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I Wouldn't Change A Thing (12/?)

Chapter 12: Damage Control

Lucius paced back and forth in the drawing room in front of a seated Draco. The glare in the older blonde's eyes was positively deadly. He stopped before the teen and watched as his son cowered in fear. The so-called 'happiest day of his life' had now turned into a press field day. All this stress was giving him a migraine. "What were you thinking, boy? Now people are going to think that I am unable to keep you in line. I swear, if your mother were still alive, she would wish she were dead!" He shouted. There was a knock at the door to the drawing room.

Paris greedily sucked on his bottle while Harry cradled the infant in his arms. He was currently hiding out in the kitchen, trying to stay as far away as possible from the reporters that had been invited to cover the wedding. The baby yawned once the bottle was taken away. Harry gently burped the infant as he walked around the large kitchen.

Outside, under the tents, Severus, Ron, Hermione, Molly and Arthur Weasley along with Sirius and Remus took care of damage control.

Reporters from five major publications (Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly, The Quibbler, Alternative Wedding, Outdoor Weddings) bombarded the group with questions while photographers snapped as many pictures as they could.

"Is the baby Lucius' or Draco's?"

"Did Lucius steal Harry away from Draco?"

"As the father of The Boy-Who-Lived, what do you think of his relationship with You-Know-Who's right hand man?"

"Was your son coerced into this marriage?"

"Is it true that Draco wanted Harry to have an abortion?"

Tonks' firm grip on Severus' arm prevented the man from saying anything that could be misinterpreted ("You know how the press are, Severus. They'll take whatever you say and twist it to what everyone else wants.") and pulled him inside the house. For a small woman, she sure has a strong grip, Severus mused as he rubbed the area she had been holding onto once she let go. He scowled and turned sharply, heading for the kitchen.

The rhythmic clicking of Lucius' shoes against the floor as he paced in front of the unlit fireplace unnerved Draco. Neither had said anything for nearly ten minutes and the silence was rapidly becoming painful for the younger Malfoy to bear. He sank into his chair and nervously waited for his father to say something.

There was another ten minutes of silence before Lucius spoke. "Your actions today are grounds for me to have you disinherited and we all know how much it would pain you to live as a pauper. It is my decision to give your inheritance to Paris which, I will tell you right now, is more than likely what I will do." Lucius was surprisingly calm, his voice smooth and commanding yet not harsh. "Father, he's my son, though. Shouldn't I have a say in this as well? After all, doesn't your decision affect him as well?" Draco attempted to show his father that if he was disinherited, so was his precious Paris. "You silly boy," he snarled, "Paris may be your son by blood but you seem to forget so quickly that you and I share much of the same blood. You also forget how closely related all the pureblood families are and that technically, your mother was also your cousin as well as mine. We all share the same blood, Draco. He is nearly as much my son as he is your son. You didn't even want him when you found out about Harry's pregnancy. Like you said, 'you're not ready for children.' Even if Harry took you back, how would you support both Harry and Paris? Where would you live after graduation? Surely not with Severus; he would want to start his life with Nymphadora."

Draco stared at his father, completely dumbfounded. How dare his father threaten to disinherit him? He would probably want him taken out of the will, too, then. This was utter madness. "You can't do this! This is ludicrous! I suppose you are going to send me away now, too?" Draco's face was red with anger. "You will be sent off to live with your Aunt Margaret in France until you are allowed to return to the manor. You will finish your schooling and leave for her villa after graduation. Your stepfather and I will summer at the villa in Bermuda with Severus and Nymphadora." Lucius smirked and left the room and a seething Draco.

A large mug of tea sat on the table in front of Harry. The infant slept peacefully in his arms as he slowly sipped his tea. This wasn't how his wedding day was supposed to go. It wasn't supposed to be filled with shouting and anger and nosey press. It was supposed to be full of love and he was supposed to be with his husband, not in the kitchen with the baby. "Mind if I join you?" A deep, silky voice asked. Harry shook his head and watched his father sit in the chair next to him. "Everything all right, Harry?" Harry didn't know how to respond. "I suppose so. Just wish that for once, I could do something normal." He sighed. Harry waved the nurse who had been standing by the window over to him. "Bethan, could you bring Paris up to the nursery?" He asked. The squatty, middle aged woman nodded happily and carefully lifted the sleeping babe from Harry's arms and carried him to the nursery.

"You know, I never thought I would see my first born son marry a Malfoy. Your mother would have loved to be here today, even after the incident with Draco. Harry, I'm so sorry that Draco ruined this day for you and Lucius. To make up for it, I want the two of you to take an extra week for your honeymoon wherever you like. Think of it as an extra week to relax before coming home to a screaming infant." Severus offered a very rare, warm smile and patted his son on the shoulder.

"You miss mum, don't you?" Harry asked, swishing around a tiny bit of tea around the bottom of the mug. "Of course I miss your mother. I wish you had a chance to know her better. She would have loved Paris." Severus replied with a slight smile. There was the soft tapping of a shoe against the marble floor. "I shall leave the two of you alone." As he strode passed his friend, Severus placed a hand on Lucius' shoulder. "Take care of him or I will play the role of the crazy father." Lucius chuckled and gave the other man a friendly shove out of the kitchen.

