I love her. Really and truly. None of them believe me, of course. 'Faith's evil' 'Faith's bad' 'Faith doesn't know what love means'. But I do love her. With all my soul. They don't know anything. I'm just using her in their eyes. Waiting for a chance to use her to get to them. Maybe wait until I move in with her and kill them all in their sleep. Maybe they think I'm gonna break her heart in the literal sense of the word. I don't know. Who knows if she even believes me when I say that I'd never hurt her. Maybe she believes them. Maybe she thinks I'll kill her when I get the chance. Hell, maybe the rest of the Scoobies will talk her into letting them kill me before I get them, or even do it herself. Sometimes, the looks of hate from Buffy and Giles, or the ones of fear from Willow, Dawn and Xander are enough to make me want to turn and run.

But I won't. Because I will never leave Tara, no matter how much pain staying here may cause me.

Because I can love, and that is all I feel when I look at her.