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Chapter 33

As they neared their destination, Mila, Maggie, and Mo grew both confident in their escape and tense about the possibility of detection. Only Mila, however, was afflicted with a sudden sinking feeling. Even as Mo told them what to do once they got outside to the harbor, the sinking feeling became a sense of foreboding. She crossed to a window and carefully peeked out.

"Maggie and Mila will have to hide under barrels and sneak down. When Maggie and Mila get to big area, the dark man will be able to see Maggie and Mila. Mo will go to distract the dark man while Maggie and Mila escape in the boat of Mila."

"Mo, you can't!" Maggie protested.

"Mo has to distract the dark man so that Maggie can escape and be safe from the dark man," Mo replied.

"But if he realizes what you've done, he-- he'll!"

"He might not have to," Mila spoke up suddenly. "Look!" Mo and Maggie crossed to the window and looked out across the harbor into the large doors the dark man had occupied. He was no longer there.

"He's gone! Now we can just go right to the boat and leave together!" Maggie rejoiced.

"Mo is not so sure," the moblin stated quietly. "If the dark man is not in the chair--."

"He could be anywhere," Mila finished his statement. "He could be just outside waiting for us." She glanced to Mo, wondering if he realized what they had to do.

"Mo, Maggie, and Mila must split apart," he nodded knowingly. "Maggie, Mila, or Mo needs to tell Hero about the dark man, even if two get left behind."

"If we all make separate dashes for the boat, then hopefully, he can't catch us all," Mila agreed.

Mo nodded again. "Mo will go to the room where the dark man sat before. If the dark man really is gone, Mo will make a signal to Maggie and Mila, and Maggie, Mila, and Mo will all leave in the boat of Mila."

"Maggie, you stay here. I'll go from the old bunkroom," Mila instructed.

"…Mila should try for the boat first. If she makes it, she can get to help fastest," Maggie stated a few moments later.

"Right," Mila nodded. Heart racing she turned for the door and headed back the way they came. Mo and Maggie hugged again before Mo took the other door in the direction of his destination.

A short time later, after he'd reached the room in which the dark man had sat, Mo was looking, listening, and sniffing carefully. He didn't want to wait too long to signal okay in case Mila made it to the boat and left them. After a few long minutes, however, and having detected no trace of the dark man as he approached the room, Mo began to become convinced that the man really had already left on the errand the voices had requested.

Stepping out in to the arena, Mo waved at the window where Maggie was watching. Not a minute later, he saw her running down the first ramp. "Did you really think you could escape me so easily?" Mo's eyes widened as he heard the voice overhead. From his perch above the door, the evil man leapt down to the middle of the arena. "From the moment I awakened, I knew there were others in my lair. You are foolish to have believed yourselves unknown to me." He raised a dark hand, and energy began to gather in his palm. Maggie froze as he turned to face her, ready to throw it at her. Mo leapt out as fast as he could and tackled the man.

"Mo!" Maggie exclaimed.

"Run! Maggie must run!" Mo shouted. The girl began to round the corner to the last ramp, but something shining from the ground caught her eye, and she instead made a dash for the sword that was once the evil man undoing. Too quickly, however, the dark man threw Mo from his back and aimed his magic at her. Maggie had barely reached the sword when the spell hit her, and her limbs became hard, her body turned to stone.

"No!" Mo cried out in anguish. Angrily, he launched himself at the dark man but was, too, stopped short by the petrifying enchantment. With just a man and two statues to occupy it, the arena fell silent for a few moments, until the dark man spoke once again.

"I know one of you still remains. However, I have other business to which I must attend," he said. "I don't believe," and he waved his hand, "that you will be leaving soon." Mila's ship combusted and burned to ashes whilst a wall of fire appeared across the harbor gate. "Your boat is destroyed and you cannot make the attempt with our remaining vessels without risk of death, and you could not begin to attempt to swim to help." He paused a few moments for the words to settle. "I shall deal with you on my return." He disappeared and actually left this time.

