Tamper with Time

Written by: HoshiHikari

Disclaimer: I do not own HP! That's right, the characters still all belong to J.K Rowling As for the plot, it might have been done before, so I won't take credit for that either

Summary: Complete darkness had befallen across the entire world, wizardry and Muggle alike. The final battle between Harry and Voldemort takes an unexpected turn. Now, the remaining survivors are thrown back into time. Harry must now face a younger and stronger Voldemort, the Voldemort that is currently at the height of power. Can Harry fulfill his destiny before the entire world collapse around him and is consumed by Darkness…again?

Author Notes: "…." talk Italic thoughts/dreams /…/ Parseltongue Snake language underline text/letter/writings bold/italics lyrics from songs

Chapter 31 A new beginning (part 2)

Dumbledore sat at his desk going through the list of new first years that would be arriving this term. He had stopped when he had come down to a name that he had circled and boxed with red more then 10 years ago. Indeed this child had been written down to go to Hogwarts the day he was born.

The name Harry James Potter glowed on the piece of white parchment. Dumbledore stared at the name as images of the respective person flashed through his mind. He had tried, he had tried very hard to abide to the boy's, no man's, wishes.

From one of the drawers of his desk he pulled out a diary and placed it on the table. Flipping it over so that it laid on its back cover, he read the scrawny hand writing on it.

Property of Harry James Potter

Leaving the diary out, he put another circle around the boy's name. There was no doubt the boy would be great in the future, with or without the presences of Lord Voldemort. He knew they were the same person and it was only a matter of time before the boy's true self woke. He couldn't wait until that day came, the book had promised of a return, though it never said when. Until then whenever Dumbledore was making a life changing situation for Harry, he would have the diary out as a reminder of all his wrong doings in the past, all his mistakes and all the wishes that Harry had left behind.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

"Come in," he said, hastily putting the diary into the drawer he had taken it out of. He looked up as the Potter's filed in, followed by Remus and Severus brining up the rear.

"Lemon drops?" he offered, as he conjured chairs for them. James and Lily refused politely as the other two took one for they knew they were here for a long talk.

"Is everything all right?" the Headmaster asked, feeling how tense the Potter's were. "Did Harry get worst?" he asked, having heard of the stunt Sirius offered the child to do.

"Harry's up." James said. "Woke up this morning."

"Then that's a good thing." Dumbledore said, wondering why they were still so serious. "Where is he?"

"He took off on his Firebolt."

For a moment, surprise was written on the old man's face, before disappearing.

"We've come for something that was left in your possession on October 30th eleven years ago." Lily continued.

Dumbledore looked at Remus and Severus for confirmation.

"It's alright. We've already got most of the conversation started. They've come to see the diary." Remus was saying. "and answers to any other questions."

"and looks like Potter's come for answers as well." Snape said suddenly. He was the only one who had taken a seat across from the only window, so he was the only one who saw Harry hovering outside on his Firebolt.

The group all turned to the window to see and indeed it was true.

Waving his wand, Snape shot something gold out toward the window, letting it hit the glass. As if by reflexes, Harry reached out his right hand and caught it. Snape gave a satisfied smirk, beckoning him to come in. Harry did so, landing elegantly next to Remus before dismounting professionally.

"Oh yes, you've got the skills and talents alright." Snape said, holding out the palm of his hand. Harry opened his right hand, and they all looked to see the Golden Snitch fly from the boy to the Potion Master who waved his wand and made it disappear.

"Well, looks like Quidditch season's come early." James said happily, as he waved his wand to fix the broken window.

"but I assume Harry played seeker, seeing his reflexes." Lily comment. "You got a rival James."

"Well that's from me, he's got my skills, my reflexes and I didn't have to teach him a thing." He stopped himself as he realized what just came out of his mouth.

"Sorry Harry." He said turning to his son. "I forgot again."

He noted how Harry's eyes had dimmed, and how Remus had a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"I'm still Harry Potter, I'm still the boy that did grow up with parents, the boy that did have a normal family, the boy that did not…" He didn't get to finish, he couldn't finish. "It's not like I woke up as the other, the Boy-Who-Lived to find everyone who was dead alive again…"

"but there is only one Harry Potter." Dumbledore corrected gently. "and yes I do realize for the other Harry, as you call him, lived in another world, a world of his own, and coming here would have been a big shock as the people around him are very different then who he remembered. But you pointed out, you are the boy who did live here all your life and this was the world you knew. You are a special boy Harry and that is something I'm afraid you will have to accept. It's with you forever, something you can't run away from, so don't block the other Harry out."

"He's the reason I'm here," Harry muttered. "I suppose you all would have rather have the other Harry survive."

"Harry!" Lily cried shocked. She didn't know what to say.

"That's enough Potter." Snape said softly. "If you persist on identifying two Harry's then I suppose yes, I would have rather had my Harry back." He growled. "If you aren't proud of who you are, if you want to deny his very existence in you then Harold made the wrong decision that night." He continued, his voice becoming angry. "I untangled you from the Dark Lord and Harold, both dead that Halloween night. Remus and I had debated on letting you survive. Was it worth it? Was it worth letting a child relive the horrors that no child deserved. Was it fair to let you live under a shadow of someone who would always be unreachable? No, it was not fair. However, Harold had decided to give you a chance of life. He sacrificed himself so that you could live a normal life, to be what he could never be, to do things he could never do."

"I….I…I…know that." Harry said softly. "It's just all so sudden."

"You'll cope." Remus said. "You were spared eleven years." He gestured at Snape and himself. "We were here every minute of life."

