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Chapter 1 – why she?

It was one and a half at noon and the bladebreakers were sitting in their hotel room waiting for Mr. Dickenson. Though the olden man told them he'll get there in two 'o clock they were acting like he will enter the room any second.

In the room were two bunk beds and one bed for a couple, three doors that headed to different places: kitchen, bathroom and out.

The room had a big sofa, two couches, big T.V, carpet all over the floor, pictures hanging on the white walls, window, shelves with books on them, closet for the boys clothes, desk that had a vase with purple flowers and a lamp on it, a chair next to the desk and five boys who looked worried.

All five of them stared at the door like every second it can blow out of its place.

Rei and Max sat on the carpet holding their beyblades tightly without exchanging words.

Kenny was sitting on the sofa with his bit beast, which was trapped in his laptop; even she did not talk. Next to him set Tyson, holding his head between his hands and it was unable to read his expiration . . . just listening to the silence around him, except for moving his head once in a while he didn't move at all.

And Kai?

Kai was the only one who was unaffected by the news Mr. Dickenson told them in the phone three hours ago; he leaned against one of the hotel room walls, eyes closed, arms folded, deep down in his thoughts . . .

Tyson got his head out of his hands, his eyes were red and he glared at Kai.

"How can you be so relaxed when Hilary is laying in the hospital bad hurt!" his yell broke the long silence that surrounded them.

Kai opened one eye to see a tear felling from Tyson's eye.

"Tyson, every one of us have a different way to handle pain," Rei told the boy in a creaked tone.

Kai opened the second eye as well and looked at both of them confused.

"It's not like she's dead or anything," he said.

"Why you-" Tyson could not stop himself any longer and before anyone could tell what was going on he landed a punch on Kai's face.

Kai looked at first shocked but it turned fast to anger, he slapped Tyson back on the face.

"You're not the only one who is having here a hard time so stop feeling sorry for yourself!" Kai shouted at Tyson who fell from the slap to the ground. "Kai . . . Tyson . . ." Rei started.

Both boys turned their attention to the Neko Jin boy and glared at him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and they all turned their attention to the door. "Mr. Dickenson is finally here," they all whispered together as the blond boy got up to open the door.

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