As much as I know he loves me, I know he'll never understand. I won't take the chance that they'll have more numbers on my arms. Ever. I'll die trying to stop them if I have to. Which I just might. But at least I know I'll go out fighting. I've learned that Charles will never come to see my point of view, so I'm giving up. No all that heroic, granted, but it's what needs to be done. I'm leaving him, and all that he stands for, because it's what needs to be done to prevent him from holding me back, or worse, convincing me that there is such a thing as that internal hope that he is always going on about. Because I know that it's not there, and he never will. We're just to different, and he will never break, as I'm close to doing. So I'll leave, and put him behind me.

Because that's what has to be done if we are to survive.