Okay people! I believe an explanation is in order. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING NOTE BEFORE READING THE STORY!!!!!!!!

Has anyone ever heard of the Chaos Theory?? Or the Butterfly Effect??

Well, if not, then here is what the Butterfly Effect is:

One flap of a butterfly's wings,

Can create a whole typhoon somewhere else.

Basically what the Butterfly Effect is is basically one tiny little thing can cause a whole strand of things.

For example, if you accidentally step on a flower today, then maybe in the future it could cause a whole mass of extinction of that species that depended on the flower, just because you stepped onto a flower. Okay, that sucked as an example. But basically one thing, like a flap of a butterfly's wings, could create a whole chain of events that could lead to something catastrophic, in this case, a typhoon.

That is the Butterfly Effect.

The Chaos Theory is basically a whole bunch of these theories, like the Butterfly Effect, and many other theories.

Now, there is also another theory. It is NOT called the Butterfly Effect. I have no clue what it's called, but here it is:

One alternation of events,

Will lead to the exact same event,

But with a possible different outcome.

Okay, that is hard to explain. I guess if you read my story Hush Now, then it will make sense.

It works best to explain this if you take time traveling.

As with the Butterfly Effect, if you go back in time and say one word then that can cause a whole different chain of events.

BUT, this theory is a bit different. It is: if you go back in time and say one word, or do one thing, then it will cause the exact same event that you are trying to alter only with a possible different outcome. (Hint: it is only possible. It can also create no alternation in what the outcome is or was.)

Hence, in my story of Hush Now, when they try to alter the death of their brother by warning him. But this just causes the exact same event that they were trying to avoid, only with a different outcome.


Well, no one is really sure...but that is the theory.

Scientists who study the Chaos Theory and this theory aren't really sure that it even exists! Hell, who has ever went back in time? But, remember: it's just a THEORY.

There are even a few books about this. And a few movies as well.

Anyway, the thing I talked about is what I am playing with in this story.

Okay, now onto the story: =)


It was a few days later, when all the turtles gathered at April's new place. Leo's wound was still there, but now it was healing nicely. He still couldn't train or practice or do the things he would normally do, by order of Splinter. (much to the disappointment of Leo)

Now, all the turtles were gathered at the table with Splinter, April and Casey. They had already told them what happened, (Casey: oh man!! I missed all the action!!) and they were all happy that it turned out relatively fine.

"Okay," April began. This was the first time the turtles had ever cerebrated Thanksgiving, (hey, they lived in a sewer all their lives.) and April had a few things to say.

"Thanksgiving is basically a holiday that celebrates—"

Mikey cut in. "Food??" He said, staring hungrily at all the food on the table. Everyone laughed.

"No!" April said. "It celebrates what you are thankful for!"

Raph looked confused. "Then why are we eating for?"

Casey answered this one. "'Cause we're thankful for food, aren't we?"

Mikey nodded. "We sure are!!!" He said reaching for the nearest pie, but his hand was smacked away by Splinter. "Not yet, my son. Remember, 'patience makes the heart grow fonder!'"

"It's making my stomach grow fonder too!" Mikey complained, while everyone laughed.

April cleared her throat. "So, what are we thankful for?"

Mikey immediately shouted "FOOD!!!!!!!"

Casey thought for a second. "My hockey stick!!!"

April sighed. "No!! Think harder! Like I'm thankful for meeting you guys and my apartment."

Casey thought again. "Yeah. I'm thankful that I met you bozos." He paused before adding, "And my hockey stick."

Leo laughed a bit before speaking up. "I'm thankful for Master Splinter and all that he has taught us over the years. It sure came in handy..."

Splinter spoke up next. "I'm thankful that we are all alive."

Raph thought a bit before speaking. "I'm thankful that we have Leo, here." He said, nudging Leo a bit.

Donny agreed. "Yeah. Even though he can be bossy at times," He ducked a punch from Leo, "but I'm glad he's around."

Mikey nodded and laughed. "I guess I'm grateful for Leo...and food. Both are good."

Raph put Leo in a headlock. "What can we say bro? What would we do without you?"

"Drive each other crazy for one." Leo pointed out laughing. "Not to mention how dirty the Lair must've looked without me there!"

Mikey shivered. "The dust!!! The DUST!!!!! The horror!!!!! I've seen things I shouldn't have!!! THE DUST!!!!!!!" He yelled, waving his arms around.

Don shoved Mikey. "Shut up!"

Mikey stuck his tongue out at him.

April laughed before finally voicing the question that had haunted her mind. "But Leo, how did you survive? I mean that wound was pretty deep..."

Everyone stopped their fooling around and turned to look at Leo. Leo sighed. "I'm not really sure. I almost died, but at the last minute I remembered how sad you all looked at the mere thought of me dying. So I guess that and the thought of poor Master Splinter running after you guys when you all run off, made me want to come back."

Leo smiled at them.

Raph grinned. "Dang. Now we have to put up with you all over again." He whined, his eyes laughing.

Leo pretended to look hurt. "Too bad!" He stuck his tongue out at his younger brother, earning a light punch from him.

Splinter sighed. He knew that deep down, everyone was glad that Leonardo was fine. Now if only he could raise his sons to be a bit more mature....

'That would take a miracle.' Splinter decided, watching them fool around.


THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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