Mila sat against the double doors of the bunkroom, hugging her knees to her chest, terrified for her life. She'd just seen her friends turned to stone and had the same threatened for her. If only she'd called out and warned Mo about the man hiding above him in the shadows. 'No, she told herself, 'If I'd warned him, I would've been caught as well, and then who would go for help?' Not that she could really go for help now. Any way she looked at it, Mila drew the same conclusion: with no escape and the dark man returning soon, she may as well be doomed.

"The king…. It's the king! Korl!" Link shouted, running to the railing and vaulting over into the water.

"Korl?!" Tetra exclaimed from the poop deck, leaning over the paling as well. "Holy gods! It's him!" After a moment, Medli, Komali, and the pirates had run over as well, and even the others who had no idea who Korl was came out to see what the fuss was.

Link swam as fast as he could ever remember swimming, and he reached the talking boat in a matter of seconds. As soon as he'd climbed in, Link threw his arms around Korl's neck. "Korl! You're back!" he cried, hardly able to believe it.

"Indeed, I have returned," Korl responded with a light chuckle.

"You stopped talking after we defeated Ganondorf. We thought you'd… y'know…" Link told him.

"My business above water was finished once Ganondorf was vanquished," Korl replied. "My place is not on the Great Sea; it is in Hyrule. I have missed you, though."

"We missed you, too," Link smiled back. After a moment, though, the smile began to turn down. "Why did you come back, then?" Korl's expression became instantly grim, and Link felt his stomach twisting into a knot.

"Hoy! Are you coming back anytime soon or do we all have to come out to you?" Tetra called, still grinning at the sight of her ancestor. Link looked to Korl.

"Join us, please! I do not wish to speak to the wall of a ship!" Korl answered.

"Aye! Come on, boys!" Tetra set her men to pulling the pirate ship in closer to the island. Korl turned his attention back to Link.

"I've been watching you and your friends, so I know everything that has happened. Zephos and Cyclos: did they mention to you the power they, no doubt, felt building below the waves?" Korl asked. Link shook his head. "I could not well sense it from Hyrule, but in recent weeks, an immense power has been growing in the realm to the west: Termina."

"Ikana…." Link stated as they drifted toward the island.

"I fear these four villains may be a foul threat. Their deeds radiate the same evil energy as much worse fiends," Korl explained. "As soon as I learned they had influenced Jabun, a god, I knew that there was a possibility, however small, that they may draw Hyrule into conflict once more. And that is why I have come to you."

"Hoy!" Tetra greeted, also hugging the boat, her own ship being now moored nearby. "You're okay! We thought you'd kicked the bucket!"

"No, I am still quite well," Korl replied kindly, but Link was not able to alter his expression, and Tetra saw it.

"What's the matter with you? Aren't you glad to see Korl?" she asked him.

Link shook his head slightly. "He's here for a reason," he told her.

She looked back to Korl, expression immediately changed from excited to serious. "Has something happened in Hyrule?" she asked.

"Nothing yet, but I am concerned about your Terminian villains. I fear their exploits may have far-reaching consequences and that Hyrule could, once again, become a center for discord."

"But I thought they were just a bunch of thieves and traitors," Tetra said.

"That remains to be seen, but right now, you must finish your quest and lay this evil to rest," Korl told them. "The Scriptures of Melody are hidden somewhere in this island. The sooner you acquire them and save your friend, the sooner they can be sealed away again."

"Sealed away? Gods, you make them sound like Ganondorf or something," Tetra shook her head, disbelievingly.

"How do I get the Scriptures of Melody?" Link asked, focusing on the matter at hand. He turned around and took in Solati Isle for the first time since landing there. From where he stood on the beach, he could not see much, for instead of sloping up toward the center of the island, the beach ended at a rock wall too high to climb. Additionally, the wall was topped by dense trees that completely obscured the interior from view.

