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As she walked through the canyon, Selphie felt completely at ease. Her mother always claimed that it was often a dangerous place, even without the Jeimjine Republic invading Termina, but it was too hard to believe, since Selphie had never encountered any dangers in her whole life. Ikana Canyon had been her home for thirteen years, since she was born, and especially as of late, the monotony of the region was really getting to her. What she wouldn't give to leave.

The red potion her mother always made her carry swished around in its bottle. Her short brown hair bounced merrily in its two ponytails while the sun danced across her green eyes. The light blue chemise and brown slacks were certainly showing how much she liked to wear them.

If she laid her ear against the ground and listened carefully she could hear cannons across Termina. It would be a while if the Republic got out of Great Bay and all the way across Termina to Ikana. Everyone else had developed a way to defend their selves. Ikana was still working on its defense. That was about the only exciting thing around there. They were creating a song that would enable them to make an infinite number of perfect soldiers.

Selphie continued to walk along. Suddenly she started, hearing an unfamiliar sound from behind a boulder nearby; a sort of groaning noise. "Hello?" she called out cautiously, moving around the boulder, wary of whatever the source may be. It was a Garo, a ninja whose clan hated Ikanans. He turned his head weakly, and there was no missing her.

"Albor above!" she exclaimed the name of her country's guardian deity and turned on her heel, about to run.

"Wait!" the Garo rasped. "I will not hurt you!" Selphie paused a short distance away and looked back at him. He was reaching out feebly, and she realized suddenly that his purple robes were covered in dark stains. She'd heard of an attack on a house in Ikana Village a few days ago. She hoped the blood did not belong to one of them.

"A-are you okay?" she asked tentatively, worried by the Garo's condition. She stepped toward him slowly.

"I am not," the Garo replied. "The blood you see is my own. I beg you, help me."

She thought instantly of the red potion she carried, and thought for a moment whether he would murder her on the spot once he was healed. And yet, she could not ignore the rattling of his breath. Popping the cork, she prayed she would live to see the next day. The Garo took it in one hand and took a mouthful. However, when he went to swallow, the potion flew out and splattered the ground, and the Garo went into a fit of coughing while more red fluids hit the ground. Selphie, of course, had leapt away.

"It is for the best," the Garo said. "I have nowhere to go."

"What about the hidden colony the Garo supposedly have?" Selphie asked suspiciously.

He shook his head, "It is from Garo attacks that I flee. They call me a traitor to our race because I harbor no hatred toward the people of Ikana. They think you to be inferior for your sympathy. But you have just demonstrated to me even more that they are wrong to condemn such behavior."

The Garo reached into his robes. "For you," he said, producing a red sash woven with an elaborate pattern. "In gratitude. Guard it well. Do not let it fall into Garo hands."

"It's a sash. What's so special about it?" Selphie asked, taking it.

His breathing was becoming more labored. "Telekinesis," he rasped and he waved her away. "Now go…! Quickly!" Selphie did not hesitate. Hiding the sash and turning tail, she ran back to her village.

The Garo's next deep rattling breath was lost instantly and he fought to speak his next words. "To die… without leaving… a corpse… that is the way… of… the Garo…" The fuse hit the bomb and the Garo was lost in the explosion.

"Are you crazy?!"

"Shh!" Selphie hushed. She glanced up to see if Madame DiPoli had heard them. The librarian was in charge of education in Coulee Village, where Selphie lived, as opposed to the larger Ikana Village where a proper school was established. Madame DiPoli was a martinet of library decorum, so Flat's outburst could easily have gotten them both chastised. The cause of his declaration of insanity was sitting in Selphie's lap: the red sash the Garo had given her several days ago.

Assured that their exacting educator had not been roused by their conversation, Selphie turned back to Flat. "Why did you even stop to talk to a Garo? You're lucky to be alive!" Flat told her.

"He was covered in blood. He could barely move, let alone cut me to bits. What was I supposed to do?" Selphie replied.

