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"Return to the past now."
A bright light enveloped them as time was reset to earlier that morning. As the team walked toward the cafeteria for breakfast, they quietly discussed their events at Lyoko.
"You've really got to be more careful, Odd," Jeremy said, "You've been devirtualized by X.A.N.A.'s monsters four time in the past week."
"I know," Odd responded, "but dodging lasers while trying to protect Aelita isn't as easy as it looks."
"Ulrick and I don't seem to have that problem," Yumi teased.
"Yeah, maybe X.A.N.A.'s monsters have a thing for you," Ulrick said with a grin. The rest of the group started laughing as they walked into the cafeteria. Eventually, Odd joined in and the rest of the morning passed by uneventfully.

That afternoon, Jeremy called a meeting in his room and connected with Aelita so she could join in on the conversation. Once everyone was settled, Yumi asked the question that was on everyone's mind.
"Why did you call us all here? Is X.A.N.A. attacking again?"
"For once X.A.N.A. is quiet, which is why I wanted to talk to all of you. I've worked out a program that can give each of you 50 more life points. I suggest that while X.A.N.A. is quiet, we try out the program on each of you. Aelita, that goes for you too. I think we should head to the factory tomorrow morning. Since tomorrow is Saturday, we shouldn't have to worry about classes."
"That sounds like a good idea," Odd said, "But what if Jim catches us going off campus? I don't really feel like sitting in detention for half the morning again."
"Odd's got a point," Ulrick admitted, "Jim's never going to let all of us go."
"Why don't you all just stay at my house," Yumi suggested, "As long as you guys still have those notes from your parents, Jim and the principal can't say no."
"Are you sure your parents won't mind? I don't think they were too happy last time we slept at your house," Ulrick said.
"Don worry," Yumi said reassuringly, "This time they're prepared."
"Prepared for what?" Odd asked.
"Your snoring," Yumi replied, laughing.
"I do not snore!" Odd protested.
"Then why does Ulrick sleep with earplugs?" Yumi teased.
"He's a light sleeper?" Odd suggested, "Anyway, I've got to go get my stuff. Are you coming, Ulrick?"
"Sure," Ulrick said, standing up, "Jeremy, are you bringing Aelita?"
"I don't know. Aelita, would you like to come too?" Jeremy asked hopefully.
"I would love to," Aelita replied.
"It's settled then," Yumi said, "Everyone be at my house in an hour."
With that the group broke up to gather their stuff and meet at Yumi's.