Chapter Six: A fading star

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Emily pulled slightly away from her captive turned captor, best she could. "I've heard, Jack Sparrow. You don't kill."

"Ye've 'eard wrong, lady."

A small smile appeared on her face. "What's so important, that you must free this girl? Ana Maria was sold to me by her mother."

"No mother would sell their child."

"Hers did." She brought her hand up to where Jack's hand was tightly clutching the knife. "And yours did as well, in a way."

"You know nothing of my mother."

"I know more about you than you think, Jack Sparrow," Emily stated as she turned around in his grasp. "I know your real father was a pirate and gave up piracy when he married your mother and you were born. I know that your own grandfather had your father hung so that your mother could marry your abusive step father, isn't that right?"

Jack stared wide eyed at her. "'ow...?"

"Because," she purred as she snaked her fingers between his and pulled the knife from his hands. "I've watched you since you since your tales became interesting. I hired people to find out who you are."

"Tha's called stalkin', luv, an' obsession. Not 'ealthy for ye." He eyed her carefully. Or for me.

She pouted. "So will you not tell me a story, Jack?'

"Seems you know 'em all, lass."

She sighed. "Do you know what happens to legends in the making when they can't tell a new story?" She waited a moment, as if expecting an answer. "They fade out and die. Like a star."

"Too bad, lass. 'm still live 'n' well."

"Not for long," she hissed, eyes flashing dangerously. She pulled the dagger up between them and took aim with it. While it missed its mark of his heart, the blade embedded itself deeply in Jack's left shoulder just beneath his collarbone. He let out a small hiss of pain, biting his tongue so that nothing more might escape. "They fade and die," she whispered. "Because that's all they're good for."

"Lass, ye've got a slight bit yet to learn 'bout pirates. I've still got me freedom to go back to, luv, an' therefore ye might no' wan' to coun' me out jus' yet."

Her eyes widened. "What?"

Jack brought his arms up between hers, escaping her grasp. He tried to ignore the pain in his shoulder as he brought his fist down against the base of the girl's skull, knocking her out. He frowned at the still form. Pirate or not, deadly adversary or not, he really hated to do that to a lady.

The pirate captain made his way down to the cells as quickly as he could, clutching his arm close to his side as he went. He peeked in to see Ana Maria sitting in the damp corner. "'allo, luv," he greeted.

"Jack! What happened? I thought they'd 'ave killed ye."

He flashed her a grin. "Luv, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?"

She looked up at him as she stood. "And tha's enough?"

"Of course."

"Didn't save yer shoulder," she pointed out with a frown on her face.

"Ye want outa 'ere or not, luv?"


"'ow did they not see us?" Ana whispered.

"Luv, we're outa the ship. They can't 'ear us. Ye can talk normally."

Ana Maria looked away. "Jus' strange, tha's all," she muttered.

Jack shrugged best he could. "Don' complain about good fortune, missy. If ye are goin' to still, we can part ways right 'ere."

"We're going to anyway."

"Who says?" Jack countered. "I might jus' bring ye on me ship."

"I might jus' go," Ana responded with a small smile. "But not today."

"Not today?" Jack questioned, leaning forward into her face to get a good look at her. "Why's tha', luv?"

"Because I have things to deal with, Cap'n. Someday, though."

"Somedays never come, luv," he answered. "Don' ye want freedom?"

"I can't now. And somedays come."

He nodded. "Then tha's tha', eh?"



Jack turned to see William and Barbossa making their way down the pier. "Fine timing those two 'ave," he grumbled.

He turned back to see Ana Maria standing with her eyes locked on him. "I know ye didn' wanta go into it, an' tha's understandable," she said quietly, "but wha'ever's givin' ye those dreams, yer tougher than them." Jack stood in slight shock as she reached up, bringing his still warm face to her and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. "I'll come back someday, Cap'n."

He watched her retreating form with a saddening feeling in his heart. "I'll 'old ye to tha', luv!" he hollered after her. "Ye'll be joinin' sooner or later."

She waved her acknowledgement before disappearing around a corner.

"What happened to you?!" William asked as he approached the young pirate captain.

"Lot a good ye two did!" Jack growled, shaking his head. "Let's get outa 'ere before 'ol Pratt decides to follow, eh?"

"'ol Pratt?" Barbossa echoed.

"Aye, strange story. I'll tell it once we get back to the Pearl."

"You okay, Cap'n?" William asked.

Jack flashed him a wide grin. "Better'n I've been in months, mate. C'mon. We've got a story to tell and plenty of rum stashed away just callin' to us."

William laughed. "Glad to see ye back, Cap'n."


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