"We won't have to worry about Draco for a while now." Said Lucius as he took Harry's hand and pulled his young husband from his seat onto his lap. "I have sent him to live with his aunt and uncle in the south of France. I expect he will learn some manners during his stay." He exhaled with a soft sigh and pressed his lips to Harry's temple. "Come on, Harry, our guests will be wondering where we have gone off to." Lucius Malfoy lifted Harry off his lap and stood him up. Before he was even fully standing, Harry was leaning against him, inhaling his shirt. "Can't we tell them we're off shagging?" Harry mumbled into the silk. Lucius chuckled and kissed his husband before taking him by the hand and entering the ballroom.

Severus carried a smooth, light coloured, wooden box that was tied with a white ribbon. He wove his way through guests and sat next to his son at the table. "I suppose I should give this to you now." He said placing the box in front of Harry. His son gave him an odd look and Severus shook his head. "Just open it." He sighed.

Carefully, Harry removed the ribbon and the lid and peered inside. A folded piece of parchment sat on top of something that had been bundled in what appeared to be Chantilly lace. Harry picked up the parchment and studied the wax seal on the back before breaking it and unfolding the letter.

Dear Harry

First and foremost, I would like to apologise for not being in attendance at your wedding. I know that this day is very important in a young man's life. I am aware that your eighteenth birthday is fast approaching which means you will start to come into your inheritance (although most of it you will not receive until after your father dies). I have enclosed the key to a vault at Gringott's where your inheritance is being stored.

Now, whether your father decides to give it to you now or later is his choice only because he is your father. I have enclosed the deed to my family's ancestral home in Cornwall. Be very careful for that land has been a part of my mother's family for centuries and I would hate to see it belong to someone who was not the rightful heir.

Congratulations on your marriage and the birth of your child. Please tell Severus that his father and I will be visiting in a week.

Love always,

Grandpa Severus & Grandma Camilla

Harry unfolded the lace inside the box and found a stack of photos tied with a string and some shrunken items or the baby.

"Sev, your parents are coming to visit next week." Lucius laughed, watching his close friend's face drain of the little colour it had. Severus snorted and went off to find his fiancée who was chatting animatedly with a group of women off in the corner and showing off her ring.

The string quartet began to play a Viennese waltz and Lucius turned to his new husband. "Shall we?" Lucius smiled and held out his hand for Harry. Harry's grin widened and the newlyweds made their way to the dance floor and the two danced into the night. "What should we do about the press?" Harry asked moving closer to his love. "Don't worry; I have it all under control and Draco shall be gone by morning."

The next day, Lucius woke to see Harry lying between his legs with his arms crossed over the middle of Lucius' torso and his chin resting on his folded arms. "Good morning, Luce." He leaned up to lightly kiss his spouse's lips. Harry could feel Lucius' growing erection pressing against his stomach and laughed. "After last night, I have no clue as to how you are still able to get it up. I swear, Lucius Malfoy, that you are a sixteen year old in the body of a forty-three year old."

"Good morning to you, too, Harry Malfoy. I will be surprised if you can even sit down for the next week after last night's activities." He smirked and stroked a lock of unruly black hair. "Not to put a damper on the mood or anything but did the paper come this morning?" Harry shook his head and asked 'why?' "I told your father to handle the press. I believe Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley also had their input." Harry chuckled and moved up his lover's body and placed his head on the blonde's shoulder. Lucius wrapped his arms around Harry's small frame and sighed. His life was good. He had a wonderful husband, a new child to spoil, although said child was technically his grandson, and to top things off he had just had hours of phenomenal sex.

Harry laughed softly against the older man' shoulder, "Do you realise that we didn't use any form of protection once last night?" Lucius was slightly confused but didn't say anything. "The other times we had sex, I was either pregnant or had taken a contraceptive potion." He clarified. Lucius was still confused. "I thought you were supposed to be smart?" Harry nipped lightly at Lucius' neck. "Mm, I'm still slightly dazed from last night. What do you say we stay in bed the entire day?" Harry laughed and shook his head.

Harry had felt Lucius grinding up against his leg and couldn't help wanting to help his lover out. Slowly, Harry covered Lucius' chest and stomach in small, wet kisses and was about to take him into his mouth when the bedroom door was flung open by Nymphadora Tonks brandishing a newspaper

"Wow, that is so hot." Tonks commented, fanning herself with the newspaper in her hand for emphasis. Severus skidded to a halt behind her and turned bright as a beet when he realised what they had intruded upon. The two watched as Harry crawled under the covers on the other side of the bed with just his eyes peeking out. "Stop staring, dear." Severus nudged Tonks with his elbow as he brushed passed her and into the room. He walked over to his friend's armoire and pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt. "It looks like Draco has taken this thing to a whole new level." He took the paper from his fiancée and handed it to the half dressed blonde.

LUCIUSMALFOY STEALS SON'S LOVER As told to Rita Skeeter by Draco Malfoy.

"This is fucking insane!" Harry slid his glasses on as he peered over his lover's shoulder at the article. "So much for damage control." Lucius groaned.