"Run!" Flat answered.

"Hey, you know me. Curiosity will probably be my undoing one day, but since it clearly wasn't at this point, can we get beyond the fact that it was a Garo?"

"Well, sure you're alive now, but what about the sash?" Flat asked, glancing at it warily. "It could be cursed or something. He wouldn't need to move to do that."

"Well, he said it gives you telekinesis," Selphie said.

"And you believe him?" Flat said skeptically.

"Not really, but it'd be kinda neat to try," Selphie shrugged.

Flat groaned, "I hate this…" His head hit his open book and Madame DiPoli came walking briskly. "It's so good I was hypnotized?" She shook her head, and the two teenagers returned to reading A Brief History of the Mortal Realm.

The next day, Selphie and Flat found their selves by the river, Selphie's new sash tied around her waist. She liked the way it looked and told her mother that she'd spent her allowance on it the last time Madame DiPoli took the students to Ikana Village School. Weird things happened whenever she wore it though, and this was the day they were to test it.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Flat said uncertainly, looking around to make sure no one was around.

"Why don't you park yourself closer to the river? There's some mud you can stand in," Selphie teased. Flat groaned but stayed where he was.

"Just how do you plan on testing this thing?" he posed.

"Trying to pick up rocks and stuff without touching them, I guess," Selphie shrugged.

"You guess?" he said. "Selphie, you're lucky that just wearing that thing hasn't killed you!"

"Oh, lighten up for once, Flat!" she replied, waving her hand dismissively. As she did this, Flat yelped in alarm as his feet left the ground.

"What the heck what the heck what the heck!" he cried from a few feet in the air.

"Whoa!" Selphie exclaimed. "It works on people?"

"Sure! Fine! Yes! Just put me down!" he pleaded.

"Uh…" Selphie waved her hand downwards and Flat came down. His eyes were wide and frightened.

"Holy crap! It does work!"

Selphie and Flat spent as much time as possible down by the river practicing. Flat was definitely a believer at this point. It wasn't too long before she could use it without moving her hands. The sash remained their secret for weeks until…

CRASH! Selphie's eyes snapped open and she sat up in bed. It was the middle of the night in Coulee Village. Van, her little brother, sat up in his bed as well. "Selphie?" he asked fearfully as he pushed the bed hair from his eyes. "What's going on?"

"I dunno," she answered, trying not to sound nervous. Hopefully it was just a plate in the kitchen cabinet or something. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and left the bedroom, walking down the hall to her parents' room. "Mom? Dad?" she asked, poking her head in the door. Her father wasn't there, but her mother was tying her robe. "Mom-?"

"Selphie, go stay in your room. Lock the door," her mother instructed.

"Mom, what's going on?" Selphie asked nervously as her mother walked past her to the door.

"Watch your brother," her mom said sternly, turning to face her. She disappeared down the stairs. Selphie stared after her for a moment and turned to reenter her own room. Van was curled up at the head of his bed. Selphie disregarded him as she headed over to her dresser. Her sash was lying on top of it, and she quickly tied it around her waist.

"Selphie?" Van asked uncertainly. They both jumped suddenly. Someone had screamed downstairs.

"Mom!" Selphie turned to her brother, "Van, stay here. Do not come downstairs for any reason." She started out the door.

"Selphie, what's going on?" Van whimpered. "I'm scared!"

Selphie turned around in the doorframe. "Stay here." She closed the door behind her and ran downstairs-- "Aik!" --right into the arms of Robert Sakon, the infamous robber. "Let go of me!" she cried in a terrified voice, fighting against his grip. She looked up at him and found the evil glint in his eye as he smirked down at her.

"Well, well, well," he leered. "Look what we have here." Selphie cringed from his smirk and finally noticed her parents both tied up with cloths stuffed in their mouths. Within a few moments, Selphie found herself in the same situation. Sakon grinned down at her again and then went about his business, going through drawers and closets. Selphie and her parents watched helplessly as he took rupees and jewelry and stuffed them into his large sack.

