Memories of Time Long Gone


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Prologue – History: The Second Peace

The evening sun was slowly setting in the west, soon to be replaced by the refreshing cool air of a mid summer night. The clouds in the sky were currently painted blood red, as if to acknowledge the dreadful events that had transpired earlier in the day. None who witnessed what happened that day, on the grounds of a mysterious castle somewhere in Scotland, would ever think to speak of them again, for the horror was so terrible. And yet, the events themselves would be remembered for generations to come.

For on that faithful day, the ultimate battle between good and evil was waged. And though the forces of evil were dealt such a crushing blow that never again would it recover, the victory felt hollow to all who were present. Albus Dumbledore, whom, for generations, acted as a beacon of hope in the darkest of times, was lost forever to the greatest and most evil wizard the world has known, Voldemort.

Harry Potter, a boy who needs no introduction, and his famous group of friends, took up a task that most adult wizards dared not: confront Voldemort and his closest servants in a final contest of power and strength.

On one side stood a group of students who have underwent more training that any normal wizard would have had in a life time, preparing for this inevitable confrontation. On the other side, stood a collection of wizards and witches handpicked by the darkest of the Dark Lords for their prowess in the dark arts.

The battle waged on for what seemed like an eternity, for each combatant knew agonizingly well that every second of the fight might well be his or her very last on this world, and to them, every second seemed to last an eternity.

In the end, a fatal casualty was suffered on each side: the most evil tyrant the world had known was defeated by the boy he failed to kill on countless occasions. And that same boy suffered a pain worse than a thousand Cruciatius curses, a pain that will linger with him for the rest of his life: the loss of his first and only true love.

Later, the man responsible for the death of Harry's love, a man that, by all accounts, should have been rightfully kissed by dementors several times over for the evil he had committed, was exonerated of all crimes. It was believed that he was under the Imperius Curse, was what was said at the trial.

The-Boy-Who-Lived, unable to comprehend how such an injustice can come about, felt utterly betrayed by the very people he had dedicated his life to defend. With a heart full of sorrow, and a mind filled with disgust, Harry Potter, hero of the wizarding world, disappeared from it without a trace.

People close to the boy speculated that he left to live in the Muggle world, away from all that reminded him of his lost love. But most thought that the remnants of Voldemort's followers got him, in a last act of revenge. Eventually, as no news of their hero was forthcoming, and even the two closest friends of the boy were unable to tell if The-Boy-Who-Lived was still deserving of his nickname, the magical communities of the planet pronounced Harry Potter to have been lost forever.

Nevertheless, on that fateful 31st day of the month of July, Voldemort was defeated for good, and the wizarding world considered it a day of celebration. In the immediate year following the great battle, some newly instated Minister of Magic thought to boost his prestige, and named the last day of July as Harry Potter Day: 'It's his birthday AND the day he defeated You-Kno… Voldemort. How can you possibly not make that a holiday?' was the minister's response whenever he was asked to justify the extravagant festival.

And none can find fault with that argument. So it was with high fanfare that every year, the wizarding world celebrated all that Harry Potter has done for it.

For seven long years, a serene peace reigned in both worlds, and all delighted in the well earned tranquility that was paid for by the lives of many brave souls. Yet, shadows stir wherever there is light, and so does evil wherever there is good. Once more, darkness was gathering on the horizon, threatening the disarming peace that the magical world has settled into…

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