"I do not know for sure. Few have ever made the attempt," Korl replied as Link walked the beach a bit and found a spot where the wall turned inward. At this point, the beach ended as it met a canal, directing water inward. Across the canal was more beach and another wall that ran parallel to the one that turned inward next to Link. He leaned around to see down the channel they created, but his view was obscured as it rounded a curve. "All that is known is that you must prove yourself a worthy musician in order to obtain it. As Wind Waker, you should be able to do that."

"Right," Link nodded and turned to Tetra. "We'll look for the Scriptures. You let everyone else know what's going on. I'll try not to be too long."

"Aye-aye, mate," Tetra smirked, crossing the beach back to the ship. Link, instead, climbed into the talking boat, and he and Korl floated into the canal that led to the island's interior.

"Just like old times, huh?" Link asked, as they made their way between the rock walls.

"Indeed. I have greatly missed our adventures. They reminded me of my own exploits in the days of my youth," Korl divulged.

"'Your own?'" Link asked.

"Well, I was not always King," Korl replied. They continued to float down the canal, which consistently curved left. As they went, the sound of the sea began to muffle and fade. "I believe we are getting nearer the heart of the island. This canal has led us in a spiral." Link nodded, and just a brief moment later, the canal opened up, revealing the center of Solati Island.

A round spit of grass-covered land sat ahead of them. On it sat a very queer-looking monument. Two thin iron pillars stood opposite each other, connected by five thick metal cables. Seven large metal disks with vertical iron bars attached to their right arcs clung to the cables. The giveaway to this puzzle, however, was the giant, wrought-iron G-clef attached to the left side.

Link climbed out of the boat and approached the monument. "It's a music staff," Link asserted, noting the placement of the disks as notes.

Korl nodded, "You know what you must do, yes?" Link also nodded and took the Wind Waker in hand. Masterfully, he swept his arms about, conducting the wind to sing the song before him: GABGBAG. However, the wind did not sing.

"What happened? Why didn't it work?" he asked.

"It appears the nature of those walls is to keep the ocean's wind from intruding," Korl replied.

"Then how am I--?"

"Hey!" At the sound of Navi's voice, the King and Hero looked up. To their surprise, it was not just Navi that they saw fluttering down to them. Medli, too, was making her landing on the island.

"You left without us!" Navi cried.

"Link, how dare you try to do a musical dungeon without me?" Medli posed indignantly.

Link was dumbstruck for a moment. "I, uh, didn't think about it. Korl kind of distracted me," he answered, indicating the talking boat. Medli snickered at his befuddlement.

"Hello again, Medli. It is good to see you," Korl nodded.

"It's lovely to see you, too, sir," Medli responded. "So, are you going to ask for my help?" she teased.

"Uh, yeah. Actually, I could use it already," Link answered. "There's no wind for me to conduct, and I think we need to play that song." He pointed to the staff.

"Allow me, then," she bowed, removing her harp and strumming it gently. GABGBAG This time, with each note struck, the disks pulsated, sending vibrations through the cables. The whole island vibrated with them, sending ripples through the water and stirring leaves from their trees. The air was filled with their humming, and finally another strange object began to appear, rising up out of the ground. It was a gold tuning fork, and it was also vibrating, what appeared to be sound waves visible between its tongs.

"I believe that is your entrance," Korl stated from behind them. "I shall wait for you here. We have much to discuss when you return."

"We'll try to be quick, then," Link said. He then turned to Medli and Navi. "Ready?"

"Let's go!" Navi bobbed. Link then climbed into the tuning fork and disappeared.

"Hey, Sig?" Komali said, standing in front of the Goron. "I know you guys eat rocks and all, but you're sitting stone-still. You'll be a statue if you don't move soon."

Sig was sitting on the floor, completely unmoving. "I feel like if I move, we'll all die," he responded. Komali snickered. "Seriously, I shouldn't be in here."

"You shouldn't worry so much," Mako cut in. "My counterweight system is designed to allow you to move about without tipping the ship."

