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Harry was tossing and turning in his tainted dream world. The now almost fully-grown wizard was sweating as he slept most horribly through the dark, cold, and rainy fall night. The otherwise quiet dorm was full with loud crashes of thunder and the emerald-eyed wizard's disheartening muffled sobs. His breathing was heavy and uneven as his hands clenched tightly to his bed sheets and his dampened face contorted in pain. Harry shot up quickly in his bed at the Gryffindor dormitory and looked around carefully, while withdrawing himself into an upright fetal position. His whole body was shaking from the nightmare he had just awoken violently from.

"Oh god..." Harry whispered in cold, merciless fear.

Harry had defeated the dark lord almost a year ago in his sixth year at Hogwarts, but in his dream the brave wizard had seen him alive and menacing. He knew that it wasn't possible after killing him with his own wand but the cold stare of the murderer was so real, just as it had been that winter night when everything had been taken from him and then given back to him. The emotional roller coaster was hellish to the then sixteen-year-old savior. That night his friends, Dumbledore, and even his rival, Draco Malfoy had sacrificed themselves for him. When the horrid battle was finally over, it had seemed to Harry like there was no point in living anymore without his friends or any of the people he cared about. Then it happened... Harry never figured out what had happened but after vanquishing Voldemort, a huge flash of light appeared and Harry awoke later in the hospital wing with Dumbledore, his friends, and Malfoy all there watching him revive. No one knew how this miracle came about, except maybe Dumbledore, but he'd never tell.

The seventh-year Gryffindor was feeling sick as his mind tortured him with the memories of that unsettling night. Over and over the horrible images were played, one in particular Harry hated most of all. That night Draco had revealed his true nature to Harry, told him that he was a vampire, and turned on Voldemort to save Harry's life at the expense of his own. The image of the death curse hitting the blond vampire who then fell lifelessly to the ground shocked him the most.

'Draco...' Harry thought worriedly as he pushed the palms of his hands into his closed, tear-filled eyes in a vain attempt to make the images cease.

Harry's stomach was in knots as he tried to stifle his overwhelming cries of pain and anguish and also stop the images from hunting him down in his thoughts.

'Oh god... make this stop... please make this STOP... Draco is fine... he is alive... Voldemort is dead and everything is fine... everything is just great...' Harry tried to console himself to no avail as the turning in his stomach became much worse and his head started pounding.

"Everything is fine..." Harry whispered urgently to himself, ending up biting his lip in an attempt to keep from puking all over the place.

'Why do I keep having these horrible dreams?!' The dark-haired savior asked himself.

Every toned muscle on Harry's body twitched with great fear. He wanted desperately to see Draco and to know he was all right but subconsciously he just longed to be consoled by him and to feel the Vampire's arms wrapped tightly around his waist; to feel his kisses reassuring him of his safety. Harry though, did not realize his desires for Draco. In fact, Harry did not even consider any males in that way. So in short, Harry thought he was absolutely as strait as can be. Draco however knew it to be quite different...


The vampire was pacing the Slytherin's darkened common room in a somewhat violent state. Draco could feel his hot Griffindor love interest's fear because of his love for Harry and it was driving him mad with rage. Draco had suspected that Harry was his mate since the end of his fifth year but hadn't really seriously considered it until the days before Voldemort's total destruction.

"Damn it! What the hell is wrong?! Harry... I hope you're alright." Draco said extremely worried.

It was past three in the morning and the common room was devoid of all the other Slytherin residents. The dimming firelight seemed to gleam on the blonde's angry face.

'If anyone is harming Harry I swear I'll torture them and then rip them apart! Harry... please be okay... Damn it!' Draco stormed in his head.


Harry dashed for the bathroom even though his legs shook violently in revolt. He soon reached the bathroom and proceeded in pukeing his insides out, unable to stop the wretching of his stomach. The images of Draco dying seemed to fade away slowly as his vomiting stopped. Harry slumped against the wall gasping for the air he had been denied while spewing out his breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

'Oh god...' Harry's head throbbed in pain.

The images had gone now and the terrible fear had subsided but some of the pain still lingered in Harry. The ache in his head continued steadily but it was nothing like the pain before he had awaken from his dream... the pain that was not supposed to be... Harry had defeated the dark lord but Harry was sure that just before he had awakened... his scar had burned sharply.

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