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"Donny!!! Where the shell are you?" Mikey called, running around their home. He had already looked into every single room and there was no sign of Don.

"Oh, wait. Maybe he's in that new room that we found!" Mikey giggled at his stupidity of not looking there in the first place. They had found that room while rummaging through the sewers and Don had immediately claimed it for his own. None of the others complained because Don was already using their rooms for invention storage, and they were very eager to get those things out of their rooms.

Mikey trotted into the new room and found Donny sitting by one of the computers, researching something.

"Donny! There ya are! I've been lookin' for you everywhere! Master Splinter wants to see you about something! I thing it was about that new invention thing-a-majigy of yours ain't workin' again!"

Donatello sighed. "Well tell Master Splinter that that will have to wait. I'm working on a very important project... Mikey! Don't touch that!"

Mikey meanwhile had spotted a platform with a small box-like switch in the middle of the room and had proceeded in trying to touch it.

"Aww! Why not? There's a big, red button in the middle that's longing for me to touch it!"

"Mikey..." Donatello growled warningly.

"Fine! Fine! You never let me have any fun...." Mikey whineyly retreated out of the room. ............................................. Everyone was sitting down to have dinner when Donny burst into the room yelling "I've done it! I'm finally finished!!!"

Everyone stared for a few minutes at Donatello, before Master Splinter finally asked "What have you finished, my son?"

"I've finally finished what I've been working on for the past few months!"

Leo raised an eyebrow before saying, "That's great, Donny. Only, could you care to enlighten us of what exactly you've been working on for the past few months?"

"Yeah, Donny. Just what the shell have ya created now? Not another one of those fuckin' spy gadgets again?" Raph added rudely, while Leo gave him a glare and a reprimand of "Language, Raph!"

Donny grinned with pride at his thought of his latest invention before speaking.

"No Raph. It's not another one of those 'fuckin' spy gadgets' as you put it—"

Here, he was interrupted by both Leonardo and Splinter with "Language!"

"—It's instead something super-dooper, super-spectacular cool, that noone's been able to create yet, except---"

"Dammit! Just spit it out already!"

"Fine! It's a time portal."

Shocked silence filled the chamber. No one knew what to say. Finally, the silence was broken by Mikey with:

"Woah! You actually created a time-portal thingy?? Dude! That is like, mega- cool! No, cooler than mega-cool! No, wait, it's...."

"Mikey! We get your point! Now, Donny, congratulations, but what are we going to do with it?"

"Yeah, I mean Donny, no disrespect, but what the shell do we need a time porter for?"

"Time Portal, Raph."


"Well, I was sorta thinking that maybe if we could go back in time, then maybe we could stop the Shredder before he---"

Don was interrupted by Splinter quickly standing up. "No. I refuse to allow that, my son."

"But Sensei, we could stop him from doing damage to---"

"No, Donatello. Even though it is a good thought—"

"No offense, Sensei, then why the shell are you so tied up about?"

"Because Raphael,"

"Common, Sensei! Donny's got a point! If we could go zoom in the porter thingie, ya'know, like back in time, then we could stop Shredder before he goes, like, trying to destroy us! And—"

"Mikey! Donny! Raph! Hush! Let Master Splinter talk."

"Thankyou, Leonardo. As I had tried to tell you before I was rudely interrupted," here, he gave his sons a slight glare, "It is all a very good thought and would no doubt, help us a lot, but you must take into account that Time is a very tricky thing. You cannot mess with what has already happened. It could change the whole outcome of the future and create a different time-span that we would live in in the future. That is why I oppose this idea, Donatello."

Silence filled the Chamber for the second time. Nobody said anything, but instead, all were in deep thought. Finally Donny sighed. "You are right, Sensei. It was a stupid idea."

"Not stupid, my son. Hopeful. A hopeful idea of making a better future. That is expected my son. Everyone desires a different and a better future."

Donatello smiled weakly at the teacher, before slowly making his way back to his room.


"Psst! Donny!"

A whisper and a poke on his shoulder woke Donatello up in the middle of the night.


"Shut it, dope! You wanna wake up the whole neighborhood???"

"But Raph, we don't have a neighborhood."

"Whatever. Ya know what I meant, Mikey." "Umm, guys? What are you all doing here? Especially at..." Donny checked his watch, "at three o'clock in the morning???"

"Um, well, that is..."

"We want to try out your time-portal thing."

Now, that got Donny up. "What????!!!! Are you guys insane???!!!"

"Shhh....we don't want Leo and Splinter to wake up..."

"But Sensei said that we shouldn't..."

"Donny, he said we can't go messin' with the past. He ain't never said that we can't go see the future."

That got Don quiet and thoughtful. "Well, he didn't say that, true..."

"So what are we waiting for! Let's cowabanga in the portal-anga!"

"Shut your trap, Mikey, before I shut it for you."



:A few moments later:

"Okay, this thing's never been tested before. Well, only with pieces of rubble, but that doesn't count!"

"Don't sweat, Don. I'll go first."

"No! Pick me, pick me! I wanna go first!"

"Absolutely not! If anyone's going to go, that's going to be me!"

"But Don, none of us know how to operate that thing."

"Oh, oops."

"I know, I know!!!"

Mikey yelled, jumping up and down waving his hands all excitedly.

"What is it? And make it something smart for once, Mike." "Why don't we all go together?"

Raph and Donny looked at each other. "Well, gotta hand it to ya, Mikey. That's the smartest idea I ever heard ya say."


"Guys! Shut it! I'm trying to start this thing!"

:Few minutes later:

All three of the turtles were standing on the platform, and ready to go.

"Okay, five minutes in count-down..."

"Ohh, Oh! Can I do it Donny, Please!!!"

"Fine! Just shut it!"

"Yay! Fivefourthreetwoone!"

"Mikey! That was not---"

Donatello was cut off by a huge flash of light and a distant whirling sound and seconds later, all three brothers were gone.

:Scary music plays in background: Bababa bam....

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