YAY! As tyger- me- happy brought to my attention, today is the year anniversary of when I published this story. I still feel it is my best work, and I am so glad that you like it. My hopes for being a writer have increased tenfold because of your feedback. Enjoy this chapter.

BEWARE- this chapter isn't chaste. In fact, it contains a bit of sex.

Elladan knocked on the heavy door to his father's chambers. The half Elf had disappeared, and at first, the raven haired being thought that Elrond had left to escape the pain of Estel vanishing. But now, it had been nearly a week, and Elladan, though he dreaded it, knew he had to talk to Lenwe.

When Lenwe did not answer, Elladan opened the door, which was unlocked. He was met with the disgusting sight of the tutor leaning over the ruler of Imladris' desk, right over another Elf. He was fully clothed, it seemed, from the back, but the tell tale grunts and whimpers told the story.

Lenwe whirled around, gathered his robes around him, pushed the servant off of the desk, and approached Elladan, who was seething.

"First you take my father's heart, go to his bed to comfort him without love, and now you are...having these escapades on his desk! You are unfathomable!"

Lenwe smirked as he ran the back of his hand over his moist forehead. He moved his hands up to fix his tousled hair, smoothing the twists and swiftly braiding a large one.

"How would you even know of your foolish father when all you and your damn brother do is patrol, hunting for Orcs to kill to try to avenge your stupid mother?" he murmured, and an air of satisfaction colored his voice.

Elladan drew his sword which was buckled to his belt, kicked Lenwe down and held it to his throat.

"Don't ever speak of my mother that way. She loved my father and was better than you can ever hope to be. I've had enough. I'm having you thrown in the dungeons."

With that, Elladan put his foot on Lenwe's velvet clad chest and sheathed his sword, only to take it off of his belt and knock out the Elf with its hilt.

"This is for my Ada and Nana," he whispered, and then left the room to find his twin.

Waking up the next morning, Estel was thirsty. Legolas still lay in his arms, breathing slowly and evenly, but then almost instantly after Estel yawned and truly woke up, Legolas' eyes cleared.

Estel was puzzled at first, but just smiled at the lovely creature in his arms. "Good morning, my love."

Legolas returned the soft smile and sat up and stretched. He then kissed Estel gently.

"Thank you for holding me last night...I just needed-"

"To relax and unwind. I know, and I understand," Estel finished for him. "I feel like last night was...scared, between us. I feel even more intimately connected to you..."

Legolas nodded and wrapped his arms around the young man. "Every night when we are together is sacred. Let's go for a walk...I care not if the spiders wander into the safe garden above the caves- I must have fresh air!"

Thranduil was the first to become aware that morning, and snuggled closer to the warmth behind him. He then turned over to kiss the sleeping face, but then remembered; it was centuries after his affair with Elrond, and this was only for comfort.

The King flinched as he felt twinges of a headache begin around his temples, most likely from screaming at Elrond yesterday and crying. Feeling ashamed of how he had acted, he left the bed and walked slowly to his bathroom, but stopped when he heard Elrond whimper.

He turned around, and was shocked to see Elrond reaching for his form in the bed. "Don't go," Elrond muttered incoherently, "Don't leave me..."

Thranduil nearly broke down and was going to go back to the bed, but he turned once more and opened the door to his bathroom. Looking in his medicine cabinet, he found some herbs used for treating headaches. He stuck a few dried sprigs in his mouth and sucked on them, not minding the slightly bitter taste.

He left the bathroom, and Elrond's eyes had closed again. Even after the years of sleeping together, Thranduil still hated to see Elrond's eyes close when he slept. He had grown up with Elves who slept with their eyes open, and he remembered the first time after they had made love, and Elrond had fallen asleep.

Thranduil turned to put out the candle with a shaky hand. He turned once more to say goodnight to his soul mate, and panicked when Elrond's eyes were no longer open.

"Elrond! Open your eyes!" he whispered loudly, hoping his didn't wake up the rest of the camp. Immediately, sleepy blue eyes became visible.

"Thranduil, calm yourself...I'm a half Elf, I sleep with my eyes closed when I'm exhausted." There was a bit of mischief in those last words, and Thranduil's breathing calmed as he smiled.

"Go to sleep, vanimaer." (beautiful one.)