When he was through, Sakon made his way back to the family he'd taken captive. "Well, your home certainly has a number of valuables," he said off-handedly setting his bulging sack on the floor. He walked past Selphie's parents up to Selphie again. Selphie trembled as he kneeled in front of her.

"However, the most priceless treasure in your household most unquestionably must be your lovely daughter," he said. Selphie cringed and jerked away as he lifted his hand, gently stroking her cheek. "Heh," he chuckled. "Perhaps I should leave your valuables and take her instead." Selphie gasped through the cloth in her mouth.

Selphie's father narrowed his eyes and kicked Sakon. "Leave my daughter out of this," he said, though his words were very much muffled by the cloth in his mouth. Sakon seemed amused by this because he chortled to himself.

"Perhaps I'll change my plan for you," he said. He kicked Selphie's father in the stomach, forcing the air from his lungs, and dragged him across the room where, Selphie noticed for the first time, he'd set up his trademark makeshift guillotine.

"No!" Selphie and her mother both screamed through the cloths in their mouths. They were struggling fiercely to free their selves but to no avail. Selphie closed her eyes and tried to concentrate and block everything out, to clear her mind and use the sash's power.

"Say goodbye," Sakon said quietly, leaning over Selphie's father, who could do nothing to get free. Selphie's eyes were closed, but she felt her mother fall over onto her shoulder. She opened her eyes to see what the reason was and saw her father's head beside her foot.

Selphie screamed and curled herself up as far away from the head as possible. The cloth flew from her mouth. "You bastard!" she screamed as her bonds broke.

"What the hell-?" Sakon exclaimed as he was thrown into the wall. With another wave of Selphie's hand, he was trapped beneath a table. She glowered over him, green eyes dark with hatred. "You- you're some kind of freak!" he accused.

"You behead my father and I'm the freak?!" she demanded.

"Selphie!" Selphie turned to the front door and saw Van standing in the doorway with several soldiers behind him. The boy had climbed out their bedroom window and run to get the police. He ran to Selphie and she caught him, holding him close.

"Robert Sakon…" first lieutenant of Coulee Village, Sir Keeta, said. "So you've finally been caught."

Sakon was meanwhile sputtering and glaring at Selphie in disbelief. As the officers led him out the door- restraining him from fleeing- Sakon yelled back into the house, "You've got some kind of secret, girl! I'll be damned if I don't find out what it is! And when I do, you'll regret the night you came up against me!"

When they were gone, Van unburied his face from Selphie's nightgown. "He's not going to get you, is he, Selphie?" he asked timidly. Selphie shook her head, her own voice rather choked as a horrible fact finally caught up with her. That's when Van finally saw his father's body beneath the guillotine and gasped. "Selphie… is that…?" he asked looking up at her. Selphie nodded, closing her eyes, several tears leaking from the corners. "NO!" Van cried, burying his face in her nightgown again and soaking it with his tears…

"Selphie, come look!" Several weeks later Van was sitting at their bedroom window, leaning out and pointing down at the street. Selphie joined him and looked outside. A troupe of Deku, Goron, and Zora guards were marching down the street. "A parade?"

"No, Van, not a parade," Selphie said quietly, pulling him inside and shutting the window. Van was still pressing his face against the glass to watch the troupe march down the street.

"But look! They've got wagons and stuff. Hey! They've got barred window things! You think they've got a dodongo in there?" Van asked.

"No, Van. It's not a parade," Selphie said. "Those are the soldiers from Woodfall, Snowhead, and Great Bay. They're bringing the traitors for the Elegy of Emptiness." She pointed down to a barred wagon surrounded by Deku people. "That one is probably Dimitra."

"What did she do?" Van asked curiously.

