mind went blank, a cold shiver ran down his back and his five senses were numb for a few seconds.

Pictures of particular moments of his life started to slip before his eyes like an old film; there were some images of his childhood, of his life in the Red Dragon, some pictures of Vicious and, of course, some of Julia, his first love, his angel.

But most of them showed moments of his new life with the Bebop's crew: Jet doing the washing up, staring at his beloved bonsai and fixing the Swordfish II; pictures of Ein an Ed sleeping in the middle of the hallway, fishing on the deck or typing on the Tomato.

There were images of Faye lying asleep on the yellow couch, playing solitaire near him while he was injured or standing before him smiling evilly and wearing only a towel with her hair still damp from the shower, knowing that there was no more hot water for him to use.

That woman really is a pain in the ass' Spike thought, but when the word pain' hit his brain he realized that he felt no pain or ache even if he have just been shot.

So, the bounty hunter slowly started to open his eyes and when he finally could see what had happened he couldn't believe it.


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