It was a year after AJ went up into space to drill into a comet and blow it up. He was happily married to his boss's daughter, Gracie. Gracie was six months pregnant and was getting ready to have the baby.

Ever since AJ went up into space, he has been working for NASA. With all the brave things that he did up in space along with the rest of his crew and friends, they were offered a job at NASA, but only AJ took the job. AJ felt that being an astronaut was part of his destiny just like marrying Harry's daughter was part of his destiny.

AJ's new boss, Dan Truman, was very greatful to have AJ on the team. With the hard work that he did saving the planet, he knew that AJ could do any job if he put his mind to it.

Truman saw AJ walk in the door and went over to him. Truman said, "Good morning, AJ! I have a new job for you. I need you to train a new crew that is going up to space in a couple of months."

AJ was always happy when he was offered to train a new group of astronauts. He really felt like an experienced and feels alittle more part of the space program when he gets to train people to go to space. AJ said, "Of course I will. I'm your man when ever you need someone to train a crew!"

Truman was happy that AJ accepted and was happy that AJ joined the space crew. He really enjoyed having AJ around and was able to rely on AJ.