Chapter One

1:57 A.M. – A man is his late thirties enters the St. Blues Street Bar. He's wearing a metallic blue suit and black leather shoes. On his left wrist he's wearing a silver bracelet with the words "To My Heart, Love Elizabeth" engraved on it. He's carrying a black briefcase handcuffed to his right wrist. He enters the bar and speaks with the bartender. He orders a Blackjack; a shot of Jack Daniel's tequila.

He looks over to where the bartender says his buyer's table is at. He gives the man a cold, deathlike stare. The buyer at the table signals for the man with the briefcase. The man at the table has his own briefcase. When the man at the bar reaches the table he asks "Do you have the money?"

Mendoza replies "Yes, do you have the stuff?"

The other man opens the briefcase he is carrying and allows Mendoza to see the fourteen bags of cocaine hidden inside. Mendoza opens his and shows the man the $300,000 inside. The other man uncuffs himself from the briefcase and places it on the table. Mendoza then places his on the table and pulls something out of his jacket.

The bartender screams "He has a gun!" But it was too late.

The other man at the table was already dead and on the floor, clutching the briefcase of coke. The bartender tries to grab the shotgun he has hidden under the bar but is too slow. Mendoza shoots him in the chest as he bends down. The bartender knocked the phone off the hook as he fell to the ground. Mendoza picks up both briefcases and walks out the door of the bar. He gets into a cherry red '57 Corvette and speeds off.


9:02 A.M. – A phone rings on a boat in a harbor. Sonny Crockett turns around from shaving and picks it up.

"Hey man! Sleeping late?" asks Rico Tubbs.

"Yeah, sorry!" answers Sonny.

"We have a case to work on. Castillo wants you down here right away!"

"I'll be there in half an hour."

"Why?" asks Rico.

"Because I have to finish shaving and then get dressed."

"Oh, okay."

"I'll see you when I get there and don't start without me."

Sonny finishes shaving and goes to get clothes out of a small closet. He pulls out a pair of white slacks and a blue shirt. He puts them on and runs a comb through his sandy blonde hair. He goes to the sink so he can brush his teeth. After he brushes his teeth he stares into the mirror. He starts to think about what will be in store for him later that day, if anything. He hopes nothing. He grabs his keys and climbs out of the cabin and starts to head for his car. He gets in and turns the ignition on in his Ferrari Daytona Spyder, the car he got from the cops. He is soon on his way to the station.


9:35 A.M. – Sonny walks into the meeting room to find Rico and Castillo talking.

"I thought I said don't start without me!" he says.

Rico turns and says "We haven't started yet. Gina and Trudy aren't here yet."

Castillo adds "They were on a late stakeout and I let them come in later, before I found out about this." He hands Sonny a folder.

"Found out about what?" asks Trudy as she and Gina enter the room.

"This," says Castillo and hands her the same folder. "I got a call earlier this morning about a shooting at the St. Blues Street Bar. Two men were found. One was the bartender and the other was a drug runner, Michael Shaw. Shaw had a pair of handcuffs on his right wrist. I suspect the shooter was buyer but forensics found no evidence of it."

"Michael Shaw was a small time drug runner that worked for a bigger guy. We never found out who he worked for. We are absolutely positive that it is him because he is the only runner that would handcuff himself to the briefcase of drugs," adds Rico.

"Crockett, I want you and Tubbs to find anybody who knows who Shaw's buyer was last night. Use your Burnett and Cooper covers. I don't want anybody thinking we're really cops. And Gina and Trudy, I want you to work the streets for the same information or anything that will help in finding out. I also want everybody to try their best and see if they can find out who Shaw's bigger man is. That will be all," orders Castillo.


"So where do you want to start?" asks Rico.

"First let's try Shaw's ex-partner and see what he can give us," says Sonny.

They go and get into Sonny's car and head for Patrick O'Neil's Pub. They go in and sit at the bar. Sonny asks the bartender if he knows where the owner, Patrick O'Neil, is. The bartender says he will be down in about ten minutes and he would let him know that they were there.

The bartender asks "While you guys are waiting, you want something to drink?" Sonny orders a Blackjack and Rico orders a Virgin Mary.

Right when they finish their drinks, Patrick comes walking down the stairs. The bartender notices him and signals to Sonny and Rico. They turn around to see the stunned look on Patrick's face. Patrick, knowing who they were and their reputation, starts to run out the door. Rico takes off ahead of Sonny, catches up to Patrick and tackles him. They pick him up off the ground and ask him why he ran.

Patrick answers "Because you're here to ask me about Michael Shaw."

"Yeah, what do you know about it?" asks Rico.

"I don't know anything, I swear. I had nothing to do with it. Plus I was here all night. You can ask Manny, the bartender."

"We don't care if you killed him or not. We just want to know who his buyer was because we want to sell him some stuff. We thought you could help us," says Sonny.

"I don't know who his buyer was, but I can tell you who his boss is…His name is…oh, what was his name? Oh yeah, right. His name is Ross Barton. He works out of his boat, the Saint's Widow. It's docked at the Fiddle Street Pier."

"Thank you very much. If you can give any more information call us at this number, day or night, one of us will be there," says Sonny as he hands him a card with the number to the phone on the boat. They leave Patrick standing there and start to walk back to the car.

"So, off to Fiddle Street Pier?" asks Rico.

"Nope. We're going back to the station. Castillo will want this information and I want to get my own on Ross Barton. He sounds very familiar," says Sonny.

"Yeah, he does. Okay let's go."