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This week's motto:

"Don't kick a man when he's down; beat him up as much as you can before the authorities arrive."

Are you lonely? Depressed? Unable to find a date?

Then fear not! The Daily Prophet, Lonely Hearts is here to help!

Just place an ad in the most popular of Wizarding newspapers and wait for the replies to come flooding in!

Escaped prisoners, Giants, and kinky ex teacher's welcome!

Editor: Err ... wh-wh-whi-which bu-butt - hehe - butt - hehe - which butt...on ... butt...on I press?

Editor flops in the special Editor's Chair, exhausted with the effort of stringing four words into an intelligible sentence.

Editor: Two butt...on. Wh-which one?

'NO' - not th-at one.

'OFF' - not th-at one.

'CODE' - Oh. Know that ......... w .......... wurd?

Editor seems to recognise one of the FOUR buttons, and his tiny mind thinks - well, 'thinks' is too strong a word - that it must be the button to press.

Editor - pressing the 'CODE' button: Not wu-workin'. Wha' wrong?

Editor hits the machine hard.

Editor: Stoopid Muggles.

Obviuosly he is in his stride now. Not so many pauses between words. Editor rocks the machine so it crashes to the floor.

Editor sees something: Oh. Know that ... word ... too. 'PINT'

Editor presses button and says:


Miraculously, the clot has succeeded in making the Muggle 'printing press' work, ans it is now belching out thousands of copies of today's Daily Prophet. However, the idiot read 'PINT' instead of 'PRINT', and had his heart set on Butterbeer, and is now rolling on the floor beating his hands against the carpet, and screaming. The sound appears to be echoed from outside ... Yes, there is, in fact, a naked house elf handcuffed to the railings, screaming the same words.

I, the Quick Quotes Quill, will have to love-and-leave you now, in the not-so-capable hands of the Editor before I become smothered by paper. Good-


Og upi#tr dp vpmbomvrf yjsy yjod trs;;u od vpfrf. yjrm upi str tohjy£ Oy#d mpy s brtu omyrtrdyomh vpfr sy s;;. niy oy fprd dsu dp,ryjomh/ s;; upi jsbr yp fp yp frvpfr oy od ;ppl sy yjr ;ryyrt yo yjr lrgy pg yjr pnr o jsbr yurf/ Yjod odm#y s tprt vjsyrt. oy od kidy jrtr yp yr;; upi pit giyitr ;smd. ;rsdr trsf smf trbore" ;rsdr? Rmf pg ,rddshr/ Tphrt/ Pbrt smf piy/


O tp,odr. yjr trdy pg yjod vjsyrt odm#y vpfrf/ Pt og oy od. oy esd sm svvofrmy"" N;rr/ Vtsdj nsmh es;;p thudnk slrpt sngewy5 klsdnvpr ffi jtls reib vclk kcjffgab fhgdfb gfhgfgu rtyaiop ruytierpjfgn l g kght gfjdhs;lj hgor' fihgr s ''' dioih tri iawopwipog sfhkefoihoasaj;lrk gjdhfajke hisottrja oiehrkaport ir oir jfn iodfslk oitrop irtrkj rtperi


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Dyiof hoy ermy smf ,sttorf Nr;;sytoc/ O fpm#y ;olr jo, royjrt sd jr ,sfr Gtsml smf S;ovr ejsy yjru str/ ASM jdfgrj

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D;o,u ofopy/ Fp upi lmpe ejp yjr Rfoypt od. ury?

dmfnd d f jalkdjeoi dkf a;m / kjfk lk !" hgh da hrjhf;s'djoie kehroief saohhjg jhi ei sjps g '# ihfoi hehre hrtoir sdfht;/kfg fhowih jdh

O#, grf i mpe/


The Daily Prophet Office is SAVED! The Editor walks in the door, and sees the printing press lying on its side, emitting floods of paper, and a large man lying down beating the floor with his fists, screeching "Butterbeer! BUTTERBEER!"

The real Editor: I knew I should never have taken that day off.

He helps up the incompetent idiot and sits him on the settee before beginning to sort out the room.

Eventually, when the printing press has been silenced, he sits down in the Editor's Chair to talk reasonably to the 'temp'.


The temporary Editor bursts into fresh tears.

Editor: I have no sympathy with you, Mr Crabbe, considering your son did the same thing three weeks ago.

Mr Crabbe: Have ... n-n-n-no mun-nee.

Editor: No money? What do you mean no money? Okay, okay, I'm sorry, stop crying. Now, tell me what's the matter. Why do you have no money?

Mr Crabbe: S ... s-s-s ...

Editor: Start? Spattergroit? Stupid! Oh, for goodness' sake, it was a joke!

Mr Crabbe: Sue.

Editor: Sue? Is that your wife? Tell me about her.

Mr Crabbe - shaking his head: Nuh - nuh - sue-d YOU!

Editor: Ah. Yes. I remember. Well, that wasn't my fault, I wasn't the Editor at the time. So, you have no money, and you need a job to pay for your evening classes in bullying, is that right?

Mr Crabbe: Grunt

Editor: Yes? Well, I'm afraid that the damage you have caused here will cost around 45 thousand Galleons, so even if I dock it from your pay, you will still have to pay it -

Editor falls to the floor, apparently unconscious as Mr Crabbe has just delivered a fist to the side of his head.

Mr Crabbe: Hur-hur-hur.

He shuffles out of the room. Five minutes later, the Editor comes round.

Editor: It's not even safe to take the day off any longer. What'll happen when I've got to supervise the Blind Date, and Sports Pages, and the Horoscopes? It'll be -

Editor stops. He has just seen his Quick Quotes Quill on the floor, covered by a foot of paper.

Editor is incapable of speaking. He has just lost his best friend - the thing that writes the stage directions in his paper.

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