"Er, she was supplying the Jeimjine generals with information about our battle plans. If they hadn't caught her, Jeimjine would be halfway across Termina now."

"Oh…" Van said. "That's bad… What about the Goron and Zora people?"

"The Goron, Mace, was going to kill the Goron army one night," Selphie said.

"How could he do that all in one night?" Van asked.

"He set up powder kegs all around the Goron camp and detonate them while they slept. Not only would it have taken out the whole Goron army, but it would have destroyed the surrounding area," Selphie explained. "And Curt took the Zora king captive and almost killed him. Luckily they stopped him because the Zora army would never have stayed together if they didn't have a leader guiding them." Van pulled away from the window.

"Are they going to do anything bad while they're here?" he asked, leaning on Selphie.

"No," Selphie answered, holding her brother against her. "All of the soldiers will make sure of that."

"Who's the human they're gonna use for that Elegy thing?" Van asked. Selphie closed her eyes and didn't say anything. Van nodded his head. "So he's gonna be gone soon?"

"Gone for good…" Selphie whispered.

"Selphie!" They looked up when they heard their mother calling. Heading downstairs, they found their mother and Sir Keeta sitting at the kitchen table.

"Er… Mom? What's up?" Selphie asked confusedly.

Keeta stood up and bowed slightly to her. "Good afternoon, kids," he said. He sat down again. "I've been sent by the king to invite you to the castle tomorrow to witness the Elegy of Emptiness for the first time."

The family didn't say anything, but stared at him for a moment. "May I ask why?" Selphie's mother asked.

Keeta looked a bit confused, "Well, to see four souls be sacrificed for the Elegy of Emptiness."

"No, she means, why are we invited? I was under the impression that only a select few people were allowed to see that," her mother elucidated.

"Well, your family aided in the capture of Sakon," Keeta explained. "By doing such a service you've been bestowed the honor of seeing the criminal punished."

"To set the record straight, I was fainted on the floor and did nothing to help catch him," Selphie's mother said. "It was all my children's doing."

"Yes, we were quite astonished to find that young Selphie here was able to detain him on her own until we got there. If it hadn't been for her the community may not have had the benefit of his capture." He looked at Selphie with a type of proud smile.

Selphie was silent for a moment. "…Not all the community…" she said avoiding his gaze. Keeta watched her uncertainly for a moment.

"I… everyone sympathizes with your loss," he said awkwardly.

"Thank you, Keeta," Rinoa said, standing and motioning for him to do the same.

"Right then," he said tentatively. At the door he turned to face the family, "Know that you are in no way obligated to come, but understand it is a great honor." Selphie's mother closed the door behind him. She turned to face her children, silently asking their opinion. Van looked curious, though he was tried unsuccessfully to hide it. Selphie noticed and shrugged to her mother.

"Sigh. I guess that means we're going," her mother said.

Arriving at Castle Ikana, Selphie was suddenly very thankful her mother had made her dress up for the occasion. It was more of a party than an execution. Much of the time was not dedicated to the actual event in which noblemen and women from all over Termina celebrated with the Royal Family. Among them were the people that had caught Dimitra, Mace, and Curt, many soldiers, several members of the royal family, and the finest witches and wizards Termina had to offer, including twins Kotake and Koume. There was wine, gossip and song everywhere. They were celebrating a victory; not only the completion of Ikana's defense but the punishment of Termina's most wanted.

Selphie was searching the room for signs of a familiar face when she heard someone call out her name. She turned around to see Flat forcing his way through the crowd toward her. She waved to him and smiled, though it was rather half-hearted. "Man, I thought I'd never find you in here," he said when he reached her. "This place is packed!"

"Yeah, Keeta said Captain Woodbury's upset; thinks it's a security risk," Selphie replied. "Hey, you didn't tell me you got a new flute for the occasion," she said, noticing the silver flute in his hands.

"Yeah, Sharp got it for me for getting his apprenticeship," Flat announced proudly.

