Christine has returned one final time, but how has the passage of time changed the relationship between Erik and herself? Please review!

Our Last Refrain

And so you come, my old, old love
Back to this place, my tomb,
A ring of gold is on your hand
Yet tears in your eyes loom.
Why come you here - why come you now,
To where the shadows glisten?
Pray, do not cry, nor speak a word,
I ask you but to listen.
Sit you down here, my old old love,
But only silent listen:

You were a thing of sun and air
Drawn to your dark reflection
You lit the corners of my world
As, under, my direction
You blossomed, budded like a rose
Grew pure and sweet and fine
You would have made a perfect wife
Had I but giv'n you time
Poor weeping thing of sun and air,
I did not give you time

But time, to such a thing as I,
Is a precious, fleeting thing
Which seemed to race out of control
When 'ere I heard you sing
Life seemed too short to waste away
I never could have waited
That too-cruel choice I trapped you in
Was a monster I created.
Time was too short, it fled me fast,
A daemon it created.

I loved you then, I love you now
But not for what you seemed
I love you for your golden voice
Not for the wife I dreamed
You never could have loved me then
You cannot love me now
I understand, so dry those tears
That cloud your lovely brow
I loved you then and love you still,
Cloud not your sweet white brow!

You loved a being like yourself
A child of sun and air,
You craved his touch, as only right -
The fair must love the fair.
You cannot love a thing so dark
A thing who did ensnare
Who rent your girlish heart with wounds
That time cannot repair
You loved the light, and shunned the dark,
This, time cannot repair.

I see your happiness shine through
The mask of tears you wear
I shall not grudge you any thing,
Nor he whose ring you bear.
And so, my faithless lover,
Join me in one last refrain -
For we never sing so sweetly
As when we sing in pain
In joy made pure by suffering,
Sing out to kill past pain.