Summary: Hermione Granger falls victim to a complex spell and wakes to find herself safe at Hogwarts. The only catch is, she's twenty years in the past.

Disclaimer: I'm not J.K. Rowling, so therefore, I neither own nor am making a profit, from the story contained herein. This is the only time I'm attaching this disclaimer to the fic, so read it and memorize it if you feel so compelled.


The last thing Hermione remembered before passing out was a swirling blue light, and the smirking face of Draco Malfoy.

It had been a Saturday. Harry and Ron had gone out on the Quidditch pitch to practice, so Hermione had decided to head to the library to work on her Potions essay. She hadn't been researching for more than ten minutes when a small first year came in, informing her that Ron and Harry requested her presence down in the dungeons. Of course, Hermione had found it rather odd that they would want her to go all the way down there. After all, the dungeons were Slytherin territory, and it was a bit unsafe for Gryffindors to be wandering around there aimlessly. Then again, this was Harry and Ron she was thinking about, and they neither worried about nor cared whether something was safe.

She had hurried down the various stairways, finally finding herself in the room they had described. Upon walking in, Hermione had been accosted by two rather burly individuals, both of whom forced her to sit in a rather uncomfortable, rickety chair. They pair had begun tying her hands behind her back, and Hermione had chuckled good-naturedly. "I should have known Harry and Ron would get you two in on any practical jokes." She glanced at one of the figures, "Fred, or is it George, what were you planning to do exactly?"

A harsh laugh had quickly put any thoughts of a joke to rest. Standing in front of her, behind the two muscular, hooded figures, was Draco Malfoy. He was wearing a black robe, the hood pulled onto his silvery blonde hair, but his face still peeking out. "Hello, Mudblood."

Hermione had squirmed in her seat, struggling against the ropes. Suddenly, she was regretting letting them tie her up so easily. "You'll never get away with this, Malfoy. Harry and Ron will..."

"They'll do what exactly?" he asked snidely. "They are under the impression that you're feeling a bit under the weather and have retired to your dormitory to rest. They'll never even think to look for you here, not that they'll find you anyway."

"Dumbledore will never let you get away with this," she had replied, but from the looks of things, it had seemed as if he just might. "What are you planning to do to me?"

Malfoy had smirked wickedly. "It's simply insurance, you see." Off her look, he had chuckled a bit, "I'm merely insuring that you keep your know-it-all nose out of my business... for good."

And with that, he had begun the incantation. Glancing around, Hermione had noticed the peculiar items resting in a circle around her. Obviously, it was rather complex. And then, Hermione had started to get dizzy.

It was simply a disoriented feeling at first, but after a few moments, it had felt like the entire room was spinning. Her eyes had bore into Malfoy's, but he had seemed to flicker in and out of her vision. One moment, he had been standing in front of her, while the next, all she had seen was the wall behind him.

"Good-bye, Granger," he had smirked.

The world had gone black.