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Chapter 5: Preparations for Arrival

July 12, 2005; 1736 hours

Interior of Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia, Earth, Solar System, Milky-Way Galaxy

Wow, it was almost a year since they had first started out. The cavern had become home for Kevin, as well as the many others in the group. They were almost masters at Force manipulation, and completed in a year what many Padawans took almost 10 years to do. This was now the test time, and they were feeling good. Kevin personally excelled in the test of politics, piloting, and Force logic. Steve was best at dueling, and Jay at droid knowledge. Ally and Briane were masters at Force abilities, while Joe and Samantha skilled enough in certain Force techniques to help and train the others. At present they were sitting in the Council chambers, awaiting their next test, and reciting the New Jedi Code. Each member was wearing the robe of a Padawan, and had their hair in the traditional braid of a Jedi, representing unity of purpose to fulfill their goal, as well as unity to themselves and to their master. Kevin thought about that for a second, how they actually did this.

It was about halfway through their training, and Master Pangea had called them together again. He told the group that now was the time they can be called Padawans, and must perform their ritual to be called Padawans. He then took them to a back chamber, a place they had never been before. There, they saw what had to be a living quarter. There was a bed thing, and sink…everything from a typical Star Wars apartment set. There was also a desk, and on it were locks of hair, from Master Pangea's head. They also noticed on the bed, the covers were drawn up to chest level, and they knew that from the ropes still on the bed, from where he became on with the Force. It was in this room that Master Pangea instructed the group to also cut a lock from their heads, and give a strand to each other. The hairs from the whole group were then braided together on each of their heads, so that they may grow together. They were then led to a wardrobe-looking room, were they shed their modern human clothing for the last time, and wore the surprisingly well-kept Padawan robes. It was from then on, that they were actually able to be internally calm, having shed their last ties to the so-called advanced "Western Civilization."

Kevin was then interrupted in his thoughts by the appearance of Master Pangea. "Very well, Padawans, your last test is at hand. Even after a Jedi has mastered the Force, he is rather vulnerable without a weapon with his personality, which can almost think for him. Now the problem with a blaster at you side, or even something like a vibrasword, is that they have no life at all, they are nothing but instrument that know just one thing. Even the simplest of droids perform better. No, a Jedi must have part of himself to fight with. So in case you haven't figured out what I have been talking about, yes its time for the lightsabres. I have allowed you guys to research and the method of building them…are you ready?"

"Yes, master."

"Then Kevin, your first up, follow me."

Kevin got up, and followed his Master, to the main cavern they went to when they first got here, all those months ago. There he noticed a workbench set up, and dusted off completely and ready to use. To another wall, pieces all laid upon a table for any use. He took a finishing look around before asking his master a question.

"Master, what about a focusing crystal?"

"Over here."

And with that, the droid they first met on that fateful day came out from its place. Kevin could hear that it needed a good tune up. The droid rolled over to a floor panel, and opened it. There, a droid slot appeared, and it went to work on it. After a few minutes, a low rumbling could be heard from underneath him. The droid retracted its little arm and rolled away, back to its place. In the middle of the floor, two panels started to part, revealing a stairway underneath. A quick glint of a surface under there made Kevin sure that he was in fact seeing either a metallic surface… or a crystal cave. He questioned his master about it.

"Padawan, the force manifest itself in a lot way, these crystals being the most concentrated. I have noticed that a few of these clusters have been forming at a larger rate since you guys have showed up. Now, I want you to go down there, and just walk around, without pulling crystals."

Kevin walked down the stairs, confused as ever. Don't pick a crystal? He thought he was trying to make a lightsaber, but he did what he was told. It was completely dark, except for the glow of the cave. He walked around; already eyeing ones that appealed to him, yet still had no idea what to do. As if his master heard his thoughts, which he probably did, Master Pangea came into his mind. No, don't just walk around. Close your eyes, they deceive. Let the Force flow through you, and tell you what to do. Kevin stopped, became calm, and closed his eyes, shutting out the light. He felt the urge to turn left, and did so. Then right. Then forward. He felt that he knew where he was going, and did not bump into anything, even with his eyes closed. Then at last, he found it. Although his eyes were closed, he could clearly see the crystal cluster in front of him, being the Force allowing him to see it. His master came into his mind, a hint of approval in his voice. Very well done, Padawan. What you see is your Force, your crystal. No, don't open your eyes yet. As long as this crystal is in your saber, you and it will be one; it will be part of you. You don't have to use, but it will diminish if not used once it is taken out. This crystal is yours. Now, use the Force to guide you, and take it.

Kevin finally came back out, with a black crystal in hand. He looked at his master, bewildered look on his face. "But Master, I never heard of a black crystal, it doesn't have a glow"

His master smiled. "No, it doesn't. Your crystal will not reveal its properties until after it is installed. Go, make your saber."

Kevin went back to the workbench. He started grabbing the parts he needed, when his crystal split, or duplicated. Either way he had two crystals, and immediately turned to his master yet again. Master Pangea smiled again, and gave the answer before the question. "You were thinking of a double-bladed one, weren't you? One that could be split into 2 sabers if need be?"

Kevin nodded, and then understood. The crystal was linked to him, and it knew what he wanted. He then went to work.

And hour later, Kevin had a 13 inch double-bladed lightsabre, with two touch pads, two force-activated triggers, and a force-activated quick release, for double saber action. This made sure that he was the only one who could activate it. His master gave a small applause, and then instructed him to ignite the saber for the first time. With a double snap-hiss the saber sprang to life, erupting two beautiful silver beams out of both ends. With a nod of Master Pangea's head, a bunch of holographic enemies appeared, real enough to fight. Two of these had sabers, four others had vibroswords, and the rest had blasters. Kevin immediately went to work, spinning and maneuvering like a dancer, the saber spinning a twirling and doing its part. Kevin immediately took out three, and threw his saber with the Force, taking out another four. Before long he was down to one vibroblader, and the lightsaber-wielders. Kevin made short work of the blader, and then started on the last two. After a few minutes of stalemate, one took a slash, narrowing missing Kevin. Kevin, in turn, took the time to slit his blade into two, and took out the first, and shortly the second. The droid beeped in response, glad to see him win, while his master clapped again.

"Good job, now, take a sash with a belt clip for your saber, and return to the Council Chamber."

Kevin did so, and walked back, never taking his hand of the saber. Now he was truly living his dream. He was finally in the Star Wars universe. Little did he know how soon that statement would become even truer.