Hello my friends. Hope you enjoy this little fic. I enjoyed writing it!
Peace to all and good night, Katlyn...

The night was cold, not too strange for Surrey, even in the middle of summer. An owl swooped down from the moonless night, landing on an upstairs window sill of a house that looked exactly the same as every other house in the street.
The owl tapped on the window once, and gave a low hoot to let the occupant, a youth, know that she had arrived. Not two seconds later, the window was quietly slid opened, and the owl disappeared inside.
To someone watching, this might seem odd behaviour for both owl and boy. That is, if the watcher did not also happen to be a wizard. They would also notice a square golden envelope flutter down, detached from the parcel it had come with. It went unnoticed by both boy and owl.

Harry Potter sat on the edge of his bed, whispering to Hedwig, "There you are girl, I was beginning to get worried." Hedwig hooted once in return and nibbled his finger affectionately. "Come on, lets see what you brought this time." Harry's nimble fingers made quick work of the knotted twine that held two parcels in its grip.
Harry put Hedwig back in her cage, and she gladly drank the water that Harry poured for her. Harry had modified the cage in his fifth year before returning to the Dursley's for the summer. If he hadn't, Hedwig would be locked up for the entire summer. His Uncle Vernon still thought that it was locked securely, but it now had three doors; the original one, another on the other side, and the bottom could be easily removed after a bit of tweaking with a pen.
After he fixed Hedwig up, Harry turned his attention to the bed, where the two packages lay. Though it was his birthday, he hadn't been expecting anything. He had told his friends not to write, he didn't feel like replying, though he had told them it was for security measures. They had promised to give him birthday presents on their first day back at Hogwarts. That still didn't explain who these parcels were from. Laughing a little at his own stupidity, Harry decided that the only way to find out was to read the envelopes.
Moving to the bed, he picked the smaller one up in his hands, it was solid and about the size of one of his cousin's hidden cigarette packets. There was no card attached, so he shrugged and tore off the brown paper that covered it.
Inside was a blue box with a shimmering gold ribbon around it. Intrigued by the packaging, he opened it up.
Inside the box was a medallion, and inlaid in the centre was a creature that could only be called a Gryphon, entwined with a dragon. The gryphon was made of silver and had rubies set as eyes, and the dragon was gold with emerald eyes.
Harry stared at it in awe. He only wished there had been a card with it, so he would know who to thank. Staring at it for a moment longer, he then unclasped it and put the fine gold chain around is neck. The medallion felt warm against his chest where the top button of his pyjamas had fallen off.
He then moved to the next gift. It too was wrapped in brown paper, but it wasn't as neat. This one had a letter with it, and he opened it before moving on to the parcel.

Dear Harry,
How are you? I know you haven't written, and I respect your right to privacy. To tell you the truth, I haven't felt much like talking to anyone either. I was going through Sirius' things, and I found this. He had bought it some time ago, and meant to give it to you today. And though he's not here, I thought I would do the honours. I hope your keeping well. Don't dwell too much on the past, what's done is done, nothing we can do will change that. Just remember, Sirius only wanted you to be happy. Listen to him, if not to us.
All the best, I hope to see you soon. Remus Lupin.

The letter fell, unnoticed, from the boy's hand. He sat, staring at the opposite wall, trying to blink away his tears. Fighting the lump in his throat, he moved to the present and unwrapped it with unsteady hands. His hands reached into the parcel and pulled out the pensieve that was hidden inside. As he set it on the bedside table, he noticed the envelope that was lying on the ground. He opened it with trepidation, almost fearing what was inside.
He pulled out the old piece of parchment that was inside.

Dear Harry,
Happy Birthday!!! So you're now sixteen! Hope your having a better time than I am, cooped up at Grimmauld place. It's so boring that I decided I'd get your present early, just to give me something to do! I hope you like it, hopefully it'll put an end to some of those nightmares. Well, it won't be long before we're all free, then you can come and help me fix up this hell hole of a home. We've been working all year, and it doesn't look any different.
Now Harry, you may think me a bit soppy, but Remus told me I should write this. I first loved you because you were the son of my best-friend, but now, I have learned to love you as a person. I know I put a bit of pressure on you to be exactly like James, and I'm sorry for that. I realise now that you are your own person, and, though you look exactly like James, you're not him. And he's not you. You will always be a son to me, and I want you to be happy, no matter what. If you are, then I will always be proud of you.
Love, your godfather, Snuffles.

Harry made no effort to stem the flow of his tears now. They were pouring down his cheeks and dampening the mattress beneath him. It was with a heavy heart that he fell asleep that night, curled up tightly under the blankets, the letter from Sirius on the bedside table next to the pensieve.
As the red lines of the digital clock switched to 12:00, two sets of eyes, one red, one green, glowed in the darkness, penetrating the blackness surrounding the bed. And a shimmering mother-of-pearl fog enclosed both boy and bed.

In the ghostly light, Hedwig hooted.