A little info on my next story, and a request.

To all my readers,

Hello. I know this isn't a chapter of Never Give Up, but I decided to add it along with the story. Some of my readers have asked me to make another Code: Lyoko story. Many ask for a sequel. I would be more than happy to write a sequel, but I am working on another Code: Lyoko story at the moment. Don't be discouraged, though. As soon as I finish the one I'm working on (and it's going to be great!) I will try to work on a sequel. I only have one problem, though. For my next story, I need a picture or description of Theo. I promise it will be a Ulrick x Yumi story. But, if I don't get the info I need, it may not be as accurate or believable. From what I know (or think I know), Theo looks a bit like Ulrick. Anyway, if I get the info I need, the first chapter of my new story will be up soon. You can email the info or leave it as a reply. Thanks a million!