Uncertain, Sig gingerly stepped forward. When the ship didn't capsize, he took another step and another. Komali caught Gremlin's eye and the two smirked. Now Sig tried moving sideways.

"Wah!" Komali and Gremlin threw themselves to the floor on that side.

"Aah! I'm not moving! I'm not moving!" Sig yelled. Komali and Gremlin started laughing hysterically. "Huh? Oh, come on, guys!"

Tetra watched this from the platform above, arms crossed as she wondered whether she ought to tell them now or later. Of course they'd already known that the Terminians were a huge threat, but Korl's presence seemed to change everything. She wanted to be excited for his return, but it filled her with an immense sense of foreboding.

"Hey, uh, Tetra?" She was brought back by Niko's voice next to her. "Are you okay?"

"More or less," she shrugged.

"I just thought you'd be excited to see the king again," Niko said.

"Well, he says he's worried about Hyrule getting drawn in again," she told him. "And personally, that makes me worry about Ganondorf."

"Ganondorf?" She nodded. "Captain, I know they're evil, but I doubt they're on his level," he said.

"I sure hope you're right," she sighed. Niko smiled. "What?"

"You're listening to me. Usually you… y'know," he said. "It's kinda nice."

"Yeah, well, I don't want Hyrule and Ikana going to war, y'know," she smirked. She looked down at the lower deck and everyone hanging out down there. "It's nice to see all the different tribes hitting it off. Sig and Komali are chilling with Gremlin; Rosari's getting to know the pirates; Saeda has taken a liking to you."

"I'm worried about that, actually," Niko revealed. "I think she's trying to replace her brother or something."

"That's not good," Tetra agreed.

"Yeah, I wish she'd just go to her sister," Niko replied.

"Not much chance of that happening," Tetra stated, looking over at Daena. The Sheikan heir was better about interacting with others but still kept to herself for the most part. Most heartbreaking was that she still wouldn't acknowledge Saeda.

"Still, I think I'm going to talk to Fiyero about Saeda. It's just not healthy," Niko said. Tetra nodded.

"OW! Late slap!" They looked to the table and chairs where Rosari and the pirates appeared to be playing cards. Nudge was rubbing his hand painfully.

"I reacted slow," Rosari declared innocently.

"I don't think I want to play rat screw anymore…," Nudge whimpered.

"So, are you going to tell them about Korl?" Niko asked.

Tetra sighed. "I guess I'll have to."

They were silent for a moment. Then Niko thought of something else, "Hey, Tetra? Once Link gets that songbook thing, we'll have to play the song to get into Ikana, right?"

"Yup, that's the idea," Tetra nodded.

"Uh… do you play any musical instruments?" he asked.

It was only then that it occurred to Tetra that, "No…," she didn't play any musical instruments.

"Do they?" Niko asked, pointing to the others.

They glanced between each other. "Oy! Komali, Sig, Rosari, Daena!"

On the floor before them was an emblem bearing the words "Halls of Refrain." For a temple dedicated to music, though, it was silent. Link, Medli, and Navi found their selves in a large, high-ceilinged, rectangular room. The tuning fork had let them out of an identical portal in the center of one of the long walls. Opposite them, in the other long wall, were four doors on their level. Above those four doors, on the next floor up, were four balconies with four more doors. Every door in the room was blocked by a portcullis, save the one on the far right of the first floor. There appeared to be a glowing image in the door.

"Well, let's get to it," Link declared, leading them to the open door. The glowing emblem they saw was a circle with three vertical lines inside it. As soon as he stepped through, however, he was met with a telltale twang and whistle, and a second later, an arrow was lodged in the wall right beside him.

"Watch out!" Navi warned as the sound was heard again, Link putting up his shield this time. Link looked down the long hall to see the archer, but all he saw was a violin at the other end.

"Where is that--? Whoa!" Another twang-whistle and Link realized with surprise that the violin was the source of the attack, but how he did not know. Then he saw it draw again.

