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Going, Going, Gone


By: 24

It had been a couple of months that the Centre was finally gone. They all had to go to trail for their testimonies. Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots and Sam were let go with a slap on the wrist.

Jarod was going to school for a medical degree. He wanted to be a Doctor, so he can help people. He loved being truly free and staying in one spot. There had been a few times he looked over his shoulder. That was a hard habit to break. His family lived a few houses away from the house that he brought. He brought a house in Blue Cove and settled down.

Miss Parker was going to school also and she was studying to be a lawyer. She still lived in her house. She and Jarod had been seeing each other off and on. They were mending their friendship and were falling in love.

Sam was back with his family and had a job as a security officer at a warehouse in town. He was liked his job and loved it that he could share his job with his wife. He could finally see his little boy grow up.

Broots still lived at the same house with his daughter. He got hired as a computer specialist and loved his job. Debbie went to Miss Parker's house on occasion and would also see Jarod sometimes. She liked Jarod's childlikeness and innocence.

Angelo was taken to another institution and thrived under their guidance. Jarod, Miss Parker and Sydney visited him. He had met some friends there.

Jeremy was in the same school as Debbie was at and loved going to school. He liked that he didn't have to run from place to place.

Major Charles and Margaret lived in Blue Cove too. They had Miss Parker and Jarod over for dinner on occasions. They didn't mind that he was seeing Miss Parker because of what she did. Margaret also told her about her mother.

Emily lived a few houses away from her family in a two-bedroom house. She liked that she didn't have to run again. She had been seeing a man named Keith at the paper she was working at.

Sydney was retired and lived in his house in Blue Cove. Michelle moved into his house and they renewed their relationship. Nicolas moved to Blue Cove to get to know his father and the people that he had worked with. He also got to know about Jarod.

They all in turn were happy with their lives. They were all glad to have a life and everyday they lived life to the fullest. The Centre was finally gone and out of all their lives.

The End.