Estel opened the door to Legolas' chambers and walked inside, throwing his cloak over a chair before stretching his arms toward the sky. Legolas followed shortly after, also took off the heavy layer of clothing and walked up behind the boy. He slowly wrapped his strong arms around the smaller form and was delighted when Estel didn't flinch.

The Elf's breath gently blew into Estel's ear, and the young man put his own hands on Legolas' larger ones around his waist. A feeling of peace and calm descended onto the two beings, and the stars in the black sky twinkled with a renewed light.

"I love you," Legolas whispered, and kissed the top of the boy's ear. He squeezed the warm body closer to his own, relishing the feeling of having his world tucked safely in his arms.

Estel turned around. "I love you, my angel," he replied, and tilted his face up slightly to catch Legolas' lips in a kiss. The kiss was long and luxurious, speaking of gentleness and certain hidden desires. Legolas slipped his tongue into Estel's mouth slightly, taking it slowing and exploring the warm cavern. The heir of Gondor's own tongue began massaging the Prince's tentatively, and the two performed the ancient dance of passion.

Legolas broke this kiss, and he brought a hand up to cradle Estel's face. "I love you so much..." He latched his lips on Estel's once more for a few seconds tenderly.

Estel's eyes were half closed in bliss and he pressed up against Legolas until the two melded as one. "Make love to me," he said so softly with so much trust in his voice that it made Legolas' heart ache, but there was sensuality there as well that made it pound with desire.

The Elf kissed Estel's forehead. "Estel, we don't have to do anything..."

"No, please...I want this," Estel said, and his voice was low. He eyes held no fear, only a bit of apprehension and curiosity. "I trust you with my life...and my body. I want to feel like I'm one with you."

Legolas held Estel tighter and kissed him once more. "You want this," he realized and he softly stroked the small of Estel's back. "It is my greatest desire to show my love for you in that way." With that, Legolas lifted Estel's chin back with two fingers and began showering his neck with kisses and feline licks. Estel clutched to Legolas' shoulders and whimpered with pleasure.

Legolas stopped and looked at the boy in the eyes. "Tell me if I make you uncomfortable?" he asked, and the blue eyes were filled with concern ad desire.

"Of course...please, do that again..."

Legolas smiled softly and went back to the smooth column of skin, while running his hands down Estel's chest soothingly. He picked up the boy with ease, and Estel wrapped his legs around his waist as Legolas carried in to his bed. He laid him down gently, and lay beside him. Estel's eyes were wide and questioning, and Legolas' calm, caring gaze of adoration made him feel secure.

Legolas moved to unlace Estel's outer tunic, but instantly refrained when Estel sucked in his breath sharply.

Estel looked ashamed at his actions and looked away from Legolas, but Legolas quietly asked for him to look at him.

"We don't have to do this, Estel. I will never love you any less..." Legolas spoke softly and gently, and stroked Estel's long chestnut hair. Estel brought up a hand to clasp Legolas'.

"I want this, but...I'm afraid I will think of...of..."

"Shh," Legolas whispered, and cradled Estel in his arms. "He hurt you, Estel. What he did to you was not making love. It was rape, it was just mindless sex...when two are joined together so intimately in love...it's utter beauty." Legolas easily understood Estel's fears and conflicted feelings, and wanted nothing more than for the boy to be comfortable. It would break his heart if he knew that he hurt the boy.

Estel met his eyes with tears in his own. "Thank you...thank you so much for loving me...you are so important to me..."

Legolas embraced the boy. "You are my life."

Estel kissed Legolas with all of his heart, his passion renewed and his fears greatly diminished. Legolas' hands rested on his thighs, and when Legolas bit his lower lip, Estel thrust his hips toward Legolas' in want.

Legolas asked once more: "Do you truly want this?"

"Yes...please, show me what it is like to trust and love..."

With that, Legolas kissed Estel and began to undo his robes.

Legolas woke later in the night after their passionate fire had burned and dimmed. He felt protected, sated, and perfectly in love. Estel's body still glistened with a thin sheen of sweat, his cheeks still had a flush to them, and Legolas felt entranced by the boy's trust for him. Making love with Estel had been...right. It had felt so utterly right. After crying out from the ultimate peak of pleasure and listening to Legolas' comforting whispers to let it out, Estel collapsed, asleep before he hit the soft mattress.

He now slept peacefully, and Legolas felt like the luckiest creature in the world.

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