Harry's mouth dropped open, before shutting it up again.

"Harry," Dumbledore said. "We won't judge you for who you are. We won't compare you to anyone else." He paused. "If this is difficult for you I can oblivate everyone in this room and leave it so that even the same people are thought of as different people, just as how everyone in the rest of the world, outside of this room views it."

"No, I don't want that." Harry said. "I never said I don't like the other me and I don't accept it, it's just the subject is very touchy."

"Understandable." Dumbledore said. He turned to James and Lily. "Now I believe you wanted to look at this." He took out the diary and placed it on the desk.

Harry looked at it and held back a shudder, almost flinching at the sight. Memories once more filled him, memories he knew he would cherish as his own, nevertheless these memories was unpleasant.

James took the diary, holding it close to them. He and Lily exchanged looks. Silently, he flipped to the first page.

Hello stranger, I see you have picked up an interesting book. I know you might take this book as lies, but I am telling you this is the truth. I am the reason why the world exists in peace or the reason why the world is consumed by Darkness.

My name is Harry James Potter. I am 24 years old. My guardians, Remus and Severus and my best friend Cho (the only people alive at the present) have just been thrown back in time by Voldemort. Yes, Voldemort, the Dark Lord, the man who destroyed the world, ruined my life, the man who I failed to kill again, is still alive and about. Yes, I am bound to kill Voldemort. I am the prophesized child, better known as the Boy-Who-Lived. It's simple really, either kill or be killed.

Let me take that back. It's not simple at all. No, my life wasn't simple, and still isn't simple, in fact its quite complicated now that time travel is an added bonus. No, I don't know what time period I've been thrown into, so don't ask. All I know is Voldemort's behind this, he always is. Why me, you might ask, why? I already told you I am the Boy-who-Lived. I suppose that isn't enough for you. I suppose I need to explain, but how, where do I start? I suppose it would all begin the day I was born, though in reality it was before that. So where should I begin, how should I begin when I barely remember myself? Well, that will have to wait. I suppose it all really began on Halloween, yes, Halloween 24 years ago, the day when I became the Boy-Who-Lived….

Harry stood silently, solemnly as he stared at the gravestone before him. In his left hand he held a fresh batch of flowers. Bending over, he placed them neatly on the ground in front of it.

"Hello Harry," he murmured softly. "I can call you that right; even though I haven't been here to take care of you I'm sorry." He whispered. "It's been 13 years since I first found out the truth." He faltered. "and I haven't been living at all." He paused. "I try not to, but it's quite hard, carrying you in my heart and soul. I suppose that is expected when we are really the same yet so different." He brought his fingers up to trace the name. "Sometimes Uncle Moony and Severus forget, expecting things that I can never offer which results in disappointment. Other times mom and dad would give me a glazed look, a look of longing that can never be satisfied. Surprisingly its' Dumbledore who is the easiest to relate to. I know it's strange, and I know you won't believe me, but it's true. I suppose half of it is genuine concern, while the other half maybe for a plea for forgiveness."

He looked away from the grave, not knowing what to say. He stopped when he caught sight of the grave directly opposite of the one he was speaking to. He was surprised he hadn't seen it before.

"He's gone you know. He's gone for sure. Life is so peaceful and quiet here. It's normal, boring, and dull. I suppose you would have given up everything for a shot of life like this. I'm sorry you never had a chance. I really am."

He turned to face the grave he had come to visit.

"I'm not saying I don't appreciate what you have done, I really do. I'm proud very proud, its just sometimes I feel I'm doing things not because of me, but because of you. It's not right. I hope you can understand."

From under his robes, he took out a small book and opened it. He turned to a previously marked page and began to read.

He touched the rumble next to him.

"Sometimes….sometimes…the next generation can grow better then the last….that is, if given the chance…" Harry removed the ruble, and instantly a small seedling of a tree appeared where there once was rock and stone. "After I've defeated you….new life with sprout. A new generation will, and shall arise." Harry gestured behind him. "and…we…shall join all those who have crossed before us…"

The man bit his lip.

"you see… tonight no one shall leave this place alive. The final battle between you and me, shall conclude the history of humans, while this shall began a new chapter of life. Tonight Voldmort…we make history. Together, we shall write…the greatest battle of mankind…."

"I am the next generation. I hope you understand that Harry. That is what you have stride for. I need to begin my own life, one that I can really be proud of. No, I won't forget you, or that you are apart of me, but your only that. A memory of childhood that is all, and please just stay there."

He turned to the last page of the diary and pointed it.

"See, it continues to write. However, I am the writer now. Now it records my life."

He placed the book next to the flowers, hesitated, before digging a shallow hole. He held the diary for a while before putting it in the whole and burying it.

A long silence followed after that.

"Well I'll come back tomorrow, and everyday afterwards. I have to go now. I've been here for two hours. I'm eager to begin life on my own, one that has not been prerecorded." He trailed off.

Harry took one last look at the grave before deciding to conjure a knife. Carefully, he carved three words in parsaltongue. Satisfied, he slowly walked away from the pebbled paved path, leaving behind the graves of two of the most powerful people in the century, one that said 'Voldemort' and the other that said 'Harold Stone' with 'Harry James Potter' freshly carved on the bottom.

COMPLETE! Tamper with Time is complete. I hope you all enjoyed this fic. I know there are still things that aren't answered, and I'm afraid won't be, (what happened the two years Lily and James were in hiding in the world, the two remaining tasks, stuff like that. Just imagine.) Nevertheless I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you for all the reviews, especially those who have followed me throughout, including the big gap with lack of updates. Thank you!