The first thing he saw was a bright light that shone down in his eyes, then slowly there was a face in front of him. He sat up on the table, (where am I? who am I?) He looked into the crystal blue eyes of a human male staring intently at him...(yes, this man was a human, but how do I know that?).

"Lore, my boy" Came the voice "You must have so many questions for me".

"Lore?" He repeated tilting his head to the side.

"That is your name" the voice said simply.

"Who are you?" Lore asked still feeling confused.

"My name is Noonien" Came the reply "And you might call me your...father"

"Father?" He asked looking around the room "Where am I?, what is this place?"

"You're in Dr. Noonien Soong's laboratory" The voice said proudly "This is where you were created"

"Created?" Lore asked, finally looking down at his body and noticing the difference between himself and Noonien "I am not like you father" He stated.

"No, I wouldn't suppose you would be Lore" The voice said as the man came closer and began looking him up and down. "You are different"

"Then what am I?" Lore said as Dr. Soong touched his shoulders.

Soong paused for a moment and replied "You are an android Lore...a mechanical wonder, my life's work".

"Then I am not biological like you?" Lore asked hesitantly.

"No but in a way you are like me Lore...I modeled you after my own image" Soong responded handing Lore a mirror to look into. "You're quite handsome my boy, just like yours truly"

Lore took the mirror and stared at his reflection then back at Dr.Soong "We do share a common resemblance..father..yet I appear different as well...I do not share the same pigmentation on my epidermis and my visual organs are not blue"

"But you are alive my boy that is all that matters now" Soong responded emphatically "I have finally created a positronic brain capable of becoming sentient"

"Alive?" Lore asked.

"Access your data banks Lore"

Lore went quiet for a moment then responded "Alive..animate, breathing, cognizant, conscious, existing, functioning, knowing, living, running, subsisting, viable, working..."

"Yes, yes all of those things" Soong cut him off "Now stand up my boy and let me have a good look at you"

Lore put his feet on the floor, stood and looked back at him "Is this adequate for you to inspect my appearance?"

"It's perfect Lore. How are your legs? do they function well, can you walk?"

Lore took a few steps but found that they were wobbly ones "I do not seem to have the ability to sustain the desired equilibrium to effectively balance on my appendages father"

"Don't worry Lore, your neural pathways are still processing the commands into your positronic relays...soon you will be able to control the neural impulses and co-ordinate them effectively" Lore looked back at him and walked a few more steps, it took a few times and several small trips around the room but soon he no longer swaggered as much in his attempts.

"Excellent my boy" Came the happy reply.

"To have me reposition myself around the room in this manner pleases you father?"

"Very much Lore, now hold out your arms and move your fingers" Soong said smiling.

Lore did as he was asked although the movements of his fingers were quite stiff while doing that he also made an attempt to emulate Soong's smile.

Soong looked back at Lore who now had a lopsided grin on his face.

"We will work on that later son" He laughed patting him on the chest "There is so much to teach you about the human condition"

"But you said I was not Human father" Lore said blankly "Why instruct me to be something which I am not?"

"I have created you to evolve in a similar manner Lore, physically you will never change , but you are designed to grow both intellectually and emotionally over time"

"For what purpose was I created then father?"

"Well I am glad you choose the easy questions to start off with Lore" Soong said laughing again. "Do not fret son I will explain it all to you, we will have lots of time to go over every last detail"

"Fret?" Lore said then again accessed his data banks " worry, to have"

"I think you got it son" Soong said cutting him off once again "But first things first...would you like to meet your mother now?"