Note: I don't own R.K. This is a round robin fanfiction by the aoshiandkaoru yahoo group. First author: BelleDayNight

One Rainy Night

He wasn't sure how long he had been riding. He just wanted to get away. It was all becoming too much for him. His girlfriend kept pressing the issue of marriage. Aoshi couldn't picture himself married to her. She was sweet but, he didn't really see any future with her included.

So, he had done something that he had never done before. He left it all behind him. He went to a shady part of the nearby city and purchased a motorcycle. It was probably hot, but that didn't matter. He hadn't ridden since he was in high school, but it all came back as second nature to him.

Aoshi Shinomori had no destination as the wind whipped through his ebon hair. His bangs for once were not in his eyes as the wind blew them back. How many cities had he driven through? He had no idea. But, he had been driving for over three hours now at least for it was well after dark. He had no intentions of heading back to his former life. Sure he would be missed, but they would get over him. He just couldn't imagine wasting away the rest of his life in that mundane life.

Something was waiting for him in the great beyond and he was on a quest to find it.

He got caught by another red light as the small drops of rain began to fall. He adjusted his leather jacket more securely around his body. There was no traffic at this time of night. However, something nearby caught his eye.

Walking in the rain on the side of the road there appeared to be a young woman. She wore a brown leather jacket that reached nearly to her knees and a tall knee high boots. She had a duffle bag strung over her shoulder and her long hair hung past the small of her back.

He noticed her look up at the sky as the rain began. He could hear her curse softly to herself. She had on earphones so must not have heard his motorcycle idling beside her. He ignored the red light; no one was around anyway and pulled up beside her.

She seemed to notice his presence because a pair of sapphire eyes locked with his icy ones as she calmly pulled down her head phones. She was gorgeous. Far more beautiful than any of the women he had known from the small town his origins were marked. Her alabaster skin seemed to glow under the harsh street lights but it only made her look heavenly instead of a mere mortal beauty.

Although his face didn't reveal his pleasure at her appearance he was happy to notice that she too seemed surprised and impressed by his looks. "Nice weather," Aoshi greeted, his tenor voice soothed away the tension that seemed to hold her posture rigid.

"Hardly," the woman replied. She shifted her duffle bag nervously over her shoulder as her gaze appraised the handsome man before her.

"Is it your habit to walk around in the rain, alone, at night?" Aoshi inquired. He was hardly feeling himself as he found himself being the instigator of a conversation with a total stranger. He had certainly been on the receiving end of plenty of conversations from women after his body.

"I imagine it's as much a habit as it is for you to drive out of state in the rain during night." She gestured towards his license plate.

Aoshi frowned unnoticeably. Had he really traveled that far? It hardly seemed he had been on the road that long. However, it didn't matter. He had no intentions of returning to that hole in the wall. There was something waiting for him out there somewhere.

"I'm Kaoru Kamiya, do you have a name? Or should I just refer to you as the tall, dark, and handsome stranger that's going to give me a ride?" Kaoru asked, her eyes twinkling with some unknown mischief.

Aoshi's warning signals were blaring but he ignored them. He needed something unusual to happen to him. He was sick of his old life and what better way to start off than with a new individual to share in his adventure. "Aoshi Shinomori, and why should I give you a ride?" A smile was threatening to grace his lips. What the heck was wrong with him? He never even smiled like this for his long time girlfriend and here he was flirting with a total stranger in the rain.

"I promise to make it worth your while." Kaoru smirked at the rider as he turned off his engine to stare at her in shock at her words. She playfully hit his shoulder. "Not like that you pervert!"

Aoshi merely raised a brow, what was she thinking that he was thinking? "I can't promise to take you to your destination. I don't actually have one myself."

"Are you going away from here?" Kaoru asked, she suddenly didn't look so sure of herself as she glanced over her shoulder. It was as if she expected someone to be lurking behind the corner.


"That's exactly where I'm going." Kaoru replied; a bright smile lit up her features. "What do you say? I'll be great company. You wouldn't want me to keep walking around in the rain."

"Yeah, because riding a motorcycle in the rain is so much safer," Aoshi replied as he scooted up in his seat to allow room behind him for the woman to join him. He would question his sanity later for allowing this slip of a woman to enter his life.

"Just two rules," Kaoru replied as she sat behind Aoshi on the bike and secured her duffle bag across her back. She wrapped her arms loosely around his waist to prepare herself. She felt him nod, urging her to continue. "We don't judge one another for our reasons for running away and second we don't ask why. If the other happens to tell, then it's okay. But no questions."

"I will consent to that arrangement," Aoshi replied as he started his engine. "You may want to hold on tighter. The roads can be hazardous at night when they are wet," he replied as he took off.

The momentum of his bike sent Kaoru slamming tight against his back with her arms tightening in a fear that she would never admit to possessing. Her legs molded themselves flush against his as the rest of her body seemed to meld with him.

On a rainy night two strangers were fated to meet. Meet they did and their lives were never the same.