Tears burn down his face, the walls sounding him, protecting him from the reality of what happened. He misses her so much... Why did she have to leave? Time means nothing to him, it could have been years ago or maybe only days. It doesn't matter. His life is over. Nothing matters anymore, not now that she is gone. Why did she die? Why couldn't she have let them find another way? The Professor could have done what she did from inside the plain. Nightcrawler could have teleported her back once they were in the air. Bobby could have frozen the water. Why did she have to have taken the solution that killed her? She did it because she loved him, so he would survive. But he died anyways.

She was his reason for existence. The only reason to love. True love only happened once, and she was his.

He was already dead, he had died even before the water had over taken her.

And it was only a matter of time before his body realized it.