"So you did get it? That's great! You'll be a court composer in no time!" Selphie congratulated him.

"Yup, pretty soon me and Flat will be known as the Composer Brothers, musicians to the king," Flat said. "Hey, wanna get some food?" he asked, pointing to a large buffet table. They got some great cake. These court types really know how to eat."

"I am all for cake," Selphie said, starting in the direction of the table. A few minutes later, as they stood engorging their selves, Selphie asked, "So how does this Elegy thing work again? What do you guys do?"

"Well, Sharp composed all these songs having to do with the removal and replacement of all the souls. He's going to play the Elegy of Emptiness while I play the Mantra of Removal. Meanwhile the witches are gonna work their magic to infuse the songs with their power," he explained. "I'm still not entirely sure how it works, but Kotake and Koume said that--."

"The prisoners have escaped! The prisoners have-- Augh!" Everyone in the room turned to see a guard fall to the floor. Curt, the Zora traitor, stood behind him, wiping blood from one of his sharp fins. Dimitra and Mace stood on either side of him, leering at the crowd.

"Hey, folks!" Curt greeted. The room erupted in chaos. Everyone was running for the exits, shoving each other out of the way, just trying to escape the same fate as the soldier.

"You!" someone grabbed Flat's arm, drawing him up into the air.

"Kotake?" he asked as she pulled him up on her broom with her.

"Koume! Get it right for the gods' sakes!" she corrected. "No time! You and your brother must perform the songs now!"

"Now?!" Flat exclaimed.

"Yes, now!" she answered, flying in Mace's direction, where he was throwing soldiers around like lawn darts. Flat put the flute to his lips, blowing into it. D A D D A D, focusing on the Goron. He saw the Goron contort in protest as his soul was removed from his body, leaving an empty husk. They moved on to Curt and finally Dimitra, playing the song and magically taking away their souls

Meanwhile, Sharp played the Elegy of Emptiness on his violin and Kotake, Koume, and the other mages chanted incantations to make the songs work. The souls of the Deku, Goron, and Zora disappeared- transported to a hidden dungeon in the castle called the Core Custody Chamber. The bodies too disappeared, the empty husks fading away from the spells cast by the witches and wizards.

When they were gone many of those present started cheering until suddenly someone shouted out, "What about Sakon?" There was another panic as everyone looked around the room.

"He went this way…!" Leaning in the frame of a side door, a beaten soldier pointed down a hallway.

"Come on!" Koume shouted and zoomed off on her broom, Kotake closely in tow. They flew down the long hallway and could not find any sign of Sakon.

"Get away from me!" they heard someone shout. It came from a door on the hallway.

Inside this room, Selphie had been bound once more and stuck in a corner. She was panicking again, so telekinesis was not an option. Sakon glowered over her. "I'm going to find that secret of yours," he said. "But first, perhaps I'll take advantage of that youthful beauty of yours," he added kneeling down in front of her.

"You fascinate me, do you know that?" he whispered, a lustful smirk on his lips as he again reached up to stroke her cheek. She recoiled at his touch and tightly shut her eyes, trying to concentrate through her fear. Sakon chuckled, lowering his hand toward her waist. "I am especially interested in this sash. Once your gone, I'm sure it will sell for a nice rate at the pawnshop…" he tugged on the sash a bit.

"No!" she cried.

It was then that the door burst down and the sound of a flute being played could be heard. "What the hell-?" Sakon exclaimed spinning around to face Kotake, Koume, Sharp, and Flat. Flat was glaring at him and playing the flute, concentrating on the villain, while his brother played the Elegy of Emptiness and the sorceress sisters worked their magic. Sakon realized what was happening as he began to lose feeling in his body. "NO!" he screamed as his soul was torn from his body. He fought the tearing and moved slowly toward Flat.

