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For Our Parents Willed So




In the Wizarding World, arranged marriages were all but history. Therefore, being the oldest and this far only son of a well-doing wizarding family, even though his mother was a Muggle, Remus Lupin was already engaged before he'd even got a name.

Remus's fianceé was from a good wizarding family also, and she was called Sasha Greer. They weren't best friends, but they liked enough, and that was important. Their parents were very happy with this arrangement, wanting only the best for their children.

Unfortunately, when Remus was five, he was bitten by a werewolf, and got infected with its curse. The Greers immediately cut off their end of the engagement, not wanting their precious daughter to have anything to do with a Dark creature. Having soon the whole village throwing them and especially little Remus loathing and even fearful glances every time they passed, the Lupins soon gave in under the pressure and moved.

In their new home village, everything went suddenly right far from the start. Their new neighbours, the Pettigrews, didn't seem to mind Remus's condition the slightest. Mrs. Pettigrew's brother was a werewolf, and she knew all too well that werewolves were neither guilty of their condition nor inhumane monsters. No, werewolves were just ordinary people, who were only dangerous on the full moon nights.

Remus and the Pettigrew's son, Peter, soon became friends. Peter was a quiet lad, and didn't have real friends, but he and Remus got well along right away. Soon they spent all their time together, playing and talking and laughing, never seeking the company of other kids.

Their parents, to say the least, were overjoyed. As neither of the children was engaged - the Pettigrews were a small family low in the ranks, they couldn't find a proper girl or a boy whose parents would be willing to have them engaged with little Peter - a new contract was soon made. All-male engagements were not rare at all in the wizarding world, since various spells and potions had long time ago enabled two males to have children together. Now, the Pettigrews knew that their son would have a better life than they, for the Lupins weren't only respectable but pretty wealthy, and the Lupins in turn didn't have to worry that Remus's condition would prevent him having a family and living a normal life.

Remus and Peter didn't mind their engagement. To their minds, they were already as close as two kids could - one contract between their parents didn't make any difference. So, they happily settled into a normal life for magical kids, not having to worry about finding a spouse once they grew up.

Like most engaged couples amongst the normal wizarding families - the higher the family was, the more possible it was that the couples hadn't ever even met each other - the boys were early taught to always stick together. "Remus is upset, Peter, go and kiss him better," their parents would say, or "Now apologize, boys, and then hug." The little they played with other children, none of them wondered their kisses and hugs - their neighbourhood was all-wizard, and most of the other children were also engaged.

Peter and Remus grew together, never giving up their friendship. A peck on the cheek every now and then, walking holding hands, using sweet pet names to each other - they were taught to love each other, and nothing could rip them apart.

When the boys hit eleven, a surprise came to the Lupin family. Headmaster Dumbledore had accepted Remus to Hogwarts. This far, Mrs. Pettigrew had schooled both Remus and Peter, since other children's parents could have complained if a werewolf attended to a normal school. The boys had been worried about being separated, but now, they could be together even at school.

So, on a sunny summer day, two boys walked down the Diagon Alley, hand in hand. Old witches smiled approvingly at them, and one elderly wizard gave them both a Chocolate Frog and a pat on the head, because they looked so cute. Being used to this, the boys didn't mind, continuing their exploring through the Alley.

They'd already got their wands, and they were now safely tucked into their pockets. Their parents had left to the Leaky Cauldron with the boys' school supplies, giving them both some money and telling them to have some fun. And, being kids, they were doing just that.

Remus, however, was more than a bit nervous. He didn't like having much people around, nor did he like the noise, for both were distressing the wolf in him. Also, he was worried that someone at school would find out about him, and he'd be sent home.

"I don't want to be expelled," he whispered to Peter, agonized. "But what if somebody finds out? They'd think I'm a monster. Nobody would want anything to do with me. And if I'm expelled for being a werewolf, I'll never become a proper wizard, and you'll be away from me almost all the time!"

"Calm down, Remie," Peter hushed him. "Nobody's going to find out. You aren't a monster, love, and you won't be expelled. Then you'll become the greatest wizard of all times, and we'll get married and live happily ever after. We'll both do fine, dear, believe me." He placed a quick peck on the other boy's temple, earning them a weird look from a small girl with flaming red hair who was just passing them.

"I can't help but worry," the werewolf replied quietly. "I'm feeling so small and weak and lonely. What if nobody in the school will like me?"

"I'll like you always," Peter promised. "Besides - hey, I got an idea!" His bright blue eyes lit up with a hint of mischief. "Wait for me here, okay? Don't go anywhere!"

Remus nodded nervously, seemingly not liking the idea of being left alone for even a little time, but obeyed. Peter slipped to the nearby store, leaving his fiancé standing to the street. In the meantime, Remus watched the passing people, his hands stuck deep in his pockets.

After some time Peter returned, a happy expression on his face. "Guess what I got you?" he grinned, his hands cupped around something Remus couldn't see. Then, he opened his hands a bit, and a small, blue mouse looked up to Remus.

"Oh," Remus breathed, "he's cute." As Peter handed him the little creature, he took it warily, amazed that it didn't run away from him like most animals did but instead sat on his hand, watching him curiously. Remus petted the mouse with his fingertips, fascinated by its blue fur. "Thank you," the werewolf then said, giving the other boy a warm gaze.

"Hey, no problem, dear," Peter said with a small grin. "His name is Hector, and he's a commaroo."

"Commaroo?" Remus echoed, sounding amused. "What on Earth is that?"

"They're kind like mice," the smaller boy explained, smiling broadly - if there was anything he liked, it was any kind of animals. "But, as you see, they're blue. They live longer than usual mice, never run away from their master, are fiercely loyal - and they're not afraid of Dark creatures," he added, lowering his voice so nobody could hear him. Then he continued with a normal voice, "Just remember every time you feel small and helpless that he's even smaller and more helpless, and it's your job to protect him."

"Thank you," Remus said again, and kissed Peter warmly on the cheek. "He's amazing. I think I'll name him Hector."

"A good name," Peter admitted with a grin. "Hey - what about if we now go to buy some candies?"

"Sure!" Remus smiled, placing Hector to his shoulder, where it curiously peered around. "I'll buy you a lot of sweets to thank you for Hector!"

And with that, they walked away together, holding hands.