Training has begun and AJ is extremely tired after work. He has to spend at least six hours a day with his new trainees. So far most of them aren't even doing to well. A lot of the men were in very bad physical shape. The psychologist at NASA even said that some of them aren't very healthy mentally either.

AJ kept going up to Truman about the situation, but Truman really didn't care. Truman just wanted a bunch of astronauts that could do the job to go up there whether or not they were physically healthy or mentally healthy.

When AJ is at home helping Gracie with dinner and some other choirs that he has been doing the past couple of months. In a way AJ couldn't wait until Gracie had the baby. That just meant that he could get a few weeks off from work and to tell you the truth he really did need sometime off.

The next day at NASA was even busier for AJ. He was telling his men how to put a shuttle together underwater using a space suit. Of course, they did the same thing that AJ did the first time. AJ's face got as red as a tomato because he was so angry at his men. AJ kept getting up from his seat from behind the computer monitor and walk into the pool area.

AJ said, "You are making me very mad! Do you want me to fail you? I any one of you do not listen to us again, then I will be sure to make you sorry that you ever decided to join NASA. I did the same thing as you did when I was training and my boss fired me for doing it, but he realized that he needed me so he let me stay. I'm not gonna be as generous as him because I have more time to train more men who want to go up to space."

AJ's trainees were as still and silent as a log, you could've heard a pin drop to the floor. As much as the trainees liked AJ, they really didn't care how AJ felt about them or what he said about them. They just knew that somehow or another they would probably somehow end up going to space. Now, the question to them is... will AJ still be their trainer or will the boss pick someone else to train them?