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. : Meet Again : .

: . By Akikazu . :

. : Prologue : .

Wind swirled through the park, ruffling the black hair of an anxious girl. Said girl was pacing back and forth, her blue eyes glancing at her wrist watch anxiously. A boy came up to her from the meadow at her back, his black hair pulled back and his violet eyes watched her. He waited for a second before grabbing her shoulder.

"Don't worry Kagome, he'll be here," the boy reassured the girl.

"But it's almost time! What if he doesn't come?" She murmured. Again she looked at her watch, "this is my last chance, Miroku."

"He'll come, Rin said he would."

"But what if he changed his mind? What if-" her sentence stopped as she spotted a car parking.

Kagome turned and saw a tall, silver haired boy get out of a car. His long hair was tied back and his gold eyes pierced her very soul. She watched him, hope lighting in her eyes. Miroku let go of her and laughed quietly as she rushed over to him. Kagome stood in front of the newcomer and made a small bow.

"I'm glad you could make it, Sesshomaru," Kagome greeted.

"My sister sister convinced me to come. She said there would be few guest," Sesshomaru informed her.

"It's only you, me, Miroku, my dad, and Hojo."

"No girls then," he glanced at her, "besides you that is."

"No girls," she transferred her eyes to her feet, "they don't like me very munch. It's the price to pay for having too many guy friends." Kagome brightened. "Let me go introduce you to my dad."

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at Kagome's quick change in mood, never the less he let her drag him to a man sitting beneath a tree. Kagome didn't let go of Sesshomaru's hand as she introduced him to the man.

"Sesshomaru, this is my dad. Dad this is Sesshomaru."

Mr. Higurashi didn't speak, but looked at Sesshomaru his eyes taking his measure. Sesshomaru followed likewise. Mr. Higurashi nodded, apparently happy with what he saw. Another boy and Miroku joined them, the other boy had blonde hair and warm brown eyes. The second boy held out his hand to Sesshomaru.

"I'm Hojo," he said.

Sesshomaru ignored him and watched as Kagome and Miroku helped Mr. Higurashi to his feet. Mr. Higurashi put his arms around both of them and headed for the field.

"Let's get this party started already," he declared.

M . A . M . A . M . A . M . A . M . A .

The party was officially over.

Mr. Higurashi was loading a drunk Hojo and Miroku into his van. Alcohol had been served as Hojo and Miroku were both spending the night at the Higurashi house. Sesshomaru and Kagome hadn't drunk any, and had thusly been the only two minors to remain sober.

Kagome walked Sesshomaru to his car and stood at his side as he unlocked it. He turned to her and wondered absently why she looked so sad all of a sudden.

"Thanks for inviting me to the party," he said.

"It was nothing," she blushed. Then her face turned solemn, "it may have been my last chance."

Sesshomaru's eyebrow rose. He was interested in seeing what she meant by "last chance". To silently show his interest in the topic he leaned back against his car and watched as she shifted uncomfortable from foot to foot. Kagome still looked very unhappy and sad.

"I'm really glad you came to my party, I know you don't like me very much. After today I'll never bother you again, but I had to tell you how much I like you. I just wanted to see you smile at least once. I didn't get to see you smile, but I'll cherish my memories all the same," Kagome confessed.

He was stunned, but it didn't show on his face. Kagome smiled softly, looking up at him. She stood on her tiptoes and presses a chaste kiss to his lips. Then, before he could react she was gone running to her father's van. Before she got in the front seat she looked back, and Sesshomaru could see tears in her eyes. She then got into the car and allowed her father to drive off.

Sesshomaru smiled inwardly, he would see Kagome in school on Monday. There wasn't the slightest chance that he would let her go. She had feeling for him and that made her his. His face broke into a small smile, only two days more. He got into his car and drove away, mentally planning out their encounter.

It was not to be.

Monday came and went and Sesshomaru learned from Miroku and Hojo that Kagome had move away from Tokyo. The party had been a going away party.

. : End Chapter : .

: . Author's Note . :

This was the very first full story I'd ever post and holds a special place in my heart, as all of my stories do. Because my writing skills have hopefully improved this story is currently undergoing construction. I hope to take out pointless drabble, add in description, and close up plot holes.

That said, I'm off.