"No!" Selphie echoed. Sakon turned just in time to see her wave her arm before he was thrown against the wall. Still unable to move, all he could do was stare at her in astonishment. His eyes suddenly caught sight of the sash again and a look of understanding dawned on his face, splitting it into a smile as he started chuckling maniacally.

"So that's it, is it? I shall remember it well. I'll escape this fate, mark my words. And when I do, you, my dear, will be the first one I come after!" he laughed as his soul disappeared from the room and was taken to the Core Custody Chamber for an eternal incarceration. Soon after his body disappeared, and Flat, Sharp, Kotake, and Koume ceased.

Several guards burst in on the scene and were relieved to find that Sakon had been taken care of as well. Selphie was curled up in the corner still, face buried in her knees. As Sharp and the twins explained what happened, Flat walked over to Selphie and crouched in front of her.

"Selphie…?" he whispered. She looked up at him and he saw that her cheeks were shining with tears. "Are you-?" She shook her head. "Aw, man… Selphie, I'm so sorry…" he said, as she put her arms around his neck. "Selphie, he's gone now. You helped catch him again."

Selphie nodded, burying her face in his shoulder. "I didn't want anything to do with him…!" she whimpered. "I didn't want to catch him or play hero! He should have just taken our things and left!" Flat placed a tentative hand on her shoulder. She shook her head and sobbed, "I was so stupid! Why didn't I just stay upstairs?" They didn't do anything. Flat just let her cling to him and cry.

Selphie and Flat were sitting in the canyon on the cliff by the waterfall with Van a short distance away, tossing rocks into the river below. Following the event in the castle, Selphie had gone into a recluse, hiding in her house for weeks, sulking and wishing she could change what happened, until, after much cajoling from Flat and Van, she'd come out today.

"How are you doing?" Flat asked tentatively.

"Bad," Selphie replied, letting one leg dangle over the cliff. "I can't convince myself that he's gone, and when I do I still feel like something's around the corner to get me…" She copied her brother and threw a rock over the edge. "I just… can't manage to feel safe here anymore… I wish I could get away… from the memories… someplace I don't have to look over my shoulder all the time…"

"You don't have to look over your shoulder all the time here," Flat said. "I mean, there's always the possibility of something happening, but there always was. And not everything is as scary as…" He trailed off as opposed to mentioning the thief's name.

"Y'know, I was supposed to be invincible with this thing," Selphie said, fingering the end of the sash. "Shows how much I know…"

Flat nodded his head. "…Well, this might help too," Flat said, taking out something wrapped in brown paper. "You're mom asked me to give it to you this morning."

"What's this?" Selphie asked.

"Judging from the weight and shape, I'd say it's a boomerang," Flat said as Selphie unwrapped it. It was indeed a boomerang. One end was covered by kind of casing, like scabbard. She turned it over in her hands, studying it. It was bronze-plated but heavy like iron and striped with silver bands. One end that had been in the sleeve was sharpened like a dagger.

"There's something engraved in it," she said, holding the boomerang to her face and examining the silver stripes. She read it aloud, "'Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to tell the difference between the two.' My dad used to say that…" The last stripe had her father's name on it.

"Your dad's pretty smart," Flat commented.

"It occurs to me that my mom gave me this boomerang so that I would realize I can't keep moping about my father dying because I cannot change what happened," she said. She turned the boomerang over once more. "Ow!" she exclaimed. She'd cut her finger on the sharp edge and was now sucking on it. "Most definitely will help me defend myself," she said, nursing the cut.

"Aw," Flat smirked. "Do you want me to kiss it and make it feel better?" he teased.

"If you so desire," Selphie responded.

"What do I look like; your mom?" he rejoined. Selphie smirked and stood up.

"Hey, Van!" she called to her brother. "I got a boomerang. Wanna see if we can catch a bombchu?"

"Cool!" the little boy exclaimed and dashed over to lead the way. Selphie and Flat grinned and followed to make sure he didn't hurt himself.

