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They walked along quietly towards the lake, a light snow falling upon them. The spells of warmth and cheer were fading as the cold swept towards the blushing pair. Their hands were not intertwined as most lovers would be. It was a painful separation, yet there was a connection between the hearts of the young wizards that comforted them.

'How could they understand? I… I don't even understand.' Harry's securities were clouded in uncertainty.

The snow crunched softly with their footsteps. The lake was dark, yet lit by the waxing moon. The mountains seemed to hibernate. There was a hush, as if nature was watching keenly. The blue-eyed Slytherin cleared away a patch of snow with his wand so that he and his beau could lie down and gaze at the stars.

"Harry…" Draco looked into Emerald eyes. "Why are you afraid?"

"What?!" Harry's head bolted to his left side; where Draco lied.

"I can smell and feel your fear Harry, so please…"

Harry averted the vampire's searching gaze by looking back up to the heavens.

"This is the only place I've ever belonged. I don't want to care what they think…" Harry confessed with shame and frustration.

"Then don't care."

"That's easy to say but…"

"I can just make it easy for you…" The hot-headed vampire sat up to leave.

Harry hand grasped firmly around Draco's arm.

"Don't… just walk away." Harry warned him.

"Why not if… if you're not going to accept it." Draco spoke in puzzles to toy with his love's curiosity to punish him.


"What we are." The handsome vampire alluded to the practicalities of their relationship. "More than just being gay."

These words were ones that caused panic and confusion to flutter around inside Harry.

'I'm… a gay?' Harry questioned and confirmed over and over, like an echo, inside his heart. 'How did it happen?'

"I know these feelings are real to you. I know that if it was only that… I can't force this on you Harry!" The silver-haired seventeen-year-old cried out.

'This is bad, what am I saying? I want to be with Harry! Idiot, how much of a moron could I be?' Draco scolded himself.

Harry's fingers lost grip and swept away from Draco's arm before they formed a fist and knocked the blue-eyed boy over with a blow. Before the vampire knew what hit him, Harry was on top of him; the green-eyed wizard pinned down his arms.

"Don't give me things and take them away! What the fuck, Malfoy?! … we've known each other long enough to know what to say." Harry was yelling and crying traitorous tears.

The blonde-haired Slytherin looked defiantly up at the Gryffindor.

"Don't fuck with me. We've been through enough. I'm only human Draco… I have doubts and fears. More than anyone…" Harry said breathlessly. "More than anyone, you've put me on a pedestal."

Draco turned his head away and mulled over what Harry said.

"I'm sorry." The vampire grunted gently.

Harry grabbed at his chest with one hand. The pain had returned and he knew what the wetness now covering his hand was. Draco grabbed his hand, smelling the blood.

"Harry..." The Malfoy boy's eyes widened.

The Gryffindor rolled over onto his back; panting heavily. "It's okay."

"It's not okay! What's going on?" Draco protested as he leaned over his love.

"It's just some injuries from the fire flaring up." Harry lied through his teeth.

'I can't let him see…' The raven-haired boy pleaded with his luck.

"It's from that night isn't it?!" The vampire remembered the injury he had been chased away by Harry over.

'No…' Harry pleaded with this cold reality.

Draco scooped the bloody wizard into his arms and shifted him quickly away. He laid Harry on a clean bed in the hospital wing before rushing away to find Madam Pomfrey at the Ball. In the darkness Harry felt his stomach churn with worried anticipation.

'How am I going to explain… the doubt… carved in my skin.' Harry labored under the weight of an eternity.

The door clicked open and light came flooding in.

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