"Hey! That violin has hands!" Navi declared. Indeed, the violin had two disembodied, gloved hands that were then notching an arrow and taking aim. Link thought quickly of breaking the strings and threw his boomerang down the hall at the possessed instrument. As the boomerang snapped the strings, the violin sounded out a mournful note before disappearing.

"Is it safe?" Medli asked, lowering her harp, which she used as a shield.

"Yeah, the possessed instrument is gone," Navi replied.

"So, let's watch out for those from now on. Assume any instrument will attack," Link warned. Medli nodded and followed as he started down the long corridor. Not halfway down, though, Link let out a yelp and found himself facedown on the floor.

"Link! Are you okay?" Medli asked, helping him to his feet.

"Yeah, I just tripped over something," he said, turning around and looking for the obstacle.

"Tripped over what? The floor is clean," Medli stated.

"Hmm… my feet I guess. Let's keep moving," he said. A few moments later. "Wah!"

"Link!" Medli helped him to his feet again.

"Wow, you've got two left feet today," Navi said. Link looked for the cause of his stumble, but the floor was once again smooth and clean.

"Yeah, left feet…." They continued once more down the hall.

"Wah! Okay, something definitely tripped me!" Link declared.

"Link, there's nothing there," Medli told him.

"There was, I swear!" Link responded, crawling along the floor ahead, feeling in front of him. Medli and Navi looked at each other in concern. "Aha!" They saw Link grab for something near the floor and start snatching frantically, "No! No, where'd it go?"

"Uh, Link?" Medli approached him slowly.

"I swear I found it!" he told her, still feeling around for whatever it was he found.

"Why don't we just move on? We're almost at the door," Medli said. Link groaned and groped once more before standing up.

"You first," he said, gesturing for her to lead. Medli sighed and moved ahead of him. But they had gone no more than five feet before Link was on the ground again. "I got it! Look! Quick before it gets away!"

Medli quickly turned and saw that Link had indeed found the culprit. Between his hands he held up a fine string like those used in stringed instruments. "It's set like a trip-wire. They each broke and retracted when I tripped over them."

"That's impressive," Navi said, flying close. "The creators of this place were obviously quite ingenious with their instruments."

"That really means we have to be on our guard," Link said. "I've never thought of what these things could do before, and now it seems they're our primary threat."

"It could be worse. Let's just keep moving and find the Scriptures of Melody," Medli replied.

Link managed to avoid any more tripwires in the last part of the hallway but was still grateful to reach the door. Thankfully, there appeared to be no more violin archers or tripwires in this room, but that just meant there could be any number of unknown threats hiding therein. The room opened up on the right and became a high-ceilinged, circular chamber with five ridges running around about a quarter of the way up. Leaning against the wall across from the door was a giant guitar, two stories high. Across from that, nearest them, was a huge keyboard in the floor and organ pipes reaching to the ceiling. Next to the organ was what seemed to be a handle sticking out of the wall.

"Wow. I wonder who plays those," Medli marveled.

"Us, I think," Link responded, stepping into the room. He spotted the handle next to the organ and approached it. Up close it more nearly resembled a hand-turned crank. "A switch?" he wondered aloud, taking it in hand and turning it. He heard a few clicks behind the wall and the sound of air rushing through the organ's pipes only to get stifled away, the organ remaining silent. "Okay, so maybe not…," Link sighed, backing away. "I think the organ's clogged or something," he announced.

"Hey! Look in here!" Navi called out from the guitar, and Link looked to see her hovering inside, behind its strings.

"What did you find, Navi?" Medli asked.

"There's a chest in here! It's big, so there must be something useful inside it!" Navi responded, flying back out again.

"Link, if you cut the strings with your boomerang, I can fly inside and get it," Medli suggested.