Several months later, it appeared the war would be over soon. The Jeimjine Republic was slowly retreating back to its own country, and Selphie, however undaunted by the war previously, was returning to her carefree self after that brief spell of slightly more care and the bout of despondency after their run-in with Sakon. She was back to exploring anything and everything that showed its self to her.

For example, one day she and Flat were walking through the canyon again, this time without any Van. They were taking the same path she usually took, but this time she found something that wasn't there before: a large boulder embedded in the canyon wall. "Hey, where'd that boulder come from?" she posed when she saw it.

"What do you mean?" Flat asked, stopping beside her. "It's just a boulder."

"No, but it wasn't there before," Selphie said, walking up to the boulder.

"Maybe there was nothing behind it before; nothing like a Garo hideout or a bombchu nest," Flat countered.

"Hmm… or nothing like a chest full of rupees or-."

"Do you have to go looking for trouble?" Flat demanded.

"Not trouble; adventure," Selphie replied, sliding the boulder over, revealing a cave in the wall. "Let's find out what's in there."

"Let's not and say we did," Flat said. Selphie ignored him. "Ugh… Curiosity really will be your undoing," Flat sulked after her into the dark cave mouth. "Selphie?" he called out, unable to see through the gloom. "Selphie!"

"Whoa! Flat come see this!" he heard her call from up ahead.

"Selphie, I can't see! Can't we just go? Maybe come back later with a lantern or something?" he responded, trying to follow the sound of her voice.

"If you'd come here you might see a little better." She sounded just around the corner.

"You're farther in the cave than I am. There can't possibly be any light." Around the corner Selphie stood in a shaft of light coming from the ceiling. "Okay, so we can see now. And we can see that this is a dead end."

"No way! We're gonna find out where that light's coming from," Selphie said.

"And how are we going to get up there?" Flat posed.

"You're going to give me a boost, and I'll pull you up," Selphie replied.

"I can't hold you up there!" Flat protested.

"You never know until you try. Now come on. I'm not leaving until we at least try this," Selphie declared. Flat scowled for a moment before grumbling over to the patch of light where Selphie stood. "Crouch down so I can stand on your shoulders." Flat groaned but complied, and Selphie stepped up, crouching to keep her balance. "Now stand up nice and slow."

"Thanks, I was thinking I'd do it fast and such, y'know seeing as I'm such a buff guy," Flat strained, rising sluggishly and with much trouble. When he was finally upright, he pleaded, "Selphie, I'm about to die. Please hurry up."

"Okay, I'm almost up," she said, slowly standing. Flat's eyes were watering from the strain, and he thought he saw dancing lights in front of him. There appeared to be a large circular light on the ground before them. "Wait, what's that?" Selphie said suddenly, pointing down toward the circle.

"Selphie, don't!" Her movement through them off balance and the pair began teetering until Selphie tumbled from Flat's shoulders. As to what that circle on the floor was, she would soon find out as she was falling right toward it. Flat had fallen on his rear at this point and had a perfect view of Selphie's landing. When Selphie made contact with the circle on the ground, there was no thud or cry of pain. The light and girl both disappeared.

Flat's eyes widened. "Wha…?!" He jumped to his feet to make sure that what he'd seen was real. "Selphie?" He bounded over to where the light had been. "Selphie?!" There was neither hidden hole nor trap door. "This isn't funny, Selphie!" He jumped up and down on the spot to make it open up like it had for her. When the balls of his feet began to hurt with the jumping, Flat ceased and cried out again. "Selphie! Just come out!"

When he received no answer, Flat finally came to the proper conclusion, and the panic began to well inside of him.

"Oh, gods…"

This was not a trick or joke or prank. This was not Selphie being playful. She would not come out of hiding and laugh at him.

"Oh, gods!" He bolted from the cave, screaming. He yelled and cried for help all the way back to Coulee Village.

Selphie had disappeared, and she was not returning anytime soon.

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