Beast Boy is out by the highway trying to hitch a ride to the River Styx. Isn't it amazing that Styx is a river and not just a band? I find it fascinating.

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"What happened?" asked Starfire. Wringing water out of his cape, Robin said, "She tried to kill herself." Starfire's eyes widened. She looked at Raven, who was still curled up on the end of the couch. Robin sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulders.

"Get your arm the fuck off my shoulder!" Raven's head snapped up and she glared at Robin furiously. "Would you all just leave me alone and let me die already? You don't get it. I WANT TO DIE."

Taken aback, Robin shrank away from her. She curled back up and glared out the windows.

"What are you looking at?" she snapped. Starfire hid behind Robin as the very unhappy telepath sulked.




"He stopped me. That...that...fumbling idiot stopped me..." black-cloaked Raven fumed. Regular Raven sat down next to her.

"He stopped me for my own good, right?"

"Then why do I feel so bad? Kill me already!" Black-clad Raven stood up and looked over the edge of the floating pathway at the blackness. "Go ahead. Just go find a knife or something."

"What if it doesn't work?"

"What do you mean, doesn't work? Of course it'll work. It has to work. If it doesn't work—"

"I'll kill myself."




They were fools, the lot of them. They had let Raven sleep in her own room, but Robin had insisted on keeping watch outside so that she didn't make a run for it.

"Robin, let me out."



"No, Raven."

"Jackass." She went back and flopped down on her bed. She thought about nothing for an hour or so until she was fairly sure Robin was asleep. She tried to open the door, but of course it was locked from the other side. For the first time since she became a Titan, she wished there were windows in her room.

Raven looked through the drawers in her desk for anything she could slit her wrists with. She found nothing. The same results with her dresser and closet. Fed up, she attacked the lock on the door telekinetically. Slide back the first

Robin was indeed asleep when Raven opened the door as silently as was to her ability. Sighing with relief that she had not been stopped, she headed for the stairs to the roof.

The wind blew across the rooftop fiercely, again blowing her cloak out to the side. She sat down on the western edge of the roof, watching the sun set beyond the far edge of the clouds. She let her eyes slip out of focus as she stared.

A glowing black knife floated out onto the roof behind her and, without turning around, Raven took it in her hand. She closed her eyes as the coolness of the blade pressed into the thin skin of her wrist. Each hand.

Raven dropped the knife on the roof beside her as it became harder to breathe. Her head was swimming and she couldn't focus on anything. She looked down and saw red. Vast amounts of red. It felt good.




"Robin! How could you fall asleep? Raven is gone!" Starfire shook Robin awake, a look of distress on her face. Cyborg was behind her. He stood up.

"We can't find her anywhere," said Cyborg. Frowning, Robin ran a hand through his hair.

"Did you check the living room?" Nod. "Bathroom?" Nod. "Beast Boy's room?" Nod. "Roof?" Run.



"Oh my God..." And there she was. Cyborg stepped forward hesitantly, skirting the large pool of blood. He knelt beside his still friend and took her pulse, hands trembling (much like mine as I write this).

"She's...she's...she's dead." Starfire put her hand over her mouth as she stared at her unmoving teammate to stifle her scream. Robin's eyes widened as he turned and put an arm around Starfire. Cyborg backed away from Raven's body. Now two of his friends were dead. What next?

[Okay, if it was me here, I'd just go ahead and call the morgue, get the coroner to come over for lunch, and get on with my life, but...]

"Why did she do this to herself? Why did she kill herself?" Starfire choked out between sobs.

"Because...because...she loved him. She loved Beast Boy and he died, but she still wanted to be with him."

"But...I still do not understand."

"That's all the explanation we have for now, Star...and neither of them will ever come back..."

The funeral was small. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire were the only three there besides the undertaker, minister, and a couple of stray crows. Starfire was the only one who had to undergo extensive therapy concerning what happened, and the bloodstain never completely washed out of the roof.

Thus, there was no Beast Boy to compel Terra to stay when she showed up, so she ended up running away and got run over by a tractor-trailer truck carrying tube socks. The driver of the truck was not harmed. Booya.

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