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"X-men, we shall meet again!" Magneto's voice boomed, coldly emotionless, with nothing in it signifying the hasty and undignified retreat he was planning. All the X-men looked up: Magneto stood by five of his overgrown pinballs, glaring imperiously down at the battle going on.

Pietro zoomed into one of the spheres, almost faster than anyone could see. The metal ball took off, and Kurt shook his fist at it. He had almost beat him!

Mastermind quickly hopped into one of the spheres; it closed and immediately zoomed away. Sabretooth broke out of the headlock that Wolverine had had him in and bounded towards Magneto: he repeated Mastermind's motions, leaving a disgusted Wolverine staring at the sky.

Professor X surveyed the scene from where he sat in the X-jet, guarding the New Recruits, all of which were out cold due to the collective efforts of Mastermind and an unwilling Colossus. Outside the jet, Kitty, Rogue, Scott, Jean, Kurt, Wolverine, Beast, and Storm watched the remaining Acolytes warily.

Remy leant nonchalantly against the doorframe; he had refused to fight, just charging cards and throwing them randomly every once in a while, more often than not at Sabretooth.

Piotr stood in human form, looking at the X-men with a deep sadness and longing within his eyes.

"Colossus! Gambit! We haven't got all day!" Magneto intoned, an edge of impatience creeping into his voice.

"Homme, I really don' know how t' say dis, but..." Remy paused, looking over at Rogue. She nodded encouragingly at him and he smirked, turning his gaze back to Magneto. "I quit."

"You what?"

"Da, that goes for me as well, Magneto." Colossus spoke up, emboldened by Remy's startling announcement.

"You can't quit, fool boy! If you do, your family's lives are forfeit! Do you ever want to be able to see your sister again?"


"Get over here. Now."

With one last, sad glance at the X-men, Piotr turned and got into his sphere. It closed and soared away.

"And as for you...."

"Can't do anyt'ing to Remy, homme. He's got no family, no nothin' for blackmail. De contract is irrelevant; promises don't mean not'ing to me." Remy shrugged. "Plus, from what dis Cajun can see, de X-men seem to have it way better dan what you could ever deliver."

Magneto glared, but Remy continued. "Plus, what wit' de forceful confinement, evil plans t' turn de humans t' mutants while killin' ot'er mutants....it ain't dis Cajun's cup o' tea. And don' look to de flame-boy fer help; he mos' likely feels de way I do 'bout you."

Magneto was seriously considering wrapping Gambit's staff around his cocky Cajun throat to strangle the life out of him, but he suppressed the urge. If he could get Pyro to convince Remy to continue as an acolyte...speaking of which, he hadn't seen Pyro in a while. Oh yeah, locked him in the cells. Oops. But if Gambit was out, John must be out...

"Pyro! Pyro! Where is that slacker?"

Remy chuckled. "Ya might wanna try de big ball o' flame dat's takin' over de base, Boss."

Indeed, an estimatedly twelve-foot flame roared up from the basement of the Acolyte base; it seemed to have burned through the building material around it, so that a clear space was left there.

Magneto sighed in disgust. He would have to start over. It was unfair how the good guys always won.

"So..." Kurt looked a bit deflated as he watched Magneto's pinball soar into the wild blue yonder. "Vat do ve do now?"

"Go home, I guess, and—hey, where's Amara?" Jean looked around for a little bit.

Rogue smirked as she sauntered over to where Remy stood, pulling an almost invisible gauzy material out of her pocket, and called over her shoulder. "She's fahne, don't fret your pretty head."

The X-men stared in shock as Rogue put her arms around Gambit and promptly started to kiss him.

"What the—"

"Jean, don't. Trust me, the real shocker is coming up next." Scott pointed to where the inferno raged. "Amara's over there. You can go get her if you like."

"I think that we'll all go get her. She appears to be rather preoccupied with something." Beast mused, then started loping towards the base.
"Your friends're comin' this way, luv." Pyro's voice murmured into Amara's ear. She hugged him tighter in response, and he chuckled. "Don't care wot they think, do ya. Well, moight as well tone down the flames a bit..."
The X-men had gathered as close to the flames as they could, each voicing their own opinions as to the origins of the inferno.

"She's probably battling it out with Pyro in there."

"Yeah, I hope he's not able to control her flame, otherwise she's helpless!"

"Storm, could you make it rain?"

"I could try, child, but if Amara is in her fire form I would be doing the opposite of helping her."

Remy, Rogue and Scott kept their mouths shut. Some things were best figured out by the individuals themselves; telling them would only complicate matters. Plus it was too funny. A sudden hush fell over the group as a tunnel was formed in the flame, and out of the raging inferno, walking sedately hand in hand, came two figures.

The first was clearly Amara in her black-banded Magma form; her eyes alight and her body burning fiercely as she smiled at her friends, then turned her eyes to look at the person beside her.

The second figure was that of a teenaged guy, standing a half-head taller than Amara, with fiery orange hair. He was bare to the waist, but below his navel was sheathed in Aladdin-style pants fabricated entirely out of flame. His eyes – intensely, brilliantly blue – traveled over the group of mutants in front of him as a wicked grin lit his features.

Next thing that the X-men knew...

"Are they KISSING?!"

And here is my impromptu epilogue:

The X-men finally came to terms with the Romy and Amyro situations. Professor X (being the nice, nice person that he is) offered Remy and John places at the mansion, which they gladly accepted.

Magneto decided to find a different base, as John and Amara had melted his original one.

Piotr's fate remains a mystery.

A/N: I really don't know that much about him at all, so I probably won't write a sequel wherein Piotr gets some justification. If any of you want to write a follow-up from this story that stars Piotr, email me and ask my permission.

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