Star Wars: A Time for Change


aboard the Republic Cruiser Skywalker, orbiting 3rd planet of Taris II system, Millikeywaah Galaxy

1430 hours, 65 million years before the present day....

"Damage Report!" screamed Republic commander Trask Onasi. Him firm, solemn look was highlighted by the trikle of blood dripping from his forehead, he looked a lot like his heroic ancestor, Carth, but no way was he an equal to his predecesor. Trask believed that escaping to this newly discovered galaxy would help, but alas, a single Imperial Deathbringer, the Malak, followed him, and it didnt help being outgunned and outmanned above an unexplored planet, the farthest anyone can go from the Republic aid. He was doomed to die, and he knew it.

His Ship Analysis Officer, a Twe'lik named Garath Korvak, was the first to speak among the unboken silence, defined by the screaming sirens and red flashing lights of battle position. "Sir, ship shields down to 26%. Our weapons are non-existant. Hull breaches on deck 2 and 3, compartments 17 through 23. Sealing off now. We've lost all hyperdrive...we've basically lost all engine power, execpt for side thrusters, and they're only at 30%. They wont move us for long distances." Trask could feel the fear in Garath's voice. He was not alone in knowing the truth.

"I dont think we need to worry about movement." Trask said, with a dry laugh. He knew the one thing he was obligated to do for his crew. "Attention all command crew members." He paused for a moment, to get the crew's attention. "As you may have guessed by now, we probably won't survive. We are practically dead in the water. So, it's my duty as your commanding officer to give you the option of excusing those who need time to cope. Anyone wishing to leave may do so now." A long pause, and just one officer, a novice Navigation Officer, stood up, making his way to the door. Without taking notice, Trask spoke softly as the officer neared the door. "I'm sorry, son." The officer stopped at the door, then turned towards his captain

"Sir, on second thought, I think I speak for all when I say that I'm proud to serve under you, sir." He looked around for approval from his fellow soldiers, and got more than he expected. "Sir, we're gonna stick with you to the end."

A slight grin spread across his stern face, but the good mood was soon tossed away. "Sir, the Malak is preparing to fire it's Shipkiller!" cried his Battle Officer. Trask looked in fear at the front viewport. Sure enough, the large cannon using the same force of the larger Death Star, appeared on the top frontal portion of it's pointed hull. A beam began to grow on the muzzle, usually the last thing a ship sees. "If we're gonna go down, it's not gonna be like this! If we go down, we're taking the Malak with us!" A shout of joy ran through the bridge, giving him time to face another problem: how he planned to take the Malak down. He looked around the bridge, he had no weapons, no engines, and no fighters. But yet, there had to be an answer. There has got to be something I missed, he thought, something I must have overlooked.

"Of course there is something you overlooked, in fact, it's right in front of you" said an all to familiar voice. Trask turned around. "Good to see you, Master Pangea. I wished we were in a better time." Master Ken Pangea, a startling handsome human with blue eyes, and black hair, also shared something more with Trask, his ancestor, too, had been a Jedi, and had fought alongside Carth Onasi during the Sith war with Lord Malak, even though he happened to be the Dark Lord Revan during the early wars, and kept his programmed name for his children. Nowaday, with such Jedi as Luke gone, and the Jedi themselves once again facing extinction, Ken was practically the last human Jedi, and his survival was important.

Trask turned his attention again to the viewport. Besides the ship, which started to fill the port, he could also see the planet below. This planet was one of only 2 planets capable of life, the other was the 4th planet, but only some bacteria and very primitive lifeforms. The 3th planet, however, was in the 3rd stage of evolution, there were large, complex lifeforms walking a large, single land mass, and many more found to swim in the planet wide ocean. There was a small atmosphere compared to Corasent, but it was clean, and breathable. But there was no way to get the ship into the planet's gravity, or anything like that, since thruster move too little, too slow.

He turned back to the ship, there was nothing he could to that, it was suicide. All he could do was jam communications, and manipulate it's sensors, both useless in this kind of situation. He turned back to the Jedi, searching for a clue, but the Jedi kept his eyes on the Malak, not moving. Again, he watched the ship. From far off, he could hear his officer screaming, "Shipkiller at 60% charged!" Life seemed to slow down, and all he could hear was the cries or the sirens, but the voice of the Jedi in the back, yet all around. Don't search, you won't find it, he heard, let the answer appear to you. He watch the ship, the white hull seemed the same; pointed hull at front, communications in the back, the symmetrical ship except for the bulge growing...wait a minute, a bulge? He watched the bulge for a minute, and then it occured to him. That was no bulge in the ship, it was the planet's only moon. It was funny how his eyes had manipulated the moon to appear as the ship....hold on. He grinned. He had a plan. He walked over to his Communications Officer. "Son, I have a job for you..."

To be continued.............