"Good idea. Maybe it'll give us a clue to that organ, then," he said, redrawing the boomerang and targeting the strings. One by one they snapped, but before Medli could even unfurl her wings, the strings leapt back into place and mended their selves. "They can't hide and disappear now?" Link groaned. He was answered by a squeaky titter behind him. He quickly turned to see the source and spotted seven monkeys hanging out of the tops of seven organ pipes.

"Looks like we found your clog," Medli commented. At this the monkeys started clapping and laughing their peeping laugh.

"Well, I guess that's one puzzle solved," Link replied, taking his bow and taking aim. The monkeys screeched and ducked back into the pipes, hiding from Link's bow.

"Wait! I don't think they're going to hurt us," Medli spoke up.

"Well, everything else in here has, so I wasn't going to take any chances," Link replied.

One monkey poked his head out to see whether it was safe. "It's okay, we won't hurt you!" Medli called up to it. It hopped out and gazed down at her quizzically. "Do we have to play the organ to move on?" Medli asked. The monkey nodded animatedly, bouncing in place. "Can you come out so that the organ will play?" Medli asked. The monkey shook its head "no."

"But you just said we can't go if we can't play the organ!" Link objected. The monkey dropped back inside its pipe.

"Link, don't scare him. We need his help," Medli shushed him. "Please come out! Link won't hurt you." Medli coaxed the monkey, who returned at the sound of her voice. "Is there any way we can get you to come out?"

The monkey started bouncing again, squealing excitedly. He quickly stopped and held out one arm while stroking up and down the center of his chest with the other hand. The other monkeys suddenly popped out again and copied the motion. "What are they trying to do?" Link posed.

"Give you a clue, I think," Navi replied.

"Yeah, and I think I know what to do now," Medli added as one more monkey appeared to the left, sitting still to show off the G-clef marking on his belly. Suddenly the five ridges in the wall seemed to line up with where the monkeys were sitting. "They're sitting on a staff!" she said. "The monkeys are the notes!"

"Huh?" Link looked up at the simians. He wondered why Medli had to point it out to him. "Okay, so we play it on the organ?" The monkey shook its head and repeated its previous action with more eagerness.

"No, I think this is for the guitar," Medli answered. "Maybe the strings will stay cut if you cut them in the right order." The monkeys clapped happily at this revelation.

"Okay, so…." Link pulled out the boomerang again and threw it. The boomerang plucked the guitar strings, BDBAFBA. The strings then vibrated of their own accord to play a full song before finally snapping and falling away. Medli flapped into the guitar without any problem this time.

"That's a Zora song from Termina. I hear it has special powers when played in the right place," Navi told them.

When Medli came out again, she had a large sheet of old parchment. Found the map," she declared. The monkeys applauded her again.

"Okay, so what's this place--?" Link's question was interrupted by the monkeys' calls, and they turned to see them hopping around on the organ pipes, moving to different positions. "Are they trying to show us another song?"

"Looks like it," Navi answered. This time the monkeys put both of their arms in front of them and moved them up and down.

"The organ this time, right?" Link asked Medli. She nodded. "Okay," he nodded, walking up and stepping on the first key. The leftmost monkey leapt down to the floor, allowing the organ to sound out a loud D. Medli ran forward and leapt on the next key, sending another monkey down and playing a loud F. They leapt from key to key until all the monkeys were on the floor and they'd run out of notes. They stepped off the keyboard to wait for something to happen. But it didn't.

"Well, now I'm stuck," Medli sighed. "I don't know what next."

"I think I do," Link smiled, heading over to the crank in the wall. Turning it once more, Link heard the clicking behind the wall again, and this time the air rushed all the way out. Link cranked it through the whole song, DFDAFD, before letting go and stepping back.

"The Requiem of Spirit," Navi bobbed. "This song would take you to the Spirit Temple if it weren't sealed under the ocean." The monkeys were all dancing to the song as they faded out of view. The song continued to play even though Link stopped cranking.

"Look!" Medli pointed at the organ pipes. They turned and quickly saw that the pipes were sinking and rising, up and down.

"I think that's our way out," Link said.

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