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: : Epilogue : :

Sesshomaru stood at the altar nervously. They wedding wasn't going to start for another few minutes, but he was ready. They had held off the wedding for a whole year. Kagome was wanted everything to be perfect and Sesshomaru would do anything to make her happy, except for letting her move in with her mom. Mrs. Higurashi was overjoyed to hear that they were getting married and had moved back to Tokyo shortly after he had proposed.

Souta was glad to see Musou, if a little saddened by his involvement with the gang, but had gotten over it. While Naraku was in jail with his gang, including Kikyo, Juroumaru and Musou had gotten off with a hundred hours of community service. Hojo was still lock away in a mental facility.

Sesshomaru and Kagome had decided to move into Sesshomaru's house after the ceremony. Kagome was amazed when she saw it, it was a mansion. Sesshomaru had modesty said that it wasn't that big, and Miroku put an end to the discussion by saying that he was sure that they could fill it with kids.

Everyone had wondered why Sesshomaru and Kagome had not set the wedding date earlier, but Kagome had warded off the questions without answering.

Sesshomaru broke out of his revive and looked at his watch, only a few minutes. He looked around, the guest were being seated. It had taken a while but Kagome got the city to close off the park for the wedding, he suspected that she had paid a large amount to do so. But Kagome had her heart set on being married at the park.

It seemed as if their lives revolved around the park. They had first met there, the came to friendly terms there, they had seen each other for the last time here. They had also met again here, and the restaurant was across the street from here, with the balcony over looking the park. Kagome simply refused to be married elsewhere.

So now here he stood at a makeshift alter, waiting for the woman he loved with all his heart. Musou started the music and folding walls a ways off were opened. Rin walked slowly down the aisle scattering petals as they walked. Shippo came next carrying the rings. Although Kagome didn't have any bride's maids, she did have her maid of honor, Sango came down blushing and holding onto Miroku's arm. Miroku had his heart on marrying them, but when he heard Sango was going to be the maid of honor he had quickly changed his mind. Sesshomaru hadn't minded, unless you counted Shizuma, he had no friends. But Shizuma and his new wife were on their honeymoon, so Sesshomaru had stuck with Miroku.

The music changed and everyone turned and looked at the folding walls. Kagome came through nervously clutching Souta's arm. With the absence of her father Kagome had immediately chosen Souta to give her away. At sixteen he was already taller than Kagome. Everyone seemed to fade as Kagome walked slowly down the aisle. She was not just beautiful, but magnificent to him. Her smile only made her more so.

Soon she was standing besides him, holding his hand. They looked at each other and he was hardly aware of the priest. They must have said the right things at the right time for soon they were exchanging rings and giving vows.

"I now announce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," the priest declared.

Sesshomaru leaned in and kissed her. The kiss soon got out of hand for when they broke away for breath. A large amount of people were coughing nervously. Kagome blushed, but turned with them with a grin.

"Is everyone getting sick then?" She asked.

The crowd laughed and surged forth to congratulate them. The crowd separated the bride and the groom and people seemed to have a plan about keeping the couple apart. Sesshomaru soon became impatient and Kagome noticed for she returned to his side.

"Can we go eat now?" Shippo asked loudly.

"In a second okay," Kagome answered.

Most of the single woman gathered behind Kagome as she turned around. She threw the bouquet over her shoulder and spun around to see who would get it. Kagome unfortunately had bad aim for it landed on the lap of a young teenager on the sidelines. She had dark brown hair that went to the middle of her back and was blushing furiously.

"I-I'm not g-getting married," she stuttered.

Kagome laughed delighted. Sesshomaru knelt on the ground and waited for Kagome to lift her leg. When she did he slowly took her garter off. Afterwards Kagome was redder than the girl that had caught the bouquet. Sesshomaru smiled slightly and turned around. He threw the garter and turned to see who would catch it. He had thrown it too far and it landed on the shoulder of a young man by the folding doors. The man was tall and had pale purple hair. He looked decidedly confused.

Sesshomaru didn't wait for the man to get his bearings, but grabbed Kagome and carried her bridal style across the street to where the reception was being held. Kagome laughed the whole way there.

: : One Hour Later : :

They had only been there for an hour but Kagome could see that Sesshomaru wanted to leave. They were on the way to the door when Kagome ran straight into the girl that had caught the bouquet. They both stumbled back. Sesshomaru caught Kagome and the man who had caught the garter caught the girl. The girl blinked and straightened, she held a hand out to Kagome.

"Oh hi, sorry about bumping into you. I'm Akikazu, and he's Kejie," the girl said.

"I'm Kagome and this is Sesshomaru," Kagome replied recognizing the girl.

The girl turned to her companion and held a quiet conversation with her conversation before turning back to Kagome.

"It was a lovely wedding," Akikazu said finally.

"Have we met?" Kagome asked.

"Err, umm, not exactly," Akikazu replied.

"Then what are you doing here?" Sesshomaru demanded.

"What's it to you?" Kejie answered pushing Akikazu behind him.

Akikazu and Kagome looked at each over Kejie and Sesshomaru's shoulders other and said the same thing in unison, "men!"

Hearing there exasperated remarks both men turned and gave their companions a glare. Akikazu smiled at Kagome.

"I sorry but we have to go. We only came for the wedding, but we have to be somewhere soon," she said in apology.

"It's okay," Kagome said and waved.

Akikazu grabbed Kejie's arm and dragged him out of the restaurant. Kagome smiled up at Sesshomaru who still looked annoyed.

"Are we going?" Kagome asked.

"Yes," Sesshomaru snapped.

As they walked out of the restaurant Kagome still grinning insanely. Sesshomaru was about to ask her about it when Kagome spoke.

"I'm going to improve your mood," Kagome announced.

"How?" Sesshomaru said raising a brow.

"I'm going to give you the best wedding present in the world."

"Is that so?"


Sesshomaru stopped them and pulled Kagome to him. She was still smiling in her excessively cheery way. She was hiding something. They waited in silence for a moment before he surrendered, albeit gracefully.

"Well?" He asked.

"I'm pregnant," Kagome announced cheerfully.

Sesshomaru looked at her blankly and Kagome laughed. Then a grin appeared on his face and Kagome stopped and just stared at him. His eyes sparkled happily as he looked at her. Then she finally said something.

"You're smiling," she stated unaware of how stupid it sounded.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Sesshomaru replied.

Kagome squealed and launched herself at him hugging him tightly to her. She was laughing again. Sesshomaru pulled her away and looked down at the mother of his unborn child.

"How far?" He asked.

"I'm only two months along and I can't wait! Is it going to be a boy or girl? I don't want to take an ultrasound. I hope it's a boy that looked just like you! What are we going to name him? When can we shop for baby clothes? Who are going to be his godparent? Sango and Miroku? Ryoko and Shizuma?" Kagome questioned.

Sesshomaru sighed and picked her up carrying her into the car. She was still asking questions when they arrived at their new home. All their stuff had been move here before the wedding. Sesshomaru led her inside listening to her answer some of her own questions. Then she stopped.

"I'm going to be FAT!" Kagome wailed suddenly.

Sesshomaru sighed and hugged her to him. Here come the legendary mood swings, is what he was thinking. It only took her a few seconds to calm down and she started talking again. Sesshomaru did the only thing he could think of to shut her up. He kissed her.

: : End Story : :

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