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Ch. 18 The Glass Boot pt.2
In the ballroom , the dancers were enjoying themselves smiling and laughing joyfully, basking in the warm glow of candlelight. The soft music played its slow cadence on the dancers. The smell of rose pets lingered in the air while , twinkling notes flowed effortlessly from the instruments , all except for one the sound of one violin playing a note of eternal sadness.

Ginny , in the arms of another suitor sashayed back and forth rhythmically , allowing herself to be comforted by the music. These arms that encircled her were only a minor distraction , one she had hoped would allow her to forget the way Draco had treated her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ginny saw Draco re-enter the ballroom with a crazed look in his eye. Trying her best to ignore him she tactfully turned away , not wanting him to see the single tear that rolled down her cheek.

It was best to forget . It was as if nothing had changed.

It was as if nothing could ever be the same in Ginevra's eyes. The softness of his hand on the small of her back. She could still remember the gentle touch of his fingertips against her own. She could still remember the feeling of falling while slowly gazing into his eyes.

And yet.

She could still remember the way in which he had left. There was no way that Draco Malfoy ….

" Malfoy." she said silently to herself.


She had fallen prey to the nature of a Malfoy. They were taught seduction and temptation from infancy. She had forgotten her hate for him and his hate for her in a moment of weakness. The last time that happened she had been very young and naïve. She should have known better than to ever trust a Malfoy . They were deceiving , distrustful and always deserved the best.

And apparently I'm not

She really couldn't find cause to blame him for his actions. If he was in love with another woman , albeit one that didn't exist , that was his problem , his and his alone. No she would simply retreat into darkness and continue on as if nothing had happened. As if nothing had changed.

And yet

Things had changed. Ginny inexplicably found herself wondering what Draco was so flustered about . She couldn't help but follow him.

Making her apologies and gathering up her skirt Ginny hastened toward the large double doors. Catching a glimpse of Draco round a corner she followed him still her heels clicking as she ran. The sound of the large double doors closing signified that Draco had left the castle, as did Ginny after him, her red mane flowing in the air.

And Then

He was gone.

Turning her head sharply to the right then to the left she found no sign of the blond haired git. Breathing heavily , she sat down attempting to gauge her situation. Alone and wandless , there was not much to be done, but she should have expected as much. Draco was not someone you could rely on.

He was always doing this, one would think he did in on purpose.

Looking into the dark expanse, she shivered . Thinking to herself her shoulders slowly drooped. Suddenly yelling to no one in particular " I cant do this anymore, I want to be with my family , I don't want to be here is that too much to ask," Looking around she continued " Why couldn't you just leave me be . I was fine. Why Malfoy… Why"

Burying her head in her petticoats she cried for everything, then found she could cry no longer . It was useless. She was cold inside . Everything would go back to they way it was before , Malfoy would go back to his mansion and she to her hovel. She had learned her lesson and learned it well. Malfoy and Weasley's don't mix.

Before she got up to go back inside she caught a glimpse of something on the ground. Upon closer inspection it was a boot . This shoe was made of neither leather nor dragonhide, but of glass, glass that was light, as light as a feather, but twice as strong as diamond. Tucking the boot carefully in the folds of her dress she got up and walked back to the ball determined not to worry or notice Draco's disappearance.

Opening the ballroom doors , instead of being met with the warm glow that she had left , she found purple light and was once again transported back to the library where she would find Draco in a